World War Zero『WWX』

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World War Zero『WWX』

By: Temiloluwa OngoingFantasy

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Wars............A theorem that can't be solved by most battle tacticians. ----------------- Kazumino Fujishimo a teenager who struggled psychologically till his teen. Enters into the army with the aim of eliminating all evil that comes his way. His real identity remains unknown to him, under the pretext of childhood trauma. He and the army tries to stop the impending signs of another world war. He only plays along to achieve is goals although, attracted to people around him, he finds himself in dilemma as his true past come to Hunt him down. The world war gets closer and it seems it's inevitable. Thus, the sangotaro force will shed blood and waste lives. Thanks to the opposition for making Fujishimo entangled in the war. He is frustrated as he thirst for the peace that reigned in the past only to find out that the so called war they were fighting was a peaceful one. Were they really fighting a war? Or were just giving the real deal a puppet show? Will he survive the extreme forces battling against him or will he be knocked down by his own identify? Will they solve the complication of an innocent male child turning into a cold hearted fighter? Who is the main cause of the deadliest disaster that befalls them? A world without war, is incomplete!


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  • Onemanarmy


    very good to read

    2023-10-21 01:26:05
  • Breeze


    A nice book

    2023-10-01 07:03:33
  • Breeze


    A very nice story, the story gets better as it advances even though it needs improvement in certain areas.

    2023-10-01 06:59:56
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91 chapters
Reminiscing the past
Huff, huff...............Everything seemed blurry, my eyes stung badly as my iris moved from left to right.Oh! I passed out during the third day of trials in the army, what a drag!As I was still trying to rally my memory round, my dad enters.....He shouts in an emotional manner"Fushi! Fushi!"Crap! Was he out of his mind? My name is Kazumino Fujishimo, a teenager probably eighteen years of age.My hairstyle: Long black hair/hair down which was a little below shoulder length, touching the upper parts of my back(spinal cord). I am barely 5'7" feet's/170cm tall, my body build was lean average.Trust me, I hardly had biceps but I wasn't slender in size. Iris color is sapphire blue and, dad was already in his forties,his hairstyle: black pompadour.He continues his speech,"Fushi thank God you are alive"."Let me be!". I replied curtlySeriously? This sucks how did I end up in this condition? As this thoughts filled my head, he ignores my attitude, and continues to express his concer
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Chapter 2 (Shadow Blades)
Huh? Days passed quickly like cards flipped by a magician.It was finally the week for the final series of test in which I was rebooked by special permissions; you know, my dad.It was the second and the final trial for all people who wanted to become militants, which means if you fail to pass, you're out of the army for life.Hmmn...... I could choose to fail because, being in the army is too much of a drag but on the other hand, I hate letting people down. I liked no one except for my deceased siblings, not even my father. I had friends although they were few, after the incident I hardly talked to other people, how in the world will I still have friends, so I care for no one & no one cares for me, except my da.......My thoughts were interrupted by a loud voiced that raged throughout the whole field--------------------------------------------------------------------"A'ight, let everyone stand with firmly rooted legs. Before the trials commences, I want y'all to know that we soldier
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Think before you tag
My dad or my aunt?Damn! Decision making is harder than I imagined.I looked at them carefully, and stealthily to avoid eye contact with them. I closed my eyes, then a parted smile that comes after dark. You know, a strange feeling was circulating inside me.----------------------------------------------------For sure, they knew I was lost in thoughts,"You could choose after you've passed the tests, it's not like I'm forci........""I know!" I interrupted my dad who was trying to make it simple for me."You know there are other generals also however, I offered to take you in first." Says my aunt."Well.....Seems I'll have to decide later. Wait! There are other generals also!" I thought, as my eyeballs rolled from left to right Woah! That's the most popular general I'm staring at.Can't believe it, he's the most admired out of all generals.Wait! I thought they were five, how did they reduce to four?But that wasn't my major concern. I pointed to the general and asked,"Who's that",
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"The real test had begun," I whispered as I dashed alongside others into the thickest path of the forest. It looked gory, but the outcome might be convincingly good.Suddenly, I heard a loud scream that echoed from the thick forest. I stopped running, using my legs as breaks, as I and some people came to a halt.Almost immediately, the forest flipped over, it looked like I was falling......."Damn!" I shouted in my heart, I felt a pinch of fear, my heart started beating like it was the drums of rock musicians.Still struggling to avoid falling, I tried to swerve my body in the process, but it was to late. Sequentially, everything went back to normal.At our front, I saw a desolate land it that had little bushes, but still it was so silent, wait! Don't tell me..........."It's an illusion" someone whispered to one of his fellas"Damn! It seems like we are missing something." I thought to myself.--------------------------------------------------------*General Hiroshi's (POV).Huff! I W
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Everything Black
"Whatever" I said blankly as I tried to remove his hands from my legs.***After another ten minutes of intense running, I seemed to be wearing out, and Shinsui's complaints and discouragements made matters worse."Keep quiet! Jeez! I'm trying to find a way out of here, and all you're doing is lamenting and discouraging me"I talked to him in a cool manner but I was obviously frustrated, he kept saying we should turn back, and accept defeat. Never!."B...bu....but.. I'm so scared" He muttered, twiddling his index fingers."Then turn back" I said coldly"I can't turn back except you accept to turn back also!" He protested."Arrrrrgh! Then just follow me. In fact why are you even following me?" I said with a frustrated look."Okay! I'll follow you!" He says as he wipes his tears. Although, I still feel that he's faking his tears just to allow me to accompany him.Just then, It felt as if I was hearing some minimal noises which isn't meant to be heard, like the strange and continuous rust
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That's enough for me
"No need to thank me, I know I'm to awesome." He smiled as he said those words, it was evident that he was already blushing,But, were we gonna make it in time?"Don't let my little praise get to your head, you understand?" I said in a friendly but, commanding manner."Yes!" He replied almost immediately."Man, he's really scary." He said inwardly.We continued moving at a slow-fast pace,Man! My body hurts! It now looked as if he was now dragging me, I could hardly walk."Are you sure you don't want me to carry you?" He asks. ", aren't you tired?""As if this could stop Me!"I scoffed, but before I could finish the statement, blood ran down my jaws as I fell on my knees, then got back up almost immediately.I pretended to be fine, as I wiped the blood with a napkin, before disposing it."Ahhhh!. I said in a relieved manner "This is a drag.""Just make sure you keep holding on to me" Shinsui whispered.Phew! I managed to make him believe that I'm fine but, within me I was b
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A quick recovery
Oh! I didn't pay attention, just imagine what would have happened if I hadn't met this guy.Huff! I don't know but,it seems like bitterness is sweeter than sweetness itself.I'm so confused, there are a lot of questions unanswered in my life."Arrghh! What the hell I'm I thinking of?" I shook my head from one side to another, as I tried to clear my mind of any negative thought.I don't know but, the main aim for joining the army is to protect the country and it's people but, I guess I just want to exterminate all forms of evil, I don't mind if I make an universal war to spring up.All I want to do is to exterminate evil, that's all I want......"I just sounded like a tyrant." I mumbled, as I laughed inwardly."Man! I don't know what gets into me sometimes but."Oh! We're almost visible to others now, and Shinsui was still helping me. Wait! What if we get disqualified from the tests for helping each other, since this test is done individually, I mustn't risk it. Not when we've almost re
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One step closer
"That's all? Tsk!" I thought, as I slightly clenched my fists.Oh! I forgot to ask whether i was in the top five thousand, arrgghh! What a drag!It was now evening, the weather was cool, and the atmosphere was dull and boring, as I kept staring at the ceiling till I slept off.I rolled from Left to right, then after few seconds of rolling, I woke up."Is it morning already?" I muttered to myself as I stretched my body. I was now feeling healthier and comfortable than yesterday.I got up from the bed, then walked towards the mini bathroom."It's nice to be well treated." I thought.After I entered, I brushed my teeth, then took my bath. As I was drying up my body, I stared at the mirror. My (thin) moustache was already getting evident, it made me look more matured and handsome but, I didn't like it that much. Although I barely had beards, but I felt they were way cooler than moustaches, soo......I shaved the moustache off. As I finished shaving the poor moustache, I washed my face wit
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The Written Test
"Now to the top five thousand!" He says audibly."It's nice knowing this year's application for the army is very high. The top five thousand (4990) like I promised, will get their reward.Every year, the top five thousand most impressive during both waves of trials, which equals to ten thousand can choose to belong to the marine, air force or militias. But, this is only applicable when you pass the written aspect.""Cmon, why the hell did we go through all those sh*tty situations?" An unknown voice echoed and it was backed up by the remaining applicants but, silence followed thereafter. No one wanted to test the army's patience."You see," General Minamino continues his speech, not minding the person that questioned his authority indirectly."The practical aspect, is another method of eliminating unnecessary numbers, the top five thousand will still retain their reward, only if they pass the written aspect. And, this is for all of you apart from the top ten that were promoted, if you f
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Her sour story
With ten minutes left, tons of people have been sent out, and my page is still empty."Jeez! What am I going to do?" I pondered.How am I going to scale through this? Man this is not good....As I was pondering on the next thing to do, she walks up to me."Have I done something wrong?" I thought."Hello, are you having any problems?" She asks with a broad smile."Yes of course, why do you think everyone's staring at the ceiling, and chewing their writing pens?" I said Inwardly."I'm sorry, you say what?" I asked in the politest way, so as to prevent any problems. You know, it could get to her head, and she decides to send me out so, I must take the safest route in communicating with her."That's a bit rude." She says as she kept smiling."Okay that's creepy." I thought."Well no need to panic, my name is Leonard Iris. You can call me Iris." she says with no malicious intention."Sorry mam," I said, almost being sarcastic. "What do you want?" I asked humbly, "Eh! You're really interest
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