The Umbra World

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The Umbra World

By: Enahoro BHB OngoingFantasy

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Drake Wayland and his Dad,Mr Wayland were attacked on their ship by a Ravener Demon who subsequently killed Mr Wayland and poisoned Drake but he managed to kill the Ravener demon. Leftship wrecked and stranded on the shores of mysterious island with a Ravener demon poison coursing through his veins, he got saved by An Angel-Demon blood who introduces him into the Umbra World where vampires,warlocks/witch, werewolves and umbra hunters existed, making Drake an umbra hunter who incidentally learnt a plethora of martial art from him. Five years later, he returns back home to his mum and sister only to find out his mum went missing five years ago and his sister now working as an exotic dancer to sustain livelihood.

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  • Enahoro BHB


    A good plot and fascinating world created

    2023-05-20 03:07:12
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28 chapters
The mundane
Having been hiding away from the world for centuries and living in a remote mysterious island unlocated. He finally discovers a mundane;a young boy shipwrecked and left stranded at the shores of the island half dead with a Ravener demon poison coursing through his veins. Craving a mundanes(someone of the human world) company over the years,thus he decided to save his live.For three days, the young boy ;Drake Wayland thought slowly. All his thoughts ran as thickly and slowly as blood or honey. "I have to wake up".But he couldn’t.The dreams held him, one after the other, a river of images that bore him along like a leaf tossed in a current. He saw how a Ravener demon killed his dad and how he singlehandedly killed the Ravener demon but however got poisoned by it and then how he woke up in very dark cave. He also saw his mother lying in a hospital bed, eyes like bruises in white face. He saw himself, standing atop a pile of bones with white feathered wings sprouting out of his back. A
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The Nephalem
Drake had read so many books on myths and one of them was about a Nephalem with extraordinary abilities called Shinigami who disappeared into thin air after the umbra world rejected and turned against his world. The world was divided into the umbra world and the mundane world."Tell me what happened?" Shinigami asked after a brief silent that allowed Drake to let Shinigami's introduction to register but he still didn't believe obviously because he thought all Nephalem were extinct."The thing you called a Ravener demon. It attacked my dad's boat. Only I and him were present on it. He was going to show me something at the other end of Delta city ocean". He stopped awhile as it dawned on him that his father is no more."It killed my dad and I killed it" Tears burned the backs of his eyes as he continued in melancholy."You killed a Ravener demon all by yourself.”?“I guess I did.”“But you’re a mundane and a kid?“Amazing, isn’t it?” Drake said, savoring the look of thinly disguised amaz
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Umbra Hunter
"Don't move!" Drake stopped moving at once while the strange demon folded identical pairs of near-transparent wings into the thick, rotten hide on it's backs. It was a thin creature of wasted leathery skin stretched over elongated bones. The grey skin around it's mouths pulled tautly across two rows of sharp fangs which dripped viscous yellow pus. It stank to high-heaven. Drake staggered backward in fear as he hide behind Shinigami who was not even bothered.The creature smile didn’t touch his eyes. Something wasn’t right. Shinigami could taste strangeness on the unexpected visit of Normak. The most powerful demon on Shinigami Island. "Mundanes are not allowed to be here?" Normak sprawled it's fang as he spoke."He is with me and will be with me until he leaves" Shinigami stated but it seem like it didn't go well with Normak. Normak was well meaning even,he said to protect the island from invasion of any worlds of the Umbra World, so,he deemed it fit that he had to kill the mundane
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Back to delta city
And now it was time for him to leave Shinigami island, it's five years already and Shinigami has to keep to his words.Shinigami created a portal after he drew a rune with his stele to avoid being traced when he creates the portal. (But would that stop the most powerful warlock from sensing it?)Drake found himself flung forward and tumbling through empty space as he jumped into the portal Shinigami had created after giving him a long,hard stare and also a long hug. Staying with Shinigami for five years in the island had cemented their friendship.He was too surprised to scream. The sensation of falling was the worst part; his heart flew up into his throat and his stomach turned to water. He flung his hands out, trying to catch at something, anything, that might slow his descent.His hands closed on branches. Leaves tore off in his grip. He thumped to the ground, hard, his hip and shoulder striking packed earth. He rolled over, sucking the air back into his lungs. He was just beginning
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Crashed Into
Before he knew it, Drake had arrived at the entrance to his home when he saw the refurbished house in front of him, he felt a sense of relief with a taste of bitterness as he had no idea how his mum and little sis held up during the five years. My mum and sister must have suffered alot and just behind him was a boutique, he turned back and glanced through the shop front and saw a young girl idling behind the counter, looking bored and flipping through the pages of a magazine. "I need to meet my mum and sister,but what's the rush?,I need to atleast put on some new threads and ensure that nobody knows he stayed at the mysterious island where they'll know shinigami lives. The downworlder would definitely go after him to hunt him down and mundanes would think he is mad because to them it was a myth. Thus,he resolved into that he would lie that he was in prison.A tiny bell chimed over the door when he turned and entered into the boutique, and the girl at the counter glanced up, smiled b
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Drake landed heavily on the ground and if it were any other person, he or she would be dead but because of Drake's training and the abilities and potential he possesses as a now special umbra hunter he wasn't hurt or killed. "Who is this goddamn crazy driver?" Drake who earlier couldn't tell how he was feeling fully attested fully that it was anger and it had now been infuriated after being run down the moment he left the used to-be Wayland's Mansion.In the midst of Drake's angry remarks and curse, a thin little voice cried out "why don't you fucking look right, left and then right before crossing?" In a jiffy, a beautiful young lady alighted from the black Ferrari. She was wearing a blue half-length dress and killer heels which made her seductive. Nevertheless, she was staring angrily at Drake who was still lying down pretentiously. Furrowing his eye brows Drake decided to lie down rather than stand up but in the next moment he was up unharmed. The little bruises he received had
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Out of excitement he just walked briskly but in a rush manner towards the hotel.Happy that atleast his sister is alive and he has found her. The hotel didn’t look like much—a low brick building that sagged in the middle like a collapsed soufflé. A battered neon sign proclaiming the restaurant’s name hung sideways and was sputtering. Two men in long coats and tipped-forward felt hats slouched in front of the narrow doorway. There were no windows, it looked like a prison. Drake saw that after Clara and the other girls entered the hotel bar,they were brought to the back. He followed behind closely.He got stopped at the front door by one of the slouching men. As he straightened, Drake caught a glimpse of his face under the hat. His skin was dark red, his squared-off hands ending in blue-black nails. mundanes would get their selfs stiffened, but Drake seemed unconcerned. He said something to the man, who nodded and stepped back, allowing him to pass.The slouching men were in glamour. T
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Clara couldn't help but wonder what his brother has turned into. "What had happen to him these past five years? Well, we surely have a long discussion ahead" she said calming her nerves." Stop stop,who told y'all to attack?" Muhammed shouted and every of his lackey's looked I'm surprise. Few minutes ago he had instructed them to attack and now he was acting like he didn't.Then Muhammed walked towards Drake and with his eyes glowing golden proved he was a werewolf."I know you're a just shouldn't have sent your Lackeys to attack me.. and she is my sister, Drake said the next words whispering and I don't want her to know anything about who I have become." The werewolf understood the plight of Drake and as a Downworlder also he had to respect the Umbra's hunter and likewise."Clear the place" Muhammed ordered and gave his jacket to Clara to cover herself up. Clara reluctantly took the jacket and couldn't understand why and how the misunderstanding got cleared in a blink
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Downworld Council
A group of men sit in a conference room all talking informally and completely relaxed waiting for the head of the downworld.The umbra world was into two parts the downword - Vampires, werewolves, umbra hunters , warlocks and witches/wizards - and the mundane - human- world.Majority of the men in the conference room were quite young in age, they were the vampires being already dead cannot die again. Their lifespan multiplies very fast rendering them immortal. The specks of the older men among were the minority, a few of the alpha (pack leaders),umbra hunters and the mundanes that relatively aged,the only woman present was the head of the witches of Delta city. She was fairly old too.It was the last Friday of the month, the usual meeting day of the downworld.The pack leaders of each of the werewolves' pack, the vampires head, a warlock/witch representative and of course a mundane and an umbra hunter were present. The sole or ulterior motive of the meeting were to maintain stability be
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Medical Skills
At Darwin's Residence...Darwin paced back and forth anxiously waiting at the entrance door, checking his watch every now and then.Samantha who was playing gulf at the Darwin's mansion field could see from afar that his dad was anxious. Desperate to live again and right his wrongs. She lost his mother to a rival regiment when she was eight and as such was trained by Darwin,her father and that cemented a bond between them. Samantha too was scared, she couldn't imagine her dad kicking the bucket,thus she hope Drake comes very soon that's if he dad didn't die from being overly anxious.She walked briskly through the narrow part and met her dad with his hands on his head expressing the grief of being dead while still alive. He just had a glimmer of hope,maybe the young boy could save him."Dad.....are you feeling alright? I think that boy was just bullshitting and spouting what he doesn't know. I have a friend in Ninbe city,she said they have good doctors who practiced the soul resurrect
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