Titan's Advent

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Titan's Advent

By: LA Wolf OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The world witnessed a groundbreaking invention that shattered the boundaries of gaming as they knew it. The "DivePod X," a marvel innovation from ISRI, promised an unparalleled level of immersion. It was the pinnacle of technology, capable of transporting players into the Hyper Virtual Reality MMORPG known as Titan's Advent. For Luca Angeles, a former professional Esports player turned office worker, gaming had become a distant memory. The competitive world he once dominated had faded into the background of his life. But when a life-changing opportunity came knocking on his door, he found himself drawn back into the realm he had once thrived. The allure of a second reality, where the line between the tangible and the virtual blurred. In this land of ethereal magic, untold mysteries, thrilling adventures, and lurking dangers, players could become anything they desired. Humans, orcs, fairies, gnomes, and countless other races coexisted on a planet blessed by the supernatural. With powers beyond his wildest dreams, Luca embarked on a journey that surpassed their wildest imaginations. The lush landscapes of Ethoria unfolded before him. Towering mountains, shimmering lakes, and dense forests beckoned with their secrets, waiting to be discovered. However, as Luca delved deeper into this fantastical world, he soon realized that darkness lurked beneath the surface. Luca must defy the odds, his determination burning like a flame in his chest, refusing to let his lack of magical abilities define him. With unwavering resolve, Luca set out to prove that he could rise to the top of Titan's Advent, even without the gift of magic.

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In the dimly lit ruins of the castle ruins beneath Fist Mountain, Luca, known as Larion, stood alongside his companions, Two, Grand, and Lily.The air was heavy with anticipation as they prepared to face the fearsome mythical creature that lay before them - a two-headed Manticore.The first head possessed the visage of a man, yet its jaw was that of a lion, lined with razor-sharp teeth reminiscent of a shark.The second head, with its long snake-like neck and a faceless man's countenance, boasted wolf-like jaws that gleamed with equally formidable fangs.Its tail, resembling that of a scorpion, thrashed menacingly, its sting ready to strike.With swift precision, Lily notched an arrow and let it fly, aiming to distract the monstrous creature.Meanwhile, Two positioned himself in front, his shield raised as a bulwark against the impending assault.The Manticore lunged forward, its jaws snapping dangerously close to Two's shield.Grand, undeterred, stood firm against the onslaught from t
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*One Month Ago*~~~~~~~~~~~Castle walls breached.The air reeks of blood, swords clash and screams fill the air.The enemy's flaming projectiles rain down, shattering homes and castle walls.Agony, pain, and fear echo through the castle.Men, women, and even the elderly and minors scatter, desperately seeking shelter from the invaders.They cling to dear life, hiding in every nook and cranny they can find.Amidst the chaos, a lone figure sits perched atop a towering window.Clad in a black hooded cape with a blood-red outline, his identity concealed by a grimy mask.With one knee raised, he gazes out over the besieged castle.His large brawler gauntlets, crafted from dark green metal, rest firmly on his knees. In one hand, he grips the stone window ledge tightly.Determination emanates from him as he assesses the dire situation.The hooded man, perched confidently on the ledge, summoned his 14 companions with a commanding gesture.As they materialized around him, their hoods concealin
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As the virtual world materialized around him, Larion found himself in a floating city, its enchanting architecture and shimmering lights casting an ethereal glow.Suddenly, a colossal eye appeared in the sky, serving as the manifestation of the "Game Master."It stared down at the city, its gaze all-encompassing.The voice that emanated from the eye was both authoritative and mysterious as it welcomed the players, demanding greatness from them.The Game Master then offered the players a chance to choose their starting cities or kingdoms and name five human kingdoms.Aware that fewer players would select the Kingdom of Belaiv due to its declining economy, Larion saw an opportunity and quickly made his choice.In his mind, the lower the economy of a kingdom, means that fewer players would select it if they aim for a good start.But for Larion, it will be a resounding plan to slowly focus on surviving rather than worrying about other players he might encounter.Once the greeting was over,
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Days had flown by since Larion became a member of the Adventurers, officially marking the start of his journey as a novice adventurer.As the morning sun painted the sky with hues of gold, he emerged from his humble place within the hall, a space reserved exclusively for beginners and novice adventurers to find their footing in the adventurous world.Stepping into the bustling lobby, Larion's stomach growled, reminding him of his need for food.He made his way to a nearby table and ordered a hearty meal.A plate of steaming potatoes and succulent meat was soon placed before him, their savory aroma filling the air.Satisfied after his meal, Larion approached the reception table, where a woman named Aira was diligently wiping the counter.They had already become acquainted during his stay, exchanging names and engaging in casual conversation."Good morning, Aira," Larion greeted, a warm smile adorning his lips."Oh, early as ever, huh, Larion?" Aira replied, reciprocating his smile.Chuc
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Nighttime descended upon the district of Fogend, and under the cool shade of a tree just outside the northern gate, Larion patiently awaited his companions.His excitement bubbled within him as he anticipated the adventure that awaited them.After what felt like an eternity, three figures emerged from the gate, riding on their horses.These were his co-adventurers, the ones who had accepted the hunting quest alongside him.They were already acquainted with one another, leaving Larion as the new addition to their party.Approaching Larion with friendly smiles, the trio dismounted their horses, their excitement palpable."Ah, so you must be the fourth member," one of them exclaimed."We were starting to wonder if you'd chickened out since we couldn't find you at the Hall."Larion chuckled nervously, brushing off the comment. "No, no. Just feeling a little shy, I suppose. Name's Larion."With introductions out of the way, Larion learned the names and specializations of his newfound compan
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"Fire! Fire's ablaze in the woods!" a traveler cried out, gazing in horror at the sea of flames engulfing the forest under the starry night sky.On the other side, a group of people found themselves stranded, their carts and horses brought to a sudden halt, as they made their way from Sudbury City."Those adventurers seem to be struggling with that Qizir," remarked one traveler, perched atop his carriage, his voice tinged with a hint of disbelief."All this chaos for a measly spawn?" scoffed an arrogant traveler, his tone dripping with condescension."That Qizir has been causing trouble for quite some time now. Who knows what happened?" the man replied, finally revealing his face as he kept a watchful eye on the forest."Now what? We can't possibly pass through the forest and reach Hagram Base," one of the travelers anxiously questioned."Oh, damn it. Milandre will have my head if we arrive late," the man muttered, swiftly turning his horse away from the dirt road."We're going to go a
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Blood gushed from Piya's mouth, her life hanging by a thread.With trembling hands, Gilmore cradled her fragile form, urgently administering health potions, antivenom, and a special potion to counter the poison."Please, Piya, hold on! Don't you dare leave me now," Gilmore pleaded, his voice laced with panic as he desperately tried to get Piya to drink the potions Larion had given him.Coughing up more blood, Piya's body trembled as the potions began to take effect.But Gilmore knew he had to do more to save her. He needed to staunch her wounds, to halt the bleeding.In a soft, weakened voice, Piya managed to muster a question. "Wh-where's L-Larion?" Another fit of coughing wracked her body, spattering more blood onto her lips."Take it easy, Piya. You're safe now. Just trust me and Larion," Gilmore reassured her, his voice filled with determination.Amidst the clang and clash of blades, Piya's gaze shifted towards the source of the commotion. There, she witnessed Larion locked in a fi
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The following morning, Larion's eyes fluttered open, greeted by the warm embrace of a new day.What a relief it was to finally be free of the burdensome ache that had plagued him. His wounds had barely healed, leaving just a slight trace of pain in their wake.Yet, even in his newfound vitality, Larion found himself adhering to the healers' orders. A whole week of rest and no quests.It seemed like an eternity, but he knew it was for the best.As he made his way down the hall, he couldn't help but notice the bustling activity.Adventurers were up and about, their energy infectious. Larion took a step down the staircase, and all eyes turned toward him.Suddenly, voices rang out, calling his name and inviting him to join their tables. Some even boldly approached him on the staircase, eager for a chat.It was a whirlwind of attention, leaving Larion bewildered by the sudden change in the adventurers' demeanor. After all, they hadn't given him a second glance before.Feeling a mix of uneas
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The melodious chirping of birds filled the air, adding a symphony to the serene surroundings.The sound of water trickling from the nearby stream provided a soothing melody as if nature itself was orchestrating a lullaby.Larion, having just finished setting up his makeshift tent, now focused his attention on lighting the campfire.His nimble hands reached for one of the neatly stacked pieces of wood beside him.With a swift motion, he split the top of the wood into a cross, creating a perfect space to place small branches.Carefully, Larion chipped away at the inside of the wood, fashioning a small fire starter that would ignite the flames.He reached into his pocket and retrieved the improvised fire matches he had prepared.With a flick of his wrist, sparks erupted, catching the kindling ablaze.The fire roared to life, casting a warm and inviting glow in the darkening dusk.The wooden torch, now alight, took its place in the center of the campsite. Larion arranged rocks in a circle,
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As the inky darkness descended upon Larion, his world shrank to the whispers and murmurs that filled the air.A cacophony of sounds danced around him, the marching of men, the rhythmic trudging of horses along the uneven path, making the cart beneath him jolt and bounce.Amidst the symphony of noise, a voice rang out, brimming with anger and vengeance."We should have slit both their throats, sir! Don't you want revenge for Captain Eram's death?" A man's voice, filled with fervor, echoed not far from where Larion lay, his senses heightened by the darkness."I agree! Those bastards deserve nothing less than death for what they did to Captain Eram!" Another voice chimed in, fierce and resolute.Yet, the man, silent as ever, said nothing.Imprisoned and bound, Larion could feel the weight of his helplessness, his hands and feet immobilized, his head swathed in cloth.As the murmurs surrounded him, his eyes fluttered open, roused from his slumber by the clamor that engulfed him.The cover
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