The Revenge of Invincible Heir

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The Revenge of Invincible Heir

By: Pearlinwriter CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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All the effort I put into you and my life was trivialized and met with nothing but contempt. Until the truth is revealed, my identity as an invincible heir has made me a much stronger person. I will return all the pain I have received. I'll show them what I'm capable of, until they suffer.

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  • King Mohammed


    Awesome book! Can't stop myself from reading this, I highly recommend it. keep it up

    2023-07-03 19:02:54
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146 chapters
Chapter 1
"How much?""That's eighteen dollars!" the cashier gave Melvis a stern look. Melvis reached into his jacket pocket and counted out some change, making the cashier's eyes glaze over impatiently."Hurry up, man! I gotta go, I'm not unemployed like you!" snorted the cashier with the red beard."I'm counting ....""Hey hurry up man! You think my sour grapes can put up with your poverty? Hurry up! I don't accept beggars pretending to be rich here!"The blonde man in the black T-shirt pushed Melvis' body to the side. The blonde man and the cashier burst out laughing. Melvis was silent. He also wanted to finish this quickly and then go meet his girlfriend.The blonde man looked impatient. He jumped the queue and stood next to Melvis. "Do you smell something?" he asked the cashier, who had been grunting impatiently."No." The cashier replied coldly."Don't you smell the scent of beggars wafting in here? This garbage smell will bankrupt the convenience store you work at, man!" He deliberately
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Chapter 2
The next day, Melvis woke up with pain radiating throughout his body. He remembered the incident from the last time. Melvis sat up, holding his dizzy head. He felt upset and sad, all mixed up thinking about Liona.Suddenly his old cell phone rang, and he saw his boss's name listed as the caller. Melvis was shocked, and ignoring the pain all over his body, he got up and went to work without changing his clothes or showering.At an elite housing estate, Melvis limped as he carried a large package to house number 901. The rich people in this neighborhood were rarely seen shopping. They are too busy to have time to buy the things they need even though the supermarket is only five minutes away.As Melvis was delivering the package and waiting for the receipt at security, he heard a crash from the parking lot near the building he was returning to. He was distracted and looked toward the exit, where Melvis was stunned to see his motorcycle being pushed by a luxury car. He saw his favorite bi
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Chapter 3
Melvis was dumbfounded. He was very surprised by the statement of the old man beside him."What a Melvis Tucker," Melvis muttered under his breath. Melvis wanted to curse but remembered that he was just an old man who looked vulnerable. His mind was already tired and complicated, but he still had to understand the old man beside him.Melvis then looked at the old man and laughed at himself. Of course, Melvis did not trust himself with what he heard and understood. Nor did he believe the old man's cursory nonsense speech."This reminds me of that day," Melvis thought to himself.At that time, he had almost been deceived by someone who claimed to know his father well and was extorted. It was too much for Melvis to bear. It made his life difficult."My grandson..." Alex spoke in a half-whisper. But the young man ignored his call and quickly stood up.Melvis stood up, sighing heavily, "Sorry old man, if you want to scam you have the wrong person, I don't have anything for you to drain. Ev
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Chapter 4
Meanwhile, Melvis was still silent while reading the business card in his hand. A few moments passed until Melvis realized that the back of the old man who claimed to be the rest of his family had disappeared.Melvis chose to return to his flat and found his belongings scattered outside the room, mixed with the puddles in the hallway. Melvsi sighed with an annoyed look. He crouched next to his belongings and realized it must be the owner's doing.Melvis, who was desperate, tried to force open the door of his room, but the owner came and looked at him with eyes as if he was about to leave."Why are you doing this, sir?" asked Melvis. "I promised to pay him in a few days. I haven't claimed my severance pay yet," Melvis explained."No. I can't! You keep asking for an extension. There is someone who has paid many times over for this room. You just find another flat that will accept your arrears!" the landlord, Jimmy, scolded.Jimmy kicked Melvis' belongings away from the door near the roo
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Chapter 5
Melvis arrived at Charles' company. He exited the car and walked inside with two bodyguards behind him. Everyone there noticed Melvis, who walked confidently wearing fancy clothes.One of the female employees approached Melvis politely. "Excuse me, is there anything I can help you with? It looks like you're here for the first time. I just saw you.""Yes, I'm here to see someone. Where is Charles?" Melvis looked around, searching for Charles' whereabouts.The female employee's brow furrowed. "Mr. Charles is in his room. Did you have a prior appointment with Mr. Charles?""I have," Melvis replied falsely. If he said he had not made an appointment with Charles, the female employee would make things difficult for him."Yes, I will inform Mr. Charles." The female employee bowed respectfully, then stepped behind the desk where the telephone was. She dialled Charles' secretary's phone. "A Mr Melvis is looking for Mr Charles. He says he has an appointment."The secretary on the other side che
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Chapter 6
Melvis woke up in the morning with a refreshed body. His sleep last night was comfortable and restful in the luxurious and spacious soft bed. After finishing his business with Charles yesterday, Melvis moved into this elegant house. From now on, he lived in the large and luxurious home Alex had provided secretly. The biggest and most luxurious house in the city of Meldam."I haven't slept this well in a long time." Melvis spread his arms while stretching his neck muscles that felt stiff after yesterday's beating. He moved her neck left and right. His hands were also sore, especially the tip of his fist, which was still red and slightly sore.Melvis got off the bed and opened all the windows in the room, letting the morning air into his room. He went into the bathroom, cleaning himself up. After he finished cleaning herself, Melvis opened the large closet in his room. Rows and rows of luxurious clothes were neatly arranged in there. Melvis chose one of the outfits and left the room."G
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Chapter 7
Melvis took a car with Quen to where he used to live. He ordered Quen to destroy Jimmy's building and wanted to test his intelligence and skills, which Alex had mentioned earlier.Melvis sat quietly in the car while Quen Impact talked to someone on the other side of the phone. In less than half an hour, the project people with large vehicles arrived and immediately demolished Jimmy's building. In just an instant, the building was razed to the ground.Jimmy and everyone there looked shocked, hysterically shouting loudly in displeasure that the building they lived in was demolished without prior notice. "Are you all out of your minds? Who ordered you to destroy this building?""Oh my, where should we stay now?" They were all hysterical. Including Jimmy, who looked visibly frustrated that all his buildings had been destroyed, leaving only ashes and rubble.Melvis smiled happily at the sight before him. "Taste it. It's not worth what you've done to me!" He still remembered the terrible th
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Chapter 8
Melvis slammed the man's hand down so hard that the man in front of him took a few steps back. One of his feet entered the puddle, splashing water onto the car's body.The man widened his eyes to see his car was dirty. His eyes glared at Melvis. "You bastard! You've made my luxury car dirty! You have to compensate me 1000 dollars because you crossed suddenly. The body of my car was scuffed against the curb."Melvis smiled faintly while rolling his eyes. "It's just an ugly car, such an exaggeration. It's only a little dirty, anyway. It's not scratched at all. It's a cheap car."Melvis had been looking through car catalogs for a while, wanting to take Liona to the car sales. He had saved up some money, planning to buy a car to take his girlfriend out. But Liona betrayed him instead. So, he knew that the vehicle in front of him was no more than two million dollars, and according to Melvis, who was now a rich man, it was a bargain compared to the car he had taken to the bank."What did yo
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chapter 9
Melvis took his time to go shopping at a large shopping center. He was enjoying his time as a newly rich man. Melvis was happy and loved it because he had never spent so much money like this. With the card given to her by Alex, Melvis could buy all the things she used to admire and could never afford.Melvis looked in the mirror in the dressing room to see himself in a shiny luxury suit. He smiled as he smoothed the collar of her suit. "This is amazing. I really do look like someone who was born into a rich family."After being satisfied with his appearance, Melvis changed into a luxurious suit with simple clothes. He went to the cashier to pay for his purchases. Since Melvis was paying with a black card, the waiters were confused because the clothes Melvis wore didn't look like a rich person who deserved to use the black card. However, they didn't dare to speak, let alone insult.Melvis went back around and entered the following few shops. The items he bought were relatively small an
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Chapter 10
The two beautiful girls were transfixed where they stood as they stared at the shiny back of the super-rare sports car that they couldn't even guess the price."Is that your ex-Melvis? Is it possible that he's juggling a million-dollar junker?" Anna giggled while not blinking for a while as she watched the car's shadow grow smaller and smaller."M-million? You're crazy! That's a brand-new car. Only a few people worldwide can own it. Charles once showed me a catalog of cars. That poor guy, he can't even afford that car." Liona said in a raised tone as if she was yelling at Anna. "How much is zero?" Liona recalled a car catalog similar to the one used by Melvis, she was sure that the price of the car used by Melvis in the tens of millions of dollars range was precisely the same as the catalog she had seen.Anna only glanced at her reluctantly, she was bound to hear Leona's nonsense again. She prepared to cover her ears to avoid the heat.Whereas Liona beside her was holding the heat in
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