Oasis: The Desert King

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Oasis: The Desert King

By: Zero OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A salesman died because of a couple's misunderstanding. He gets reincarnated into another world as his younger self. Like the usual reincarnation trope, he gets a system as a farmer. Can he make it big in this world? Can he escape from his past? This is the story of Alekkar Hemir. *Chapters will be released on Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week.*

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It all started with a System
The story began on the 7th of May,203×, When a part-timer of a Convenience store in a certain metropolis died, shot by a robber to the chest while trying to protect a fellow employee. He was a person who kept a low profile and lived alone. He had neither friends nor family. His body was cremated in a crematorium and was attended by only his co-workers. The world was filled with tens of billions of human. His death was as insignificant event in this world. But this world is not the only world in existence.*""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""*"""""""""*""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""*It was cold and dark. He could neither see, hear or smell anything. He felt weightless and heavy at the same time. It was as if he was suffering from sleep paralysis except he was fully concious.*Ding* A ringing sound went out. It was a deafening noise. A voice came out. It sounded like an AI operator devoid of emotions and gender.*System activated**Welcome to the World of Terra.**Host found**Name:
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Making a reservoir
The Table land was atleast two acre. It was flat at the top. There were cactus and patches of grass on it along with some drying looking tree. However, the most surprising thing was that it had a spring. In the middle of the tableland, there was a large patch of wet soil and puddles of water were forming.*Ding*[You have found a source of water. Tutorial Quest No.1 completed. Rewards have been given. System store activated. You have gained 10 Exp.You have level up by 1.You are now level 2.Exp to next level. 0/25.You have gain 5 system points. Do you want to access the system store? Yes/No]"Yes," Said Alec,"[System Store]."*Ding*[Welcome to System store.] A yellow screen came up. It was a simple screen. On the top left, there was the amount of system token Alec had which amounted to ten. On the main screen, there were two categories - Seeds and tools. On the bottom left, it shows the system store level which was Level 1. It says next level will be at Player level 5.Alec
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Processing the soil
[Soil type: Sandy brown Fertility level: F Status: Semi-arid(250) Productivity of crops: Low]This was what [Insight] show on the handful of soil he had grab from the land.It was just his luck. It will be impossible to have high yields on these land. Alec racked my brain to what to do to process the soil. He did had some ideas. He was not a farmer but retiring to the countryside was his old age goal so he did knew a little about farming. Manure was an organic fertilizer and a much needed item for farming. It was the materials needed for it.Also processing of soil was hard and the time was too short. Alec made a mental note on how to proceed with these two quest.The easiest manure making have to be Pit manure making. As for the materials, anything organic will do. As for soil processing, Alec decided on the most primitive farming technique- Slash and burn. If he put the manure after processing the soil, its productivity should rise."These will do," Alec thought. He had made four
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Rapid Growth
Alec was still dumbfounded with the [Rapid Grow]. It was an excellent skill. A true cheat skill.The only downside was the cooldown."Should I use it on the crops," he poundered. It will be a waste of he wasted it on only one crop. It can be used only three times in a month. He had to use it efficiently."I will make a field of around an acre and plant all the seeds in the stores," Alec decided,"I should also create a large bamboo forest for use as timber. Ah.. I got a lot of work to do."The next three day, he cleared the Northern part of the plateau, from morning till dusk, removing the weeds and turning the soil. The Northern part however was not the plant where he will be growing the crops.It will be the area where he will be growing the less maintenance. While searching for Dungs, he had came across several herbs. He planted those plants along with cactus, berries trees and shrubs. He bought 600 Alfafa seeds and five hundred bamboos for forty tokens.He sows the Alfafa seeds in
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Alec was crying as he tasted the roasted pork."So tasty," He said, tears of joy running down his cheeks," Thank you oh Ancestral spirits. Thank you Guardian of the land for the bounty. Thank you Almighty system."It was unlike the bland lizard meat. It was fatty and filling. He ate like crazy."Would you like some," said he to the giant iron statue in front of him."Ah I forgot you cannot eat. Too bad."It was the Golem given to him by the system. It was shaped like a Knight and about four metres tall. In its hand was a giant sword. Its eyes were made of red glowing stones. In its chest was a large gem the sized of an egg.[Iron Guardian Golem Grade: S Rank: AStrength: B. Endurance: S. Dexterity: E Mana: AIntelligence: F Potential: ESkill: Sword fight.An Iron Golem made by a great Alchemist and Powerful Mage, Lord Braham Tyrzer. It is power by mana. It can also be power by Mana stone. It is made to look and fight like a Swordsman. However, it can do any task if taught properly a
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Alec released the Ardmoor Goats into the Bamboo pasture and sent the Iron Golem to watch over the Bamboo pasture. The Goats were delighted to lived in such a green place and frolic among the Alfafa fields, jumping up and down.*Ding*[Skill: Domesticate had level by 1. Grow had reach maximum level.Additional additional buff.][Domesticate(Max): Can Domesticate.Currently difficulty rank G-B can be Domesticated. Domestication chance 80%(F),60%(E),50%(D),40%(C) and 30%(B).Domesticate simply placate the animal and makes them more docile and less wild. It remains to the user to fully tame them.Comes with an Encyclopedia.Cooldown: 10 creatures in 2 days.Creatures placated: 2/10[Placate]*Ding*[Grow had reach Maximum level. Related Skill created. Bond (Lvl 1) has been created.][Bond(Lvl 1) Allows to bond with animals to make companion. Increase magic by 1. Number of companion:0/3. Active Skill]*Ding*[Skill: Rapid Grow has level up by 1.] [Rapid growth (Lvl 2) Grows a plan
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*Ding*[You have completed Farming Quest No 5 Rewards have been given. You have gained 100 System tokens.You have gained 2 Stone golems. You have gained 500 Exp.You have level up by 1.You are now level 6.Exp to next level. 470/750.You have gain 20 system tokens.]Two golems appeared in a puff of smokes. Unlike the Iron golems, these two were the size of human and looked like the mannequins. They didn't had eyes nor a gem in their chest. They were also blue in colour and were still as statues."Kneel and bow down to me," Alec commanded. The two of them kneel on the ground in a seiza.[Stone Worker Golem Grade: S Rank: AStrength: E. Endurance: S. Dexterity: C Mana: CIntelligence: F Potential: EAn Iron Golem made by a great Alchemist and Powerful Mage, Lord Braham Tyrzer. It is power by mana. It can also be power by Mana stone. It has programme to do labor. However, it cannot fight not do complicated works.Mana power: 15000 days.]"Workers," Alex shouted in joy,"Thank you,
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Horned rabbits
*Ding*[Farming Quest No.7 initiated.Task: Domesticate three species. Conditions: Each species must be Herbivores and must be a pair of both sex.1/3 Reward: 100 system tokens,2 skill point. Penalty: -100 system tokens. Time limit: 30 days.Do you Accept the quest?Yes/No]It was given on the next morning after Alec domesticated Daisy. Alec had no choice but to go out into the desert along with three of the worker golems. He left the Guardian Golem to protect the farmland. The Guardian Golem was very useful. Alec wish he could have one more but it cost a whooping 500 tokens so he had to leave it. He had only a measly remaining of fifty-six tokens left and he had to use them carefully.It didn't take much time to locate the next creature. He found a colony of them. Rabbits. These rabbits however were not ordinary rabbits. They had blue horns growing out of their foreheads.Alex baited the rabbits by placing carrots and cabbage in the bottom of a sack and left the mouth open with a
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Level 10
In a small watering hole deep in the barren wasteland of Ardmoor, a family of wild pigs had been cornered by a pack of a dozen Bloodwolves led by a Bloodwolf Alpha as big as a lion and with black thick Mane on its shoulder.It was a newly formed herd with five pregnant sows and a young wild boar with brown thick hide and a broken left tusk. It was stomping the ground and daring the Alpha to come forward.[Placate]A magic circle appeared in the ground under the herd of wild pigs and it glow blue for some few seconds.[You have completed Farming Quest No 7. Rewards have been given. You have gained 100 System tokens.You have gained 2 skill points. You have gained 2000 Exp.You have level up by 1.You are now level 10.Exp to next level. 770/1500.You have gain 50 system tokens.Second Job had been given: Warrior.Warrior Skills: Strength of a Warrior(Lvl 1), Aura of a Warrior(Lvl. 1), Fortitude of a Warrior(Lvl 1).Warrior item:Iron spear, Reinforced Shield and Short Sword.Warrior S
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Mana and body strengthening
Alec woke up with a start. He was lying inside his hut. He felt cold and feverish. It was the effect of the heart-stone mana and his mana coliding with each other. He stood up and went to his bed. It was time for him to start the process.Alec sat down on his bed, crosslegged in a Yoga position. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He cleared his mind and focus on his breathing. Soon, he was in sync with his breathing. Alec drove his consciousness into his inner self. He focused on the circulation of his blood, the throbbing of his temple vein and his heart. After an hour, he felt it. In his nerves, something along with the bloods were circulating. It was warm and cold at the same time. The first time he focused on it, he felt a tingling on his spine, like an electric shock. His senses flare open. Pain shot through his body as if his entire body was full of open pores and air were escaping from his body. Alec temporarily lost his focus and open his eyes, gasping for breath. The
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