Reborn: A Villain's Journey

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Reborn: A Villain's Journey

By: Rio Drake OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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When he opened his eyes he found himself in the world of the game, he created himself. Except, in a talent-less villain's body, Neo. Witness, the journey of a low-rank villain to the peak of the world...


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24 chapters
Five Man in a uniform of a bodyguard were standing behind a middle-aged man on the terrace of the highest building of this city. The bodyguard's had guns with alive bullets in their hands, and the guns are pointed towards the man standing near the railings in black coat. Then the middle-aged man spoke loudly: "To think the great chairman of the biggest game company in the world will be reduced to such a helpless state! Life is really something!"  "So, how do you want to die Mr. chairman or should I say the previous chairman, Hahahaha...." "Should I kill you with guns or by throwing down the building. Hahahaha...." "If only you had acknowledged your defeat before I took over your company, you would not had to face this, I also wanted to kill your family but it's a regret you don't have a family in the first place. No one will cry on your death! such a miserable fate!" The middle-aged man shook his head with great regret on his face, he was
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2. Status!
After calming his mind Neo started to figure out his situation and think about what he needs to do now, when suddenly a thought came to his mind and he immediately tried what he was thinking: ‘Status open!’ <Status!> <Synchronizing…. Complete!> <Generating Status Panel…. Complete!> <Loading Player character…. Error…. retrying…. error…. retrying…error…. using NPC-template…. creating a new type…Loading Player-NPC character…. Complete!> <opening Status panel!> [Name: Neo Kain][Personality: Arrogant, Cold, Fearless] [Class: Holy-Paladin Lv-6(Veteran)] [HP: 3500/3500][Divine Power: 500/500] [Divine power quality: Lv-4] [Talent: Extreme Arrogance, Concentration]
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3. Meeting with principal
Era-3542, The Great Divine Academy, Principal Office;A man with dark purple hair and dark blue eyes was sitting on the chair with a very cold expression on his face. He is wearing a normal suit an aristocrat would wear generally. But the person sitting in front of the man have a frown on his face seeing his clothes.‘Why the heck is this kid still in his aristocratic clothes, even though he is already a paladin, tsk as expected of a bastard’ (Principal Mike Fall)“So, Mr. Neo as you know you have been sent here to be the knight teacher for our first-year students this time, I would like to congratulate you for becoming a Paladin first.” (Mike)“Thank you, it’s an honor to be congratulated by the greatest Fire magician of the world.” (Neo)“HaHa…didn’t expected that someone still know thi
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4. First quest and dilemma!
The great Divine academy, Teacher’s Dorm, Villa No.75Neo was already fascinated by this huge villa; it was so damn big that 500 people can live in this place without any problem but obviously this standard only apply according to Earth not in this world. Here the classes decide everything. If you awakened a low-rank class you will get thrown away like a trash.Right now, Neo was inside the training hall of this villa. According to James, who had inquired about the academy, it seems that every villa in this academy have a private training hall. Every teacher is assigned a private villa to them in the academy with good facilities.There’re only 75 teachers in the academy, who teaches students including Neo. With Neo being the newest here.“It really doesn’t work much on me, sigh~”Even thought there are best training fa
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5. Neo the source of fear....
The Great Divine Academy,Today is the first day of the academy after the last semester. And a new batch of students will be joining the academy. All the new students have already reached the academy and are assigned private rooms in the dormitories.The students are all treated equally in the academy and your family background can’t affect the academy but obviously the students with greater family backgrounds are still more privileged. But the most important factor over anything is your own talent.If you have good talent and a high rank class, the academy will treat you with utmost care and for talentless the academy is cold obviously, but will still try its best to make you stronger.Every year several students joins the academy with the hope of becoming strong one day and be able to stand on their own feet in the outside world. The world is cruel and your streng
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6. Neo the Devil!
“Greetings, I am Neo Kain, Your class Teacher.”“Now, from the right-side start introducing yourself one by one. Just give a brief introduction and don’t waste the class’s time.”Neo commanded while taking back his aura. The students heaved a sigh of relief after Neo suppressed his aura and some were even drenched in sweat already. Afterall they have just awakened their classes just a few months ago and are just newbies who don’t have much strength.But Neo is a Lv-6 Paladin already and is already at the peak of veteran rank. His aura obviously can make them fear him. Even though these students may have more talent than him and will become stronger than him in the future but right now he is strong enough to kill them all with his aura alone, if he really wanted.The first student on the right-side seemed as if his soul was about to leave h
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7. The hellish training!
Just when the students were facing the hellish training, a certain protagonist was making his way towards the class, unaware of the ongoing chaos in the class.Although he was a bit nervous since he was already late, but he had an unbreakable confidence supporting him. He was sure that he can pass this hurdle too, as he had been doing the same, since his childhood.After a few minutes of walk, Mark was already in front of the door. He opened the door without hesitation and walked inside but he was horrified by what he saw inside the class. The class did not have any desk or table, rather it was a huge hall with an open ceiling and the strangest thing was that several golems were chasing the students.The students had desperate expression on their face and were trying to dodge the attacks of the golems somehow. It was clear that they were already at their limits and can collapse at any minute. Exhaustion was clear from their expressions. He even saw the same girl
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8. Rumors and Undercurrents!
The great divine academy, student dorms, room no-97Mark was lying on his bed, his whole body was aching, his muscles were screaming in pain, he was facing the worst pain he had ever experienced. Today, during that hellish training he had to use every single muscle of his body to the extreme, in order to dodge even a single attack from those golems, yet he did so for about 4 hours continuously.If not for the fact, that he has the advantage of his class being very powerful, he would have also ended up like those several students who directly fainted after the training ended. They were sent to the healer’s office for treatment. (a healer’s office is like a hospital in this world.)The students who fainted due to over exhaustion will take about two days to recover fully to their peak, the healer said something like that or maybe something else but Mark was unable to hear more because he himself was extremely exhausted and was hurrying towards his dorm
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9. Upgrade!
[Upgrade confirmed][Upgrading: Divine Power Quality Lv-4 to Lv-5][Warning! This process will be painful][would you like to continue?][Yes/No]‘Of course, Yes!’Suddenly an extreme pain overwhelmed his whole body, it was as if every single part of his body was being destroyed and reconstructed, his body cells started to enhance and evolve further to be able to hold more purified divine power.Generally, it would have been impossible to increase someone’s divine power quality, because your divine power quality will be fixed at the time when you first awaken and it can’t be increased anymore.Except for the players of the game obviously. Only a player was able to increase his characters divine power quality or mana quality in case of a mage character. Normal NPC’s can’t do such a thing, except for the god of
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10. Punishment!
The Great Divine Academy, canteen areaThe canteen area is the place where students can relax and eat whatever food they want. Since the academy has hired several experienced high-level chefs the food in the canteen is always the best you can find anywhere.This is the only place where you are treated equal, even if you are a noble or commoner, even if you are talented or not, everyone can eat as much as they want and can enjoy the food in peace, since fighting is ban in the canteen area. No one wants to be punished, so there has never been a cause of trouble in the canteen.Obviously, the protagonist Mark is an exception, how would a disaster magnet not attract trouble he already has fought with some cannon fodder students, who wanted to mess with him. After he beat up them all, he was taken to the teacher’s office for his wrongdoings.Mira was also enjoying the food in the canteen; the food was so good in quality that it
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