cosmic beings- the dawn of creation

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cosmic beings- the dawn of creation

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the gods and demons had existed even before the universe's creation but they were not superior beings then. there were superior beings other than them. they were called cosmic beings. they were practically the strongest in the entire history of the creation and the reason for the creation of the universe. along with these three species that have intelligence, there lived non-intelligent species along with them. they were known celestial creatures. after the universe was created 13 billion years ago, the cosmic beings were extinct and many of the gods and demons and celestial creatures dies. the remaining gods and demons started to reside in heaven and hell respectively which were connected to the earth that is referred to as the surface. after many years the celestial creatures invaded hell and heaven and took over both of them. katsu legami a human being that resides on the surface was killed by the very creature due to an unfortunate accidental encounter but was brought back to life by the demon king and was asked to save the world with his power which is the red dragon one of the three heavenly dragons. this is the story of a boy who fought the most dangerous beings to save hell and heaven and uncovered the mysteries of the creation of the universe and the cosmic beings.

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A human being sees his own demise when he is facing two kinds of situations.   one is when he is facing a power that is way stronger than his and the other one is when facing a situation that he himself is aware that he is going to die.   what I, katsu legami am facing now is both things that are combined together in a single creature.   it is looking down on me as was sitting on the ground and feeling feared by its creepy pitch-black body. it is glaring at me with bright green eyes which I can feel a huge amount of blood lust that is sending chills through my spine. it groaned at me with its creepy mouth which I could not help but shriek at it and I can see its mouth inside glowing in bright green as well.   that w
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Chapter - 1 (THE LIVING HELL)
PART - 1MorningIn bell town, JapanAs the sun is rising beautifully between two mountains In a certain house, There is a young boy who is looking into his dreams. in his dream---"So you are my host, huh"A huge figure with a red-colored aura surrounding it speaks to the boy. From the silhouette of the figure in the aura, it can be identified as if it is a dragon. The dragon continued speaking to him"You look quite different than any host I have seen until now, ......interesting....."[-----------BLANK----------]Then everything around him disappeared suddenly and then*bam*...*bam*...…*boooooooooooooooom*A huge clash was taking place between two people that look like a black body with stars on their body itself and one person has bright blue colored hair while the other has bright purple colored hair and some warrior ornaments that are glowing in a color similar to their h
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chapter - 2 (ENCOUNTER)
"*sniff* damn it, *sniff*why always me" *sniff**sniff**sniff* I could not stop crying, even I can feel it. my heart was broken. my breath was unstable and even my headaches due to the insane amount of crying even then my tears won't stop and those disgusting grins also do not stop coming into my mind. I kept remembering what happened at school and it built the anger in me and made them come out in the form of crying. then suddenly [bhoooooooooommmmmmm] a huge meteor-like thing came hit the shrine that I always visit and pray. a huge blast has been made that the entire shrine has been blasted away and what lies in that place was a huge crater. I could not hold back what I saw. suddenly all the thoughts that came into my mind have been stopped because even a large incident happened in front of me right now. the shrine that always visited has gone. the shrine that blessed me with Miyamoto and Tsubasa as friends had gone. i could not blame anythin
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while I was running away from the creature which suddenly appeared out of nowhere and is trying to kill me. I was reminiscing about my past bad experiences even now and got frustrated "why always me, am I that unlucky to get all these things to be done to me?" I was hated at the school, I was framed by that bastard monoma, I was seen as a loser in the eyes of the girls that I like. I was suspended by the vice president and now I am running away to escape deat- as I was thinking that the creature appeared before me and held my face with its palm. my mouth was closed as it held my face with its pitch-black palm. I struggled all I could. my face is hurting a lot I tried to remove its hand from my face but it was in vain as it lifted my body holding my face. my neck Is hurting a lot. it is even cracking. the creature lifted me up while still holding my face. I tried to shout all I could. but let alone shouting for help I could not even cry out due to the pain tha
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As Katsu's dead body has been laid down after he died, the creature tried to approach katsu's dead body and tried to grab him by reaching out its hand. then as the creature was about to reach katsu- *swoosh* a red color aura suddenly burst out of his body with huge pressure. after the red aura burst out the creature, who felt the pressure had instinctively taken back its hand and looked at the red-colored aura as it continued to flow. after a moment the aura flow increased bit by bit and suddenly a huge red color terrifying eyes were opened in the aura right over katsu's dead body. as soon as the creature has seen those eyes it stepped back with fear. a vibration in the air occurred as the aura from katsu's body was overflowing from him and flooded into the surroundings. Increasing its width and height eventually. the creature was looking at it as it was happening and continued to step back little by little as it made a face of pure shock and
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in the middle of the dispersing red aura. there stand two figures. one that of a man Solomon and the other that of a pitch-black creature. the creature growls towards the man as if it were angry looking at that- [sigh~] Solomon sighs and says "Just when I thought that the hope of the world is born from the depths of the darkness of despair if the red dragon were to show up and fight for us. there has to be a cliche like this. great" Solomon was talking in an indirect way for blaming his luck. but he changed his tone back to normal and said while looking at the creature. "well, it does not change the fact that he is going to join us. but the first thing is first I will have to take care of you." he said to the creature as it was still growling and glaring at the man but he did not flinch and continued with the same carefree voice. "you may have come out on your own free will leaving your group. but you are not allowed to leave f
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"What? did you find master lucifer.?" "no, he was nowhere to be found" "damn it leaving all of a sudden like that what is he thinking? leaving all the work as it is. he should stop roaming on his own like that. it could affect our remaining land as well" In the underworld two people were searching for Solomon lucifer. one of them is a male swordsman. the other was a female in maid dress who stayed with Solomon and tried to stop him when he was about to leave. these both are the servants of Solomon lucifer. the swordsman's name is Yamada keinshi. and the name of the maid is victoria lucifage. what they were searching for right now was none other than their master who suddenly vanished from the work. they were searching all places and were complaining about him then all of a sudden [sting—] they felt a sudden presence of magic. "what was that just now?" Yamada asked for confirmation then victoria answered. "it was
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the underworld, also known as netherworld in short hell. the world that exists directly beneath the land that we live. demons rule over this land and the ones that rule over those demons are known as demon kings. the underworld has 4 demon kings. lucifer, leviathan, Beelzebub, Santanas. it is said that these are the names of the demons that originated the demons. in honor of them, the demons started to change their family names into one of these four names once they become the demon kings. and the present four demon kings that rule over this place is the 2nd strongest demon king generation among all the generations that ruled. demon king Solomon lucifer is the strongest of all the 4 demon kings of the second strongest generation demon kings. the person that wields the power of destruction and the one that recovered the dead body of katsu from the creature that killed him. right now that demon king is– *tshhh* is flying in the sky like human fi
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"well, that is the gist of it" "so, you are saying that the celestial creature of the lower level tried to kill the unique and swallow him to absorb his power" "so you went and save him" "but by the time you went there, he was already dead." the four demon kings are sitting at a round table and discussing the matters about what happened back on the surface in a little bit of detail while Solomon was explaining. "so,... what do you think…. what do we do?" as everyone was talking, Solomon asks them with a bit of a tensed face and sweat on the forehead. then Dante answers "what do you mean by that? it is a pity that he died. if he were to join us that would help us since we are quite a pickle at the moment." "We could've changed into a demon if he were alive. but now that he idea. what can we do?" "it certainly is true. since no host until now were able to use the power of the heavenly dragon." the
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In a big room, the demon kings have gathered. the room is more like a cave with runes written on the walls. there is a flat slab in the center of the room with runes written on it and a door made of stones with the continuation runes written on it that are connected from the slab. and there are four symbols on the stone door and four holes that are adjacent to them. "Alright, let's unlock the door that is connected from the slab" as Alphonse says that everybody passed their magic through the slab then beams of light in dark red, dark blue, dark green, and black color aura released from their respective bodies. as their bodies were lit up. the runes on the slab started to glow and the aura was passed on through the runes that are connected from the slab to the door and eventually passed on to the four symbols. as the aura was passed on the symbols started glowing in four different colors. red - lucifer blue - leviathan green - Beelzebub Read more