Fireborne: Rashen Rising

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Fireborne: Rashen Rising

By: Ekriel Updated just nowFantasy

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Cast out from the noble Goldenfire Family after a horrible accident that got his parents killed after his birth his life starts out difficult and full of hardships. After an encounter with a man who pushes him to move forward,he decides that he's going to be the strongest Imperial Soldier no matter what comes his way.

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They townsfolk were in a frenzy today and as usual, he was at the very center of it. Grown men and women, the elderly and even the little children who play around,they gathered around him at the very heart of the local market agitated and enraged hurling the usual insults and curses,"DIE YOU FREAK!!!""MONSTER!!!" "DEMON!!!"Of course he didn't seem to care though, nothing he hadn't heard before. Someone from the crowd sent a stone flying in his direction knocking him down with a direct hit to his forehead,he didn't even let out a cry of pain and he didn't bother to get back up,he knew no one was going to save him,no one wanted him and that's how it's always been ever since he was just an infant.It all started seven years ago,the Goldenfire family,the oldest and one of the most influential families in the history of Ephyre due to their level of control over the what is considered the wildest of all the primal forces, Fire. Their power and level of control over fire has granted them
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The townsfolk halted their assault on the little boy on hearing the screams of the man who stood before them. His head was completely concealed under a gold plated helmet with an opaque visor covering his face,he had armor covering his chest and abdominals, other than the gauntlets he wore and the piece of armour protecting his thighs and his armoured boots, everywhere else was covered in panafin material,a thick durable fabric used by the military in their uniforms and hanging on his waist was a sword,it was the badge on the left side of his chest that indicated that he was an Imperial Soldier. He stood before the angry crowd,he looked at the boy laying on the floor breathing heavily and then back to the crowd,"Have you all no shame? Do you wish to spill the blood of an innocent child today?" "He's not an child he's a monster!!!" Replied a member of the crowd and the crowd erupted with agreement,"You say he is a monster but who has he killed? What did he destroy?" The soldier aske
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"SOMEBODY STOP HIM!!!"The shop owner screamed as the masked robber made away with a bag full of Phrites. Despite the shop owner's desperate pleas it didn't seem like anyone was willing to help. He ran through the crowds of the local market effortlessly and it seemed like it would simply be a clean get away from him when all of a sudden the ground rumbles and an earth wall shoot up immediately blocking his path,he is able to stop himself from crashing into the wall just in time,"I think that's enough commotion for today wouldn't you agree?" Said a voice coming from behind. He looks behind to see the Imperial Soldiers,three to be precise."We're going to need you to return the money you stole from the good shop owner of this market..." The soldier in the middle said as he stepped forward, "...and after that you come with us to the station to sort yourself out". If it wasn't from the way he carried himself you could tell the soldier in the middle was a Squad Commander from the number
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"Come in" the Head Academic Officer called out to the person knocking at the door, Rashen slowly opened the door, walked in and closed it back,"Would you mind helping me with the files on the top shelf?" He asked while pointing at said files on said shelf,"You can use the stool at the corner there" he said pointing at the stool at the corner there. Rashen quietly complied,he grabbed the stool and used it to retrieve the files,there were a lot and were very old and dusty. The H.A.O took them from Rashen and drop them on his desk with a loud thud as dust from the files spread round the room,"Well have a seat cadet" he said to Rashen while opening the files,"Thank you sir" Rashen replied as he slowly sat down just across the Head Academic Officer Remry Gillurt,an old man with fresh problems everyday but he looked like he'd be used to it and as far as Rashen could tell he probably was."Nervous?" Officer Gillurt asked while still working on the files,"N- No sir" he replied knowing fu
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The big day had finally come, graduation day and it was truly an event to behold. The Imperial Academy spared no expenses in sending off the 27th graduating cadets of the Nottenam Imperial Academy. The entire building was cleaned thoroughly to the last speck of dirt, completely refurbished,the assembly hall would be where the ceremony would be held. Nobles and other families worthy of note would be at the ceremony so everything had to be perfect to the very last detail. The cadets had the whole day to prepare for the ceremony, some went out with friends to work on their hair,some went to the Super Store to buy dresses,shoes and other accessories they would wear after the ceremony and some just slept the day off. The last few days leading to graduation had seen the graduating set packing their bags because as soon as the ceremony is over they're expected to leave the academy and as such it is expected some of the cadets would be tired,Rashen however was not one of these cadets.He'd be
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The time for the graduation ceremony to commence was only just a few minutes away. The cadets scurried about making their final touches before getting seated. Rashen walked into the hall wearing a yellow and black suit same as everyone else as that was the dress code for all graduating cadets,but he somehow managed to look the most basic out of 375 cadets. His hair was still messy as always, he felt ripped off by the merchant who sold him the hair cream he used because it didn't help at all. As he headed towards his seat he took a good look around the hall,it seemed like everyone who was anyone was there at the ceremony. There were seats reserved for cadets which were closer to the stage,a few paces behind were the seats reserved for visiting officers in the Imperial Academy and special table arrangements. On stage were the table arrangements for the Ranking Commander of Nottenam, the head of all Imperial Soldiers in the region, and the staff of the academy. Rashen took a few rows be
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The graduation ceremony for the 27th graduating set of the Nottenam Imperial Academy had finally concluded and for Rashen,it was the most memorable experience. He was announced as a 14th of the top 15 which was an exciting development because the top 15 had always had the privilege of picking any region of their choice to serve instead of the Force picking for them,he had the opportunity of going to regions like Owellis or Lambrid to serve. Going to either of those regions to serve would give him the perfect opportunity to get even stronger than he was now, it was also an opportunity to find Argins if he could.Not only did Rashen earn a spot at the top 15,he was also presented an award,an old award that was once delisted but brought back because the H.A.O believed Rashen had earned it. He was already contempt with the top 15 but winning an award would put him on another level in the Force. For Rashen it was truly a memorable night,one he would never forget,but of course what came aft
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Things cooled down as Rashen had finally come back to his senses,he got too angry and was overcame with a kind rage he had never felt before. He looked around the room,the faces looking at him,some in shock,some in fear and some in disgust. He looked at Ballious standing right in front of him who looked absolutely mortified. He thought of wether he should apologise to him or not; Ballious abused and assaulted him in front of everyone but he wasn't the one getting looks of disdain. He wanted to say something, anything,he took a step closer to Ballious to apologise but as if on instinct Ballious formed his Gem Gloves and aimed at Rashen's head as hard as he could,but before it could make contact Raspin formed a wall between them,he knew it wasn't going to stop Ballious'attack but it would take most of the damage and slow his momentum. On contact with the wall it easily went through it sending dust and debris flying,when it settled the wall was almost completely destroyed, Rashen was la
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The scream came from the Ruins of Old Dreigon. Rashen,Ngoko and Raspin went in to investigate, after several minutes of searching Raspin had already given up,"Are you sure you heard right Rashen? We've been looking around and I'm not seeing or hearing anything""Yeah'" Ngoko added, "We were at a fair so it's understandable you'd hear screams."Rashen wasn't too sure about the that just yet. He knew what he heard and it sounded like a scream of terror, like someone needs help. But they had been searching for a while now and have found nothing so they decided to go back. Just then they heard the scream again."Doesn't sound like the scream of someone having a good time at the fair now does it?" Rashen asked sarcastically."Don't be a smartass Rashen" Raspin, replied,they heard the scream again"Rashen's right, we've gotta check this out now" Ngoko said in a serious tone.The trio ran towards the direction the sound was coming from till they got closer and closer. It led them to a small
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At the main Imperial headquarters in Nottenam and behind closed doors the council of commissioned officers of the Imperial Forces were seated with the Ranking Commander as the head of the table. The council only included officers from Squad Commander all the way to Ranking Commander, despite being commissioned officers,Senior Officers and Sub-Commanders were not permitted to be in the same room and sit at the table."We will now begin the discussion at hand" said the Ranking Commander to begin the meeting."Thank you Commander. We are here to discuss the issue involving three cadets newly graduated from the Nottenam Imperial Academy." Said a Troop Commander."And what is this issue?" Asked the Ranking Commander"Two of the cadets,Ngoko Halter,who graduated as the best overall cadet and Raspin Krust were found in near death states by Squad Commander Malloy and he has reasons to believe that the one responsible for said incident was another cadet,Rashen,who graduated as the cadet with t
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