INTERCAMBIO DE TIEMPO (Written in English)

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INTERCAMBIO DE TIEMPO (Written in English)

By: Lürd ñazzy OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Emily Wills unexpected journey began from a failed magic performance that changed her life. She was transported to the past and


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16 chapters
The School fight
Her pen danced gracefully on the note and her hand shook vigorously with sweats, dribbling down her face. She had forgotten to complete her history homework yesterday. She was a tall, fair skin toned girl, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Her lips were thin and small, and her nose was pointed." Damn it. " She cursed under her breath looking agitated as she had torn a piece of her book by mistake. " Hey, Emily." A blond-haired boy greeted them, walking towards her desk. He was fair-skinned, with thin lips as well. His eyes were oceanic blue and he scent of Earth, after rain. She glanced at him and turned towards her note. "Not now Charles." She responded, and continued writing down her answers to the questions asked. Charles was Emily's childhood best friend. They lived in the same neighborhood and were always seen together. Charles was the type of boy any girl would wish to have to herself. He was charming, easygoing, and supportive. He was the " Flawless man" in the eyes of all the
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Left with the guilt
"…♪♪ Can't you see I'm lost in my thoughts and outta my mindI've been trying to hold on but I've got this void inside of meHello, Is it the darkness calling me?Everyone has these thoughts sometimesFunny how they worsen at nightWhen the sound of silence is so loudAnd cricket songs are loud ♪♪..."Emily sang while playing her guitar. She was still upset about the incident at school. Her head hurts from thinking too much about it. She decided to play the guitar, to numb the pain in her chest.Emily's dream was to share her songs with the world. It was the only way Emily would express and show her emotions. It was her heart and soul. She loved it so much that she contested for it, but unfortunately, she wasn't qualified.Nonetheless, it did not weigh her down but strengthened her determination to be the best. Though she never played the guitar in public, she'd play to herself when she was down.She admired and looked upon other famous guitarists like Jimmy Page, Eddie van Helen, an
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Left with the guilt 2
" Dad!!" Emily screamed and ran toward him. He was lying motionless on the ground. She placed her ears on his chest for his heartbeat and " No! No!! No!!!" she cried out with watery eyes and trembling lips.Matthew immediately ran to Alex. " We need to…." The sudden sound of the door opening interrupted him. Emily's mother emerged, dripping in a cold sweat." Camila…I." Matthew stuttered but Camila ignored him. She ran towards her husband and felt his pulse." He is alive … we should take him to the hospital." She suggested. She dabbed the sweat on her forehead and grabbed her husband by the arm. She was struggling to lift him on her own." Let me do it," Matthew said and lifted Alex. They laid him in his car, while Matthew sat in the driver's seat.They got in and quickly drove towards the hospital. At the hospital, Alex was quickly rushed to the emergency room. Blood spewed from his mouth, as his condition worsened. His eyes were closed shut but what, reassured them that he was aliv
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You were lucky.
Charles stood by the entrance of the door. His face was filled with bruises and cuts and he look extremely tired. " Can I come in?" He asked with a faint smile while watching Emily stand there, doing nothing." Yes, yes, come in," Emily replied and moved out of the way. As soon as he got in, she looked outside the house for any sign of danger and quickly shut the door." How did you get these bruises? Who did this to you?" Emily asked as she delicately touched his face to observe. Her eyes welled up a little and she noticed that Charles was still staring at her." What is it?" she asked him with furrowed brows." You care?" Charles asked her. He was smiling and his eyes observed her for any signs, to prove she had feelings for him." Yeah of course I care Charles. You are my best friend." She added and rolled her eyes." Alright, quit smiling." She said and walked upstairs.Charles followed right behind her." I'm not smiling." He denied, with one of his hands tucked into his pocket." T
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Brawls and dares
His jaw worked as he watched Gerald walk toward him. His nose was bandaged and he looked annoyed. His hands were tucked into his pocket and he had the aura of a mafia boss." What do you think you are doing Gerald? You know I never meant to hit you like that. " Charles defended. He didn't say it because he was scared of being beaten to a pulp but because he meant it.Gerald halted in his tracks and smiled with his eyes closed. " But you did, didn't you? " He asked and stared at Charles. " And for what? Because you thought I was trying to take her from you? " He said and began to laugh menacingly.Charles swallowed hard as he was taken by surprise. He never believed that his feelings for Emily were obvious. He took two steps backward and his mind went into survival mode. He knew he could take down two or three of them but ten? That was way too much." Don't bother… There is no way you can escape. You are trapped here. " Gerald said, jolting him from his thoughts. Gerald sprinted towar
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Mr. Mysterio
A heavy silence descended in the room, as Gerald sat on his seat, dripping in smoothie juice. " What did you think you were doing, you psychopath?!" He asked as he gave Emily a murderous glare. " What I'm doing?" Emily asked with a confused look. " I was simply trying to help a friend." She replied sarcastically with a nonchalant look.Looking across the room, Gerald noticed that all the other student's attention has been drawn. He didn't expect Emily to react the way she did. He felt embarrassed as he could hear muffled laughter in the room. And as he looked up at Emily, who kept staring at him indifferently, he forcefully grabbed her wrist. " How dare you?!" He asked with bloodshot eyes. He was fuming in rage and his violent nature took control of him. He began to squeeze her hand tightly. So tight, that she winced in pain from the squeeze." Let go of my hand!!" Emily yelled as she struggled to release her wrist. Charles seeing Emily struggling to release her wrist, came to her
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Mr. Mysterio 2
Charles' eye darted toward the door and his hand flew toward Emily's mouth. " Shush! Keep your voice down. " He whispered and slowly retracted his hand, as she raised her hands as a sign of surrender." Jeez Charles, you just scared the heck out of me. What is wrong with you?" Emily asked as she tried to stabilize her breathing. She was panting and her heart pounded hard against its cage. " Please don't ruin my chance of going to see Mysterio tonight, Emily. " Charles pleaded to her and his hand flew to his shirt." Ewww Charles go take off your shirt somewhere else. " Emily said with her hand covering her eyes. Her other hand was pushing him off the bed. " I don't want to see your nude, God damn it! " she cursed.Charles sighed and rolled his eyes in annoyance. " Well unfortunately for you, I'm not going to take off my shirt, to satisfy your curiosity. " He teased and stood up.While stealing a peep, Emily saw Charles take out a ticket from his breast pocket. " What are those? " She
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Mr. Mysterio 3
Her palms felt sweaty and her heart raced as Charles and the rest of the audience kept urging her to go. She couldn't believe it! She couldn't believe that she was going to be used as a test subject. She felt thrilled at the thought of being the last person Mr. Mysterio will use for his last performance.She could feel the disdainful looks the Audience was giving her, but none of that mattered. Walking toward the stage, the magician offered his hand, which she took." What is your name?" The magician asked while leaning close to her." Emily...Emily Wills." She replied while staring into his eyes. The dark blue eyes gazed back at hers, like it was looking for something, an answer to a question untold.Somehow she could feel it in her heart, that she was going to regret whatever happened here tonight. She could feel it somewhere, somehow, that she made a mistake coming here. She wanted to refuse, to walk out those doors and save herself from what was to come. She felt vulnerable, like
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A curse...?
Charles and Emily sat together during lunch. It's been two weeks since the show. They both were in deep thoughts, none of them touching their food. " And these dreams you keep having, you say you live them? " Charles asked Emily while holding her hand. " Yes. I keep living them, while I sleep. Last night it happened again, but there were two of them. " She replied in almost a whisper, while still leaning in. " The Creatures? " Charles asked her while squinting his eyes hard at her. " Yes, the creatures. You know I keep..." Emily halted as she stared back at him. " You think I'm out of my mind, don't you?" She asked him. " Well, I hope you are because I wouldn't want some crazy beast apocalypse. I don't want those things, flying into my room and attacking me. " Charles replied and took an apple. " My room is my privacy and I hope they understand it's off-limit. " He added and munched on it. " You know what I think? I think you are not helping here." Emily said and sighed while ro
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Sad news
The lady was beautiful and yet scary at the same time. She had scales running down her hands and by the sides of her face. Her Jade green eyes glistened in the light and gave her the appearance of a reptile. She looked like something from a fairy tale story, and yet not.Emily gasped and quickly clamped her hands over her mouth when the lady tapped the walls with finger-like claws. It got worse when the lady began to run her fingers on it, scratching it." Please stop!!" Emily yelled with tears in her eyes as she covered her ears from the noise. " What do you want from me?" She asked.The lady halted and stared at her. " I need you to give me something I want." She said and dashed towards Emily with an incredible speed. Her hand was on her neck, and her snake-like tongue caressed Emily's face and neck.Emily's heart pounded rapidly and a rush of adrenaline coursed in. She instinctively threw a punch, which connected with the lady's face, pushing her head to the side. " Try that agai
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