Black Wolf Guild

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Black Wolf Guild

By: Vermillion ID OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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“Welcome to a fantasy world, a world full of wars and challenges. Who is strong, he survives!” Calvin is a high school student, he's a loner. Many children wanted to be friends with him, but he didn't seem interested. Calvin has a hobby of reading comics in a library. But that day Calvin saw a strange book so he was curious about its contents, but unlucky he read a forbidden spell. As a result, Calvin had to be thrown into a fantasy world without any preparation. But who would have thought he had extraordinary power in that world. The journey begins.

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Forbidden Spell
That day it was 10 o'clock in the afternoon, the school atmosphere was quite busy because the recess bell had already rung."Ahh.. why does everyday feel boring," Calvin said while yawning, feeling lazy and sleepy always blending in with him.Many children have started to come out of the classroom, leaving several children. Calvin seemed reluctant to move from his seat, he still leaned his body and looked at the blackboard with a blank stare.“Brakk!!”Loud noises came from several children entering the classroom kicking the classroom door, causing several girls in the classroom to scream hysterically. Hearing that voice Calvin only glanced, there it was seen that four boys from another class had entered and started to make a fuss. Calvin himself was not at all interested and just ignored the commotion they were making."Hey skinny! Hand over the money you have, that way we won't bother you!” shouted one of them pointing at Calvin.Calvin remained silent and didn't move at all, he jus
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"Ahh damn it, looks like I fell asleep in the library," Calvin muttered while trying to open his eyes.Calvin's body felt weak, he tried to get up. However, he was so shocked when he saw what was around him. It turned out that his body was lying on the grass under a big tree. The eyes looked to the right and to the left as if they couldn't believe what they were seeing.“What kind of dream is this? Turns out I haven't woken up yet," Calvin asked himself while trying to walk.A very strange sight for Calvin, he saw a vast expanse of savanna before his eyes. He was in the middle of a savanna field with a large tree, the atmosphere of the sky looked so black and eerie, only the light from the moon was enough to be used as a light, a little chill was felt in his body."I'm tired when I dream like this, hurry up and wake up my body," said Calvin, slapping his own cheek. But he was suddenly surprised because he felt pain, if this dream shouldn't feel pain.Calvin still can't believe it, he
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Fire Sword Slash
Two people wearing strange clothes as if they were doing anime cosplay were in front of Calvin, but Calvin casually leaned back even in that state. A woman with long hair and holding a large sword, looks very strict from the way she speaks. While the other one, a man who looks taller than Calvin, he also has a sword that looks smaller in size."Hey! What makes you so relaxed?” asked the man."Nothing, what should I do? I just hope to wake up earlier so I won't be late for school," Calvin answered.“Are you stupid?!”"No, who are you anyway? Why suddenly catch me like this?” he asked.They both looked at each other and looked confused because they didn't understand what Calvin was saying. but Calvin looks relaxed because he thinks all of this is just a dream.Suddenly an arrow stuck in the tree that Calvin used to lean on, it shocked everyone who was there. The speed of the arrow was extraordinary because it suddenly stuck."Unlucky! They found us, it seems they know the trap we set,"
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Black Wolf Guild
Rex began to tell about himself and Livy, Calvin seemed enthusiastic to listen to him. But Calvin still hopes that he has to quickly wake up from this nightmare. Calvin walked towards the Blue Whale guild troops he had just defeated, he was quite curious about the person he had just fought with. He saw the bodies of the people he had just killed. Rev and Livy followed behind.“He is the general of the Blue Whale guild, he wears a blue sword that uses the water element. Not just anyone can wield a sword with such a powerful item, the sword can instantly kill the user. Being able to fight on a par with him is already very lucky, but you can beat him with just one slash, it's really beyond logic," said Livy.Calvin became even more curious about the sword used by the general, since the first time he saw it, Calvin knew that the sword was as good as the sword in the anime he often watched. Calvin casually picked up the blue sword, but it had no effect. Rex and Livy immediately kept their
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Hateful Gaze
Calvin fell silent for a moment remembering what he did before, maybe it was because of a spell he cast that he was now trapped in that world. "You mean you've cast a spell and you were sent here?" asked Rex slowly digesting what Calvin said. "Ah no! How about this? If this is real, how about my school?? Wait a minute, when I'm here I no longer need to go to that annoying school, I no longer need to catch up on assignments, I no longer need to listen to boring teachers in front of the class. This seems interesting," said Calvin with a slightly cheerful face. Rex and Livy are increasingly amazed by Calvin's sudden change, he who was depressed has now returned to normal. "He seems stupid," Rex said a little whispered to Livy. "I thought so too," Livy said. "Okay Calvin, looks like you're feeling better now. I'll make food for you, you can stay in this place because I'm sure you don't have anywhere else to live,” Rex said as he walked away leaving Calvin. Calvin just nodded his he
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First Mission
The guards immediately approached the three of them when they arrived at the entrance. But Rex casually ignored them, apparently the guards also let them in.Inside the castle was quite crowded, lots of sword knights were there. Their attention was immediately drawn to the three of them who had just entered. Almost all of their gazes were the same as the people outside. Calvin was surprised by Rex and Livy, he was used to that look. For Calvin it makes him very uncomfortable.“Hey hey hey, look who's here,” said one of them.Someone with a large body blocked the steps of the three of them, his gaze looked very disdainful of them. Rex who was walking at the front stopped his steps. The atmosphere in the room actually became a little quiet when that person faced Rex.“Shouldn't a loser guild like you guys have disbanded already? You guys without the Commander are nothing.”Rex's gaze was very sharp to that person. He was Dante, a member of the Praying Mantis guild, from the way he spoke
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Hell Needle Stab
Rex took Calvin to one of the food stalls in the city, he ordered three servings of food for them. Calvin sat casually and looked at the surroundings which were very far from where he came from. The room was filled with people who all carried swords and some also carried shields."Calvin, this time we have a mission," Rex said, starting the conversation."Mission? What are we doing missions for?” he asked."Of course to earn money, besides that to make us stronger.""Don't you two look strong already, you just need to practice to be strong right?""Of course training will make us stronger, but we still need money to survive."“It turns out that in this world you also have to work hard to survive huh? I guess I just need to live by adventuring.”The food they ordered had arrived, without further ado Calvin immediately devoured the food in front of him. The effect of walking far enough to make Calvin lose a lot of energy. He looked the hungriest of the two of them. Meanwhile, Rex himsel
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Dark Aura
Calvin's response made Dante even angrier, he immediately ordered his troops to kill Calvin. Without hesitation they all attacked Calvin simultaneously, but Calvin looked relaxed and didn't panic at all. They started swinging their swords at Calvin, Calvin's body seemed to move on its own and dodged all the incoming attacks. The attacks kept coming, they brutally tried to kill Calvin. But Calvin with his lazy face can avoid all the attacks. Suddenly Calvin's hand moved on its own to surprise him, a thin flame appeared on his arm that enveloped him. “Brakk!!” With just one punch all the people who attacked Calvin were blown away quite far. This surprised Dante because he could defeat his troops in an instant. He immediately took out his sword and ran towards Calvin. With a swift movement he attacks Calvin, Dante's sword slash has a considerable effect on the area around Calvin. One slash of the sword from Dante can immediately cut dozens of trees behind Calvin. “Hoi hoi! It's dange
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Suppressing Massive Enegy
After the riots caused by Dante ended, the three of them began their journey on their mission. It seems that this time Rex and Livy are starting to get used to Calvin, who is quite mysterious. They began to speed up their steps, deeper into the increasingly dense forest.Calvin, who was the weakest among the three of them, suddenly stopped, of course he was someone who rarely did sports, most of his time was spent playing games and reading comics.Rex and Livy looked back and found Calvin panting like someone who was about to die."Okay, let's rest for a while," said Rex.Calvin's body looked weak, he immediately sat down and leaned his body against a tree. Livy walked over to Calvin and handed him a bag of drink. Without further ado, Calvin grabbed it and drank quickly."Soon we will reach the portal that connects us directly to the eastern forest area," said Livy to Calvin.“Why don't we use the portal inside the city?” Calvin asked while trying to catch his breath.“The portal only
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Demonic Beast Attack
Calvin then stood up with a big smile towards Rex and Livy, the statement he said was of course not empty talk to him. But it was too soon for Rex and Livy to just trust Calvin. In their hearts, Rex and Livy felt a little happy because someone would say impossible things like that."What is this feeling?" Rex asked, turning to Livy.“It seems that we still have hope to fully recover. "All the sacrifices of the General and our colleagues must not be in vain."They both stood with enthusiastic eyes, as if Calvin's enthusiasm had infected them. Seeing that the two of them now had a goal, Calvin immediately jumped up and walked towards the eastern forest portal. He steadily stared at the portal with confidence, Rex and Livy standing behind him.“Oh shit! "I forgot that I can't go in alone," said Calvin with a stupid smile.Rex and Livy immediately took a deep breath. “It seems we were wrong.”With Livy's help, Calvin begins to enter through the eastern forest portal. Rex took out his swor
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