Wolf's Will

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Wolf's Will

By: RuneManny OngoingFantasy

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Sunny is a descendant of a long line of powerful werewolves, known as the ultimate. He grew up learning how to rule his people and how to protect the Human world from threats (which are people of his species), and the hatred other Packs have for him.An opposing pack interested in decimating the whole of humanity attacked his ultimate clan and killed the whole clan while they were at their weakest. During these trying times, he fell in love with the daughter of his worst enemy. And at a point, she saved his life. He was transported to Earth to protect humans and to find his sister. He got to earth and found love, his sister, pain, and servitude. Humans after discovering what he was decided to weaponize him. And the clan who hates the humans are ready to come to the human world. And when the wolf joined with the human world, he was torn between his former wolf lover, and the new human lover.

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Chapter 1
Humans have come to believe that no event in their lifetime happens for the first time. They believe no humans live once. There would have been someone in the past who acted nearly in the same manner as you are. Appearance might be near similar or might not be. They believe in reincarnation. They also believe that angels exist.What about creatures that are beyond human genes? It could be that their genes are augmented with that of humans and some animals to create a new hybrid. Such as the werewolves. And what do the Werewolves believe?"You! My dear, are the most perfect. There is no being like you. There has never been anyone like you, and there will never be," that's the perfect praise everyone from Noguchi gives to a beautiful woman. An astonishing woman that makes men drool. And Ashina will never be tired of hearing such. After all, she knows how rare of a gem she is. She knows her worth. Even though she tried being humble, men never stop letting her know that they would prefer
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Chapter 2
"Why have you come to the city?" Amoux asked "You should have asked at first before agreeing to come with me." Ashina replied without looking at him.He felt embarrassed. He felt his nerves rising and the will to punch her. This wasn't the first time he felt so, but he had to resist himself. No wolf is to hit a female wolf that he isn't married to or who isn't his daughter. "Tread softly princess. Well, all these emotions can wait till the day I get to marry you." He thought, letting out a grin."Now patience, Felan." He called to her, "Being with you erases all reason from me" he smiled. When Amoux started hitting on her, she had rejected him and looked down on him. She pitied him. She had wanted to avoid what happened to her former lover with him, but Amoux wouldn't stop. She had once warned him never to approach her again, she had shifted into her werewolf form to drive home her point, but he didn't listen. He was a persistent one. She had started growing interest for his deter
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Chapter 3
The comotion created by the coming of the son of the Ultimate Alpha wasn't what was infuriating Amoux. Ashina knew. She knew it was the meetings they have been having with her father. She does not know the details of the meetings but anytime she eavesdrops, even if it's for a minute, she always hears them talk about the ultimate Alpha. And they share their hatred for the ultimate Alpha.She wondered if the hatred for the ultimate Alpha is what binds these new packs in her father's home together. If it was, once the hatred of the Ultimate Alpha ends, Noguchi would probably go back to it's warring period. And places like this city would become useless. The elegant buildings, the flowers and the lights used in decorations would all become useless if war should happen. "I am already overthinking things. Let me just enjoy the moment," she said to herself. "So because he helps the poor, you had to honor him that much. Do you respect or fear him?" "My Lord… our loyalty belongs…" "Do you
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Chapter 4
"And my Lady? You are?" He asked. Beowulf had looked at other people standing with Amoux. The only person of royalty there was Ashina. He wouldn't have talked to her, but he looked at her face and smiled. He didn't see the second mark of identification, that would mean she is engaged. He saw clearly that Ashina was from the Volde pack and that Amoux was from the Hudun pack. There was no sign of marriage between both. And that gave him the chance to speak to her. "I am Ashina of Volde. Volde pack." She replied to him gladly. She saw the look in his eyes. She could sense how lost in thought he was."This is perfect," she concluded after inhaling him. Every Felan in Noguchi has a way of selecting their partner. The Felans of Noguchi have more sensitive olfactory way of sensing rather than the men. "You are a Lady or a humble Felan.?""I am a Lady. Daughter of the Alpha." She replied excitedly."Lord Amoux, is she your mate?" "No! I am not. He is a friend. An acquaintance of my fathe
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Chapter 5
"So, is that truly the son of your Alpha? He doesn't look it," Beowulf said to the market leader, Farkas."Yes, Lord Beowulf," Farkas replied"Well, I came here to see to the peace of the market. And the gold I promised everyone, is right outside. You should know where to keep it and share it amongst yourselves, when I am gone," Beowulf added."Alright lord Beowulf." Farkas humbly replied"And Lord Beowulf, I want to tell you something else," "What is it?" "It's about my daughter. She is a good felan. A beautiful one. She is loyal and…" "Farkas, we won't be talking about this again." Beowulf interrupted. Truly most of the werewolves in Noguchi know what period it is. It's the period where the son of the Ultimate Alpha looks for his mate, who will be the new Ultimate Luna. Most older werewolves know the reason Beowulf has been coming to the city. The reason he has been going from packs to packs, visiting Alphas. Soon enough, he will be the Ultimate Alpha. The one who would have con
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Chapter 6
The sect has its base at the Volde Pack territory. Ashina's father is the one who spearheaded it. They have all grown and learnt to hate every member of the Ultimate pack. They were to get any information about the Ultimate pack and share it with other members. The sect consists of Alphas from different packs. Alphas who harbor disgust and annoyance at the existence of the Ultimate Alpha. Amoux can't even touch Beowulf not to talk of punching his way through these men before him. He snapped his finger at Beowulf, and went towards where Ashina was. "I will take her with me. You," he pointed at the market leader. "Yes! Lord Amoux," Farkas ran to him and bow"Get help and carry her along with me to the Volde pack," Amoux ordered. "Get help from someone from the Volde Pack." He whispered to Farkas. No matter how strong and influential a werewolf is, there is a limit to those he can control. Not even an Alpha of a pack can control or order those of another pack. The only person excepti
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Chapter 7
"So mother, that is exactly how it happened." Beowulf excitedly narrated his ordeal to his mother. He selectively told her things that he knew won't get her angry. He couldn't tell her about the threat Amoux made. The words he said were something his mother would be worried about. If he mentions the threat, she would want to go to the priests to check if her son would be fine. Even though Beowulf knew most times, the priests only say things that she wants to hear. They might have every spiritual power. They might hear things directly from the gods, but they can't see the future."Oh my heaven! Heavenly goddess. You found a woman that interests you?" She asked, smiling and gushing over all of him. She stood up and began dancing the local Atilogwu dance. "No wait mother, I am interested in all women. She only piqued my interest. She really is a perfect woman." He replied. He drew her close just so she could stop dancing. His mother frowned at him. She sat down on the bed before him."Y
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Chapter 8
Their palace is a different castle than their building. For most days, that's where his father is. His mother does stay at the castle, but once in a while she comes back to this castle. The palace is like an extension of the castle. It has few rooms for sleep and a large court for meetings between all the Alphas of Noguchi. Running at a human speed would take thirty minutes from the castle to the palace. Beowulf only had to run for five minutes before he got there, and that's still not while in his werewolf form. In one of the numerous classes he attended in preparation for his ascension, she heard the story of how the palace was created. Something that once served as a shelter for werewolves during the war of separation. He entered through the main gate as the guards bow before him. Today, he didn't notice the large depiction of a waning moon drawn on a cloth, placed above the entrance of the castle. "Lord Beowulf!" They all greeted him. Even people who were older than him. Every
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Chapter 9
Ashina didn't gain consciousness at once. She began noticing her surroundings minutes after she woke up. There was no one nearby. She was alone in her room. Just beside her bed, she saw plates and cups that had been used to feed her drugs. She didn't call anyone or try to ask for help. She didn't feel any pain. She doesn't even have a memory of what happened. It's just her on her bed looking lost and empty.After minutes of silence even in her head, she wondered what had gotten her into this condition. "What made me faint?" She asked herself, thinking of possible reasons. It was not like her father had touched her. He beats her when she provokes him but he had never beaten her to the extent where she lost consciousness.It's not like she got diagnosed with any sickness that drained her energy. And she is quite energetic. The doctor has once said. And she had proved it at different times."Oh! Right!" She cried in her head. "I remember. I remember just what it is that happened." She
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Chapter 10
"Ashina! Who is this man?" He asked in a friendly tone. He didn't come off as angry. Even the guards of the court were not around. The atmosphere wasn't official. She felt relaxed."Father! He is Falcris. Son of Beta Donolf. His father was the one who helped us unravel plots of the Ekun's pack during the last war. We…" "Ashina! I know who his father is. Tell me the relationship between you and the young wolf." Lord Olcan ordered. He stood up from his seat and moved closer towards them."He is a wolf I am interested in, father. I love him." She said to her father with a smile on her face. She moved forward so her father would know how happy she is. She had her hand on her chest. "You love him?" He said. He turned around and smiled."And you Falcris, what do you have to say about that?" Olcan asked Falcris."Lord Olcan. I love your daughter. She is the perfect mate. She is…" Falcris said. He bowed down immediately. He thought it would be disrespectful to talk to Lord Olcan while stand
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