The fearless lord of Olympus

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The fearless lord of Olympus

By: Destined OngoingFantasy

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In the city of Arindale, Korah dreams of becoming a mage, but he lacks the innate magical abilities required. In his quest for magical power, Korah sets out fearlessly, with perseverance and determination to discover new places and an identity he never knew existed.Will Korah's quest for magical power lead to his ultimate triumph or downfall? Find out in this thrilling tale of magic, adventure, and self-discovery.

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The quest for magical powers.
Korah had never known his parents. He had been found, abandoned on the steps of a small orphanage on the outskirts of the city. The nuns who ran the orphanage had taken him in, but life had never been easy for him.He was small for his age, with scrawny arms and legs and a shock of unruly black hair. The other children teased him relentlessly, calling him names like "runt" and "mouse". Korah tried to ignore them, but it was hard. He felt like an outsider, like he didn't belong anywhere.Korah had always known that he was different from the other children. He had no magic, no special powers that the other children had. In the city of Arindale, where magic was commonplace, being without it was a curse. The children who had magic could control the elements, summon creatures, and even fly. They were the elites, the chosen ones, and Korah was not one of them.Despite his lack of magical abilities, Korah was determined to make something of himself. He worked hard at his studies, and the nuns
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The mage academy
Immediately after the tests, the principal and instructors in the school stood up and came before everyone. They separated the mages from non mages, and the also put together the mages in groups based on the elements the had exhibited. After all that was done, korah was the only one left without a group so he was asked to stand aside. The principal gave a speech about the history of the mage academy and welcomed every mage to the academy. He also asked senior students in the academy to assume the roles of group leaders so as to carry the new students along and to teach them about the rules guiding the academy. After the speech, the principal declared the end of this year's round of testing and admission.The principal cast a look at korah and before leaving he asked korah to follow him. korah walked quietly behind the principal until they got to a remote part of the academy after which the principal looked at korah again and invited him into a small room. Inside, korah stared wide eye
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An eye opener
The chirping of birds and insects and the sweet scent of fresh dew on grass roused korah from his slumber. He had spent the night in deep meditation, trying to be in tune with his powers. Before standing up, he rubbed his eyes lazily and just took out time to reminisce about his life so far. He was going to be fifteen years in two months time, he had tasted the good, the bad and the ugly in his almost fifteen years of existence. He thought back to when he was bullied, neglected and mocked, he thought of the kindness of the nuns, the principal and his new found friends. He was happy to have been given a second outlook of life due to his lucky encounter with the magic artifact in the cave without which he would still be a worthless orphan who knew nothing about magic.After spending a little more time in bed, he stood up and started the day with breathing exercises, meditation and brushing up his magic skills.Today, the principal was going to have a long session with all the students o
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korah, after realizing instructor Belle was asking him to move closer, blushed a little and moved towards her without disturbing the other students. after few seconds, he was close enough to hear and whisper responses to her, he sat down.As if on cue, instructor Warren paused the session and asked "what is the most important quality of a mage?" All the students looked at each other, unsure of the answer but after a while, responses started pouring out randomly from all the students present like an avalanche.after few minutes, instructor Warren cleared his throat loudly to stop the noise then he continued "the most important quality of a mage is a strong sense of determination. Without determination, a mage will give up too easily and never reach their full potential." this response, got all the students nodding their head in agreement especially Korah since he could relate to the importance of determination in his life's journey so far.Instructor Warren paused for a while as if wa
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Amplification level
Early the next morning, korah jumped up from bed with a start, visibly disturbed. Apparently, he was plagued with a very disturbing nightmare throughout the night. It used to be a common occurrence while he was still at the orphanage, but since he got to the mage academy, he has been sleeping better and had totally forgotten all about the nightmares which always seemed to take away his sleep every night. Korah rubbed his eyes, trying to shake off the remnants of the dream. He couldn't quite remember what it was about, but he knew it had been terrifying. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down, reminding himself that it was just a dream and it wasn't real.He got out of bed and started his usual morning routine, trying to push the nightmare out of his mind. As he dressed up, he tried to recall if anything significant had happened yesterday that could have triggered the nightmare. But he couldn't think of anything. Korah made his way to the training hall, his mind still fog
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