Trillionaire Son-in-law Hidden Secret

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Trillionaire Son-in-law Hidden Secret

By: Anveshitha Updated just nowFantasy

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"Is your company more important to you?" Nathan questioned.   "Yes." The second he heard it from her, he didn't utter a single word and signed the papers in silence.   ******   Nathan Amber, a 27-year-old with 6 feet 5 inches of height, is a trillionaire with a hidden identity. He is only known as the husband of Karina Blackwood, who is the CEO of Blackwood Company.   They both led a peaceful life and an unexpected divorce left them on two different paths with broken hearts and misunderstandings swung up between them.   Will they both patch up or be separated forever?

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151 chapters
Chapter 1
"Your master won't save you. It's better if you spill everything out; otherwise, you won't dare to think about the consequences." Nathan's voice was icy as he spoke to the man kneeling before him. Deltery Hamel, president of Hamel Enterprise, Beloberg's largest company, felt Nathan's sharp shoe tip beneath his chin. Nathan learned that the bomb implanted in his parents' plane was the work of the Hamel Group, which caused Deletry to be in this precarious situation. "Everything I'm telling you is the unvarnished truth," Deltery stammered, shivering. "A person like me is no match for a legend like you." Even before Nathan opened his mouth, his phone rang, and upon seeing the name on the phone screen, his cold face became warm, and a small smile crept across his lips, only to vanish within seconds. “Hello,” he answered calmly with a pleasant voice. “I need divorce,” his wife Karina said. Her request made Nathan speechless and stunned. He hung up on her without saying anything and t
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Chapter 2
In the elevator, Nathan stared at the tinder in his hand and recalled what had happened between them. Upon contemplating how he intended to spend the remainder of his life with Katrina, he felt despondent. He believed that a contented existence could be easily achieved through material possessions, affection, and care. However, Karina confronted him with the harsh truth and taught him that money is everything in this world—either to sustain one's physical existence or to allow a relationship to progress. The elevator doors opened for him with a ding, and as soon as he exited the lift, he encountered two unanticipated individuals who were approaching him on foot. Karina’s mother, Catherine, and her brother, Kyle Blackwood, were there. "Why are you both here, Mom, Catherine, and Kyle?" Nathan questioned them with respect. “Did you and my daughter Karina get divorced or not?” Catherine didn’t intend to beat around the bush. Nathan was taken aback upon hearing it; he had not anticipate
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chapter 3
Gwen Smith drove Nathan to a nearby 7-star restaurant and directed him towards the VIP suite of the hotel. They were both sitting opposite each other, and Nathan was lost in the thoughts of Karina and his divorce.“How couldn’t I see this coming up? We were both fine, and we had not had a discussion or an argument in a long time, at least not in the last three to six months. Why do I have the feeling something is going on without my knowledge?" Nathan pondered this for a long time and felt something was amiss. He remembered something, and he unexpectedly held his head in his hands.How could I possibly forget that I am not supervising operations at that firm or monitoring the local news? He probed his thoughts and pulled his phone from his pocket.“I need to know about all the recent occurrences that took place in Blackwood Company in every single detail,” he said. He sent a message to his men, kept it back inside his pocket and then averted his gaze to Gwen, who was waiting for him t
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Chapter 4
Gwen noticed that something was wrong with her sister's condition, but Nathan waved his hand back, and Gwen's sister immediately regained control of her body.As Gwen's sister gasped in fear, Nathan said, "I take my deal with the Smith family very seriously. Therefore, I will not do anything to your sister that would be harmful to her.""Of course, I also hope that the Smith family will keep their word once my treatment is complete." “After treating your grandfather, I need a favor from Smith’s family,” Nathan laid down his condition and then started to examine the old man.Gwen listened to Nathan and decided to remain silent because she did not want to disturb him. Nathan had been concentrating his entire attention on her grandfather, and she did not want to disturb him by speaking or in any way. As a result, she remained silent and looked at her grandfather with depression. He is the head of the family and they don’t want to let him go so soon.Nathan was examining the elderly man,
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Chapter 5
Gwen was stunned after seeing the screen, and sadness enveloped her. Her heart was heavy with grief, and she could not process the news that he had died. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she clenched her fists to contain herself and stop the flow of her emotions. She can feel her nails digging into her skin, but she is not in the mood to care.She walked quietly over to the bedside of Old Smith. Her sister burst into tears, claiming that she was the sole cause of her grandfather's death.“Take her out and give her some water to drink,” Gwen ordered her men and immediately they accompanied her sister out. Looking at how the situation has developed, the middle-aged doctor wishes to flee, but Smith's family bodyguards are not fools to let him go, even after witnessing what has just occurred. So they grounded him and didn’t let him flee away.Gwen dailed back to Nathan with only Nathan's reassurance in her mind. His greeting was audible to her when the call was established a fraction of a
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Chapter 6
“What happened?” Nathan asked the driver. He felt something was out of line.The driver, who screamed out of his lungs a few seconds ago, went silent. He looked at Gwen Smith, who was smiling a while ago and was looking at him. Gwen was also able to feel something was amiss with the driver. The driver’s Adam apple was moving up and down, indicating that he was tense about something; sweat beads were formed on his forehead even after the car’s AC was at full speed.“Are you planning to sit with your mouth shut all the time or are you going to say something?” Gwen roared. She doesn’t want someone to stay silent and waste time.“Hmm, ma’am, I am sorry,” the driver apologized in the first place. Gwen didn't understand what he was saying and Nathan was saying everything silently.“For-” The driver interrupted Gwen."Someone kidnapped my wife and daughter and kept them captive. I was forced to accept their terms and conditions in order to save them, which were to bring Miss Smith to her des
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Chapter 7
The presence of a middle-aged man with a bald head in the middle of the attackers served as a clear indication that he was the leader. A man with a masculine body and sharp eyes, he stands at a height of nearly 6 feet 2 inches. Despite the fact that he appears to be of middle age and is bald, his body language conveys the message that he is a powerful individual.A wicked smile was playing on his lips, and he came forward towards Gwen. His confident demeanor is being communicated through his slow and steady steps. He approached Gwen and looked at both Nathan and Gwen.“Hello, Miss Gwen, I am thrilled to finally meet you. Since you are here by yourself, why do you not accompany me to meet with my boss to discuss the matter? There is a look of triumph in the eyes of the gangster as he asks her question with one eyebrow raised upward.Gwen looked at him with disdain in her eyes. There was no fear in her eyes or in her face. She seemed unfazed, as if she had just arrived to pay a visit to
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Chapter 8
At that moment, the door of the gangster was open, and a figure got out of the car. It was none other than the cultivator and his whole body was concealed in a black mist.Recognizing that he won’t be able to defeat Nathan directly, he seeks a more insidious tactic to threaten Nathan with the life of Gwen.As the cultivator began his boastful tirade, the bald gangster started screaming from behind.“You don't know what he is capable of and you can’t even guess what he can do. You are feeling that you are great just by knocking on a few doors, and you know that my cultivator is stronger than you. He has killed numerous people until now who are much stronger than you. After killing so many people and killing you nothing in front of my cultivator,” the gangster started boasting about his cultivator.“Where did I land myself, and what should I do now?” Gwen experienced panic because she was unable to control her body and wasn't taking any action, but she believed that someone else was in
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Chapter 9
Seeing that his last resort failed and Gwen was back to normal, the cultivator wanted to kill himself. He already knows that failing at the hands of a mage won’t result in his being in any good condition. So he opted to kill himself.“I am going to end my life. Pardon me,” the cultivator bowed to Nathan in kneeling positions and fetched his pistol out.He glanced at Nathan for one last time, who had already turned away from the cultivator and gone to the gangster who was lying unconscious. Gwen followed the suit.“Bang,” Nathan and Gwen heard the gunshot sound from behind; the gunpowder filled all over and the smell of the firing mixed with the smell of blood filled the place. Even after hearing the sound, Nathan knows that the cultivator has already killed himself. Without even glancing at his body, he said to Gwen,“One wicket down.”“Hmm, let’s see what he says,” Gwen replied and Nathan nodded his head. He kicked the gangster in the abdomen without any mercy. Even after noticing th
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Chapter 10
Lights were flickering, a red carpet was spread across the entrance, allowing the busy people to attend, and the place was decorated beautifully. It was one of the Smith’s family properties: the Green Heart Building, a western-style hotel.Karina arrived at the venue along with her female secretary. A curvy figure with a blue shimmering frock and a cu on her thigh and V-shoulders, she was looking breath-taking.She paired the dress with a white-colored diamond necklace and matching earrings. Her eyes were tinted with blue and white eyeshades; Kajal, mascara, and a wing eye liner added a positive touch to her looks. Her lips were painted cherry red and they were looking so tempting. Everyone was stunned after looking at her beauty and murmured something among themselves. Her long, wavy black curs were left down freely.Even Karina’s assistant was stunned by the look of the hotel and they both entered the venue. While they were both chatting about business and opportunities, Alex approa
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