Other World

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Other World

By: Medina Sylvia Riyanto OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Richard Amore Kyle was a young man who was ostracised by his parents and had no friends.It spends its days full of insults on the part of the people around it.Just Liana, an older sister who may be a place to blow off steam.He was born differently, with all the upsides and downsides of the Other World.Friends are willing and unwilling to be friends with him.He was alone all the time, yes, because he was used to it.Not rarely seen as a monster, so much that he was alive.

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62 chapters
Richard Amore Kyle's name. He's not like the average young man, a lot of people say he was born in a strange manner.He can see what others can't see.I don't know whether it can be called a curse or not, or even a benefit that God gave Richard.Since his abilities, Richard has become a young man who loves to be alone and does not have any friends.His parents always believed his son was crazy till he left his parents' house.Richard now lives with an older sister in a little house relative to her parents.Liana, Richard's big sister who doesn't want to see her sister live alone like that. He knew what Richard was like, he didn't hang out often, but he was his baby brother for life.Liana still remembered that Richard was talking about his actions.He also frequently receives strange looks from other people, intimidation, insults from other students.He never replied, though.Honestly, Richard hasn't been afraid of his friends, but there are other things that are scari
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Chapter 1: First Day in Class
As Richard began to enter his classroom, I began to tighten up second by second. The other pupils, who appeared to be playing, fell silent. They began to speak in hushed tones, filled with horror and bewilderment, as if the person in front of them was a horrible illness."Watch out, he's on his way!""How dare he come here instead of simply transferring to another school?""Are you still frantic to get to school, or are you insane?"It's quite difficult to simply move."Besides, if he's here, there'll be a lot of trouble, not really, really," says the narrator."Surprisingly, he is quite powerful; certainly, he is aware that he is opposed to one institution, but he still wishes to study here!""If he's arrived, disaster is on the way; there's just something that doesn't add up," says the narrator."Father and mother aren't embarrassed to have a child like him," says the mother.Richard was subjected to scathing criticism once more today, as he had been the previous days. 'F
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Chapter 2: Let You Now, Iam Richard
Lisa really introduced herself to Richard again when the teacher was giving the lesson in front of the other pupils. "Lisa," he added with a smile as he extended out his hand in front of Richard.Apart from his teacher and his own sister, Liana, this is the first time Richard has received a smile from his classmates. "My name is Richard, perhaps you already know from another friend?" said Richard, who preferred to remain silent and did not reach out to Lisa.Lisa began to lower her hands again, and the smile on her face faded away.I'm not sure how I overlooked it; it's no surprise I stuffed it into my bag. Lisa muttered something. Richard, who had been concentrating on his work, abruptly turned to Lisa."Why, anyway?" says the narrator."What did you say earlier?" Richard inquired, interrupting his seatmate. He didn't dare to look Lisa in the eyes; there appeared to be a frightening person nearby. Richard didn't want the figure to know he possessed supe
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Chapter 3: Indigo
"Have a break here, want to go to the canteen together?" asked Lisa, who had just seen Richard tidying the books into his bag."Just go ahead, I'm not interested in the canteen," said Richard."Why? Oh my goodness, I need to be alone. I'm also new here. You haven't been to the canteen in a long time, have you? "Just like the others, I'm always here and never go anywhere, including the canteen.Recently, he had also begun to feel that there was a heavy weight on his back. I don't know if this is just a feeling or if there really is a figure haunting him. Could it be that he's just exhausted as usual? That doesn't seem possible."Why are you still here, huh? What are you doing with that weird guy?""Surely you don't know either, right? Where is the canteen? Come on, come on.""Lis, why are you silent? Why are you sitting with Richard? You don't know, he's really dirty. I never wanted to sit next to him.""Lisa could only be sile
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Chapter 4: The Ghost Will Coming
Richard tried to find the book he was looking for in a row of bookshelves. He seemed to be trying to remember where the book he wanted to find was. Maybe the book told the history of Egypt that he wanted to read, or maybe someone else had taken it.He was confused about whom to ask, yet no one wanted to help him. Moreover, the library was empty; there was only him, and Richard had to look for it alone.Richard swallowed his saliva. He began to see, one by one, the titles that were on a row of bookshelves. Again and again, there was no title for the book he was looking for. He just gave up, and maybe the book had been borrowed by someone else.

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Chapter 5: Library
Darkness still fills this room. In fact, everything was just black, as if there wasn't any color to be seen here. Richard was still holding the book from earlier, until a flash of light suddenly came into the library room.Richard could only be silent and began to close his eyes. The man stepped slowly toward Richard. "Eh den, why are you here, anyway? It's dark. Sorry, the lights went out earlier, "said Mr. Ridwan, the school security guard. It turned out that this person was accompanied by Lisa, one of Richard's classmates."Earlier, the father came from this neng. He said there was still someone inside, so that's why he just came here. I'm sorry you've been here for so long. Why didn't you
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Chapter 6: New Ghost
Lisa has been searching for Richard's location since the young man vanished. He noticed an empty room that had been opened by accident, but then he noticed Richard. What is his purpose in being there? What a strange thing to do, especially to abandon someone like this. In the vacant room, a woman with long hair was sitting and crying. Lisa observed Richard conversing with someone from a distance. Despite the fact that there was only one Richard, he had no idea who it was.Lisa tried to remain silent as she considered whether or not to admonish the young man. But he couldn't help but wonder if he still had that amazing ability to see the unseen.Lisa started walking towards Richard, and he began patting the young man's body.He said, "Hey, what are you staring at?"Richard was taken aback when he heard the girl's statements. Then he mumbled something, his eyes flat and frigid."Nothing." Richard responded with a chilly and straight look.Lisa, on the o
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Chapter 7: Foodies
Richard's footsteps were much earlier than Lisa's. Lisa, who was trying to catch up to Richard, who had left her far away, would not give up now. They began to leave the quiet room and began to descend, one by one, the stairs leading to the lower floor. Meanwhile, her friends began to notice when Lisa and Richard started to be friends. As they recalled, of course, no one wanted to be friends with Richard.Richard always shook his head when he tried to see other people's thoughts. That was not his realm. For some reason, this always happened to him, even though he didn't really look at the thoughts of the people around him.But when he wants to read the mind of the girl who always chases him, why can
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Chapter 8: Mystery
While eating with Lisa, Richard saw the ghost again. He was panting again. I don't know what happened to the ghost. Whereas previously, the ghost had appeared when Lisa ordered food.Richard started slamming the spoon and fork that he had been holding, so that Lisa looked up in surprise at the clinking sound of the objects. Lisa started to suspect that if Richard was like that, he must have just glimpsed an invisible creature. The man is now silent."Why again?" asked Lisa, who started to wake Richard. He began to feed the kwetiau into his mouth.Richard was silent and never listened to the girl's
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Chapter 9: Lisa in Hospital
Lisa, who had only wanted to be near to Richard's body, lost her footing and fell to the ground. Richard attempted to flee, chasing after the woman who had been lying on the floor.He attempted to seek assistance, but soon became aware that he was dealing with a reckless individual. Lisa ultimately lay down and fainted after it was discovered that the man had just delivered a hefty piece of wood. Meanwhile, the cowardly man in the black jacket went away.Richard tried to recall the identity of the man who stood behind the youngster. "Or maybe he's a senior again!" exclaimed Richard, who immediately vanished into the horizon. Richard attempted to lift Lisa's head and body, but she resisted. "Hey, what are you doing?" Richard asked repeatedly. One of the elders appeared out of nowhere to inquire. Richard began to raise his eyes, then noticed a senior begin to speak. "Ehh... who is he?" inquired the young man, pointing to Lisa."This, you know, my companion passed out
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