RETIRED TRANSMIGRATION: The Shadow Loss Chronicles

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RETIRED TRANSMIGRATION: The Shadow Loss Chronicles

By: South Ashan OngoingFantasy

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After losing his family to a tragic accident that also shattered his budding career as a genius boxer, Avery Reed’s life becomes a ruined mess He has no hope left but one day, everything changes. Avery is confronted by a mysterious figure who he is forced into a struggle of life and death with and just as he is about to lose this struggle, Avery is transmigrated into a world completely different from his own. Stuck in a world filled with dangerous monsters and even more dangerous enemies, Avery has to maneuver his way through the unknown, hoping not to be killed before he finds a way back home.

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49 chapters
{Breaking news! My name is Roland Knight with The Bull's Horn News and I bring you report on yet another case of the alarming, Shadow Loss Fever. This marks the eighth case in the last month of this mysterious outbreak and our victim this time goes by the name of Alexander Mark. Mr. Mark is a veteran military general from the town of Star-Crest, where this report is being made, and sadly, he now joins a lineup of personnel who suffer from the dreadful Shadow Loss Fever, a strange phenomenon where one's shadow just ups and vani—}"Yeah right… Another day another dreadful story on the TV. I wonder if there's ever going to be something interesting that'll make me stop thinking about how shitty this place is" Said Avery Reed, rolling his eyes as he put the TV on mute.Avery was manning the counter of a convenience store where he works full time.["I don't know, Ave. Star-Crest is the neighboring town from ours so I'm not sure how to feel about an outbreak being so close. Maybe you should
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A vein on the gang leader's forehead popped and throbbed."Bastard!" The gang leader swung far back with his bat and was about to strike Avery when one of his men leaned closer to his ear to say something."Hey boss, I think there's something you should know," said the gang member, causing the leader to halt his impending strike."What?!" The leader of the gang glared down at his follower and asked aggressively.The gang member whispered "Boss, you know how interested I am in the combat sports scene, so much so that I know strong hitters that aren't even in the mainstream yet—""So?! Get to the fucking point or I'll take out my frustration on you next after treating this loser's fuck up!" said the leader of the gang angrily."Sure boss. Well, what I'm trying to say is that there was a very promising young blood in the boxing scene that was projected to be the next world best if his career continued the way it was supposed to. Unfortunately, life happened and his career came to an earl
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Although mentally frozen as a result of the shocking turn of events, Avery's years of boxing training kicked in and like somebody whose limbs had been taken captive by an attachment of puppet strings, his body acted on its own.With lightning-fast reflexes, Avery's arms swung over his head and then further behind, using the momentum to lean backward into a limbo-like position. To maintain balance so as not to fall over, his left hand grabbed onto the door frame while his right hand supported his weight on the floor, effectively keeping his upper body parallel to it.It was after his body had gotten in this position on its own, being low enough to see his sister's disfigured body diving over him and not being able to touch a single piece of fabric on his skin or hair on his head that Avery came back to his senses.Cassandra landed a few meters away in the living room and Avery who still couldn't make sense of what was going on quickly flashed back to what he saw whilst in limbo underne
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Cassandra made more incoherent sounds which although had no actual grammatical meaning, it was obvious that she was longing to be reunited with her shadow, and with the way the shadow gradually glided back to both her and Avery on the ground, it was clear that it wanted the same thing, to return to its owner.Seeing this unbelievable scenario unfold right in front of his eyes, Avery still couldn't allow himself to believe that any of this was happening.Just like with the news of the Shadow Loss Fever, he has always been someone with a cynical mindset, and that very crude way of thinking was now his coping mechanism in dealing with such an outlandish situation he found himself.For a second after Cassandra's shadow started gliding towards them, Avery thought that maybe one of the gangsters from the convenience store had hit him in the head so hard that he was now suffering from a concussion.'Am I lying on the floor somewhere in the convenience store, bleeding out from a head injury?'
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The hooded figure stood upright, a sense of triumph in his demeanor as he placed his right foot firmly on Avery's chest. He applied an increasing pressure, watching Avery's struggles for breath intensify as the ominous symptoms of the Shadow Loss Fever began to take hold of his body.Avery's once familiar grayish-blue irises were rapidly changing as the sclera, the white part of his eyes, started to vanish. His pupils dilated beyond normal boundaries, expanding to consume his irises entirely. Within minutes, his eyes would mirror those of his sister and the other victims of the Shadow Loss Fever – utterly black.His skin grew progressively paler with each passing second, while internally, he felt his very sense of self slipping away. Yet, amid these disorienting physical transformations, Avery remained resolute in his newfound singular focus – reuniting with his shadow confined within the canister and liberating Cassandra from her affliction."MarROW PuLSe aRRange SeVEN SeVENTh ToNe,"
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The previously hooded figure ignored Avery's hate-filled words and instead tried to pull the canister away from him. From his body language, even he had gotten desperate and couldn't care less for Avery right now.All he wanted was his device back but Avery who was equally as and maybe even more desperate resisted.The previously hooded figure's grip was weaker than usual but still strong enough considering the damage he sustained from the fall. On the other hand, Avery's fingers which lackadaisically followed the instructions sent by his brain were losing in the contest of grip strength."F-fucking let free!" Avery exclaimed with bullets of saliva shooting out his mouth, his sentences getting harder to construct properly as the Shadow Loss Fever was doing more and more damage to his body.To be able to contend, Avery quickly tried using his other hand to assist but the previously hooded figure wasn't just going to allow that.With his other hand, the previously hooded figure raised it
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After a quick assessment which caused a grim look to appear on the man's face, he said "My god, you're in such a terrible state. Were you caught up in the crash?""Honey, I think we need to call the ambulance—" the lady who looked really worried for Avery said but was interrupted when Avery coughed and started panting."Avery!" The man yelled as he rushed to help Avery.Avery was confused at first because his vision was starting to come back but then he saw who was next to him and he said "Mr. Prince, it is you and…your wife? What is two of you do here?"Mr. Prince and his wife looked at each other skeptically, wondering why Avery's grammar had gotten so poor all of a sudden but then they ignored it and focused back on Avery who they were more worried about than anything else."We saw what you did through the security camera footage sent to my phone. Not everyone would risk their safety to protect the shop from those hooligans so because of that we came to thank you while we were in th
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Avery found himself in a perplexing and disorienting situation. Mere moments ago, he had been limping in a dimly lit alley, in the dead of night, but now, he was soaring amidst the brilliant radiance of daylight and clouds. This sudden change made absolutely no sense to him.A significant discrepancy between the darkness of night and the brightness of day suggested the passage of hours, perhaps even twelve which was lost from Avery's memory, but to him, everything had happened in the blink of an eye. How such an inexplicable transformation could occur remained a baffling enigma.Questions swirled in his mind, demanding answers that remained elusive. How had he ascended from the ground to the heavens above? More confounding was the realization that the gap between him and a particular cloud, the one he had first noticed upon his surreal shift in surroundings, was steadily widening.The piercing cold continued to envelop his entire being, the relentless winds tugging at his limbs, back,
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For a moment, Avery thought that he had been caught in an updraft akin to a tornado which was powerful enough to force his body against the steady pull of gravity. However, after a quick analysis, he saw the truth and discarded that idea for two reasons.One of said reasons is that the wind pressure he felt never once increased which is needed for an updraft powerful enough to counteract the force of gravity on him. In fact, the wind pressure he felt all over his body stopped momentarily and became a cool breeze when he reached and experienced the point of maximum height.It was when he started falling upward that the wind gradually came back, however this time, in the opposite direction as his body started moving along the path of the gravitational stream.The second reason for the change of thought was in alignment with the first which is that he felt the wind pushing against him as he fell upward. This went against any possibility of an updraft being the reason why he was now "asce
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Being of significantly higher mass and weight than the tumbling canister which also meant that he had a significantly greater terminal velocity than the not as streamlined device, the hooded figure was able to reach it mere seconds after zooming past Avery.Once back in his possession, the hooded figure flattened his orientation, opposing the wind which immediately slowed down his descent and took him off terminal velocity. He had accomplished the first phase of his goal and now it was time for the second phase which was surviving falling from the sky without a parachute.The hooded figure who had so far portrayed a good level of calmness, saw how close earth had gotten, giving him a time span to save himself before he became a splatter of dismembered body parts on the forest floor or a squired piece of meat on a tree.With the time of action established, the hooded figure started looking around his environment. He was trying to focus on and find a specific sign, when suddenly, he hea
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