The fight still went on as Vincent is trying to buy some time so he can get the replication of the dragons prepared and to fight the 50-meter dragons equally. He kept running around the city, while his path was getting blasted off by the dragons as an intense fight continues. Meanwhile, outside the city was the wounded. Trevor, Ian, and Peter are now getting treated outside the tent as it was already full of injured people who are crying in pain because of the damages they’ve sustained. They are looking at the city as they can hear loud explosions. They can’t really see the fight because of the dust and storm clouds, but thanks to the buzz cameras, they can witness the intense fight so immersive. Vincent was running, yes, but he managed to damage the dragons on multiple occasions, which means that the rookie has an actual chance. And the fact that he has already suffered a lot of pain, it was surprise that he can still move fluently and strong like this. The power he has

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