World of Elevators

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World of Elevators

By: VERARI OngoingSystem

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Zach's life as a loser changes after he discovers a mysterious elevator in a newly constructed building. [Welcome to the world of elevators! Press button 1 to become the richest. Press button -1 to become the strongest.] Zach travels from floor to floor in search of wealth and power. The youth who were once poor and weak are no longer present. Zach is like being reborn as a new person. Will he stop going to the elevator world after getting revenge on those who insulted him? Or will he continue to explore the floors to become the greatest in the world of elevators?

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89 chapters
Chapter 1
Zachary Dixon looked around for glasses on the ground. As a foot stepped hard on the back of his hand, he screamed."Take it with your mouth, Z!" Harris yelled.Harris's best friend, Robby, yanked Zach's pants down to his knees."Look! Zachary is showing off his balls!" Robby chuckled.Zach drew his pants up quickly. His face was as red as a ripe tomato from embarrassment and rage.Other people were laughing all around him. But Zach, who had lost his glasses, couldn't see how many people were crowding around him.'Those two people, even though they are big and muscular, are already twenty years old, and they still act like a five-year-old kid,' thought Zach.Yes, Zach could only mumble inwardly.How could he say it directly? They would bully him even more if he dared to fight back."You guys! Don't go too far!" Ben Lee appeared out of nowhere and placed his hand directly in front of Zach's face. "Come on, Zach, get up."Zach paused for a moment before taking Ben's hand. "Thank you, Be
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Chapter 2
Zach reached into his bag for his wallet. He cursed in his heart when he discovered the $200 Harris had left behind.Zach hurried to work with limping steps. At the very least, Zach still has a paying job."Zach, what time is it? Just leave if you don't have no intention of working!" Rudi, the foreman, yelled."I'm sorry, sir. I just had an accident. You may reduce my current salary, but please don't fire me."Rudi noticed Zach's messy appearance and numerous wounds on his limbs. Zach's lips were still stained with dried blood."I forgive you this time! But there is no salary for today! It's already three o'clock in the afternoon; the workday will be over soon!""Yes, sir. Thank you very much!" Zach exclaimed."Don't be lazy if you still want to work!""Yes, sir!""Tsk, having a brain alone isn't enough to survive, Zach," Rudi grumbled.Zach's job is simple. His job was limited to moving bricks, mixing cement, and assisting the other main masons. But Zach always struggled with it.A p
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Chapter 3
"Welcome, chosen players!" exclaimed the strange creature.He has a normal human body, clean white skin, and a handsome appearance. His hair is bright red, and he has white horns on top of his head. The man's ears resembled those of elves in fantasy films."My name is Gordon, and I'm the first-floor administrator. Everyone here has been chosen to play a fate-changing game in the world of elevators."Gordon performed a graceful half-bow. His clothes were all white and appeared to be so large that they touched the ground."Can you tell me where this is?""Are we in heaven now?"People began questioning each other and causing a commotion. Gordon stomped one foot. Everyone shrieked in terror as they heard the roar and felt the earthquake."Please, calm down! I'll go over the game's rules."Everyone remained silent. The vibrations on the ground also went away."To begin the mission, you will each be given one hundred gold coins. You can spend the gold coins to purchase items that will aid
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Chapter 4
Curiosity reigned. He then dared to step forward in the darkness.The flash of light was getting closer. Now the shape is clear.[Congratulations, you found the legendary item, blue eye pendant accessories. Made from Sirhaan wolf eyeballs. Can be used to control Sirhaan wolves. Price ?????]"Wolf?"Zach touched the pendant.[Use/Save/Sell]"Is this an error? Why is there no price too?"[Are you sure you want to use the blue eye pendant? The effect of the pendant will not disappear as long as you don't replace or sell it.][Continue/Cancel]Zack thinks about it for a moment. Since the price of the wolf eye pendant was unknown, he finally decided to wear it.[Use.]The pendant glowed and then disappeared into Zach's chest.[You have used the blue eye pendant.]"What just happened?"A noise broke the silence. Something moved quickly toward Zach and then hit his back hard.Zach was too shocked to dodge. He fell to the ground until his head hit the ground hard."Grrr... Grrr..."Zach looke
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Chapter 5
"Gordon? What are you doing here? Isn't it all over?""I will make you an offer, Player 101."Gordon cast a glance at the wolf. "I'll pay one million gold coins for your wolf."Zach's eyes widen perfectly. If 100 coins equal one dollar, then one million gold coins can be exchanged for $10,000!Using his body, the wolf rubbed Zach's leg. The eyes of the wolf curved downward."No, I'm not going to sell it."Zach had difficulty swallowing saliva. Turning down $10,000 was the stupidest decision he'd ever made. However, he believed that this wolf would be of great assistance in the future."How about two million gold coins?"Zach's eyes widened once more. But something is odd."Why do you want to pay such a high price for it?""Hmm? That is not a high number. Pets range in price from 500,000 to tens of millions of gold coins.""I'm sorry, but I'm still not going to sell it.""Fine, you can call me at any time if you change your mind." Gordon winked, then vanished into smoke."I'm not selli
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Chapter 6
"What is your name?""Z-Zach.""You don't have to get involved, Bella." Harris pushed Bella back gently.Zach was certain, based on Harris' behavior, that Bella was the girl Harris liked."How much money have they not paid, Zach?" Bella chose to ignore Harris."$200."Bella took the money from her trouser pocket. She then gave it to Zach."Here. Inform me the next time they refuse to pay." Harris lowered his head in shame as Bella glared at him."Thank you very much. I'll leave right now."It would be unfortunate if Bella desired to be Harris' girlfriend. Zach muttered to himself, 'She appeared to be kind and sweet as well.'Zach's steps were lighter as he approached the booth. Many of his department's students had gathered there. Ben and Lisa are among them."Here's the cash, Nin." Zach returned to the back after handing over the money."Wait, Zach!" she exclaimed. Her face was flushed with rage."Is there anything else?""Who was working the booth with you before?""Do you recall le
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Chapter 7
After everyone was out of sight, Zach who was hiding around the corner, went to the construction building. Zach was fully prepared this time. Bring a backpack with a knife, rope, a large folding bag, and some camping supplies.Tonight, Zach will be rushing through several floors. He will not stop until he has reached his goal.Tomorrow, he will return the missing department funds and replace the girl cashier's money. Also, don't forget to get new glasses.Zach is currently wearing old glasses with a crack in one of the frames. When it comes to glasses, Zach is once again irritated with Bella."Whatever! I no longer want to believe in the words of pretty girls!"Zach kicked a small rock toward the void where the elevator should have appeared minutes ago. However, there has been no evidence of a hologram or anything else.He checked his watch once more. The elevator was 30 minutes late."Did I just dream or fantasize yesterday because I was so frustrated?" Zach was suddenly let down.Za
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Chapter 8
Zach pulls a penknife from his trouser pocket. He was swinging the knife in every direction.It hit the wolves that were surrounding it several times. His hands were frequently bitten by wolves.The wild wolves he encountered were very similar to wolves in the real world. Unlike his wolf, who looks like a Siberian husky dog.'And the wild wolf doesn't look cute at all!'Ray manages to unsheathe a sword in front of more than a dozen wolves. When the wolves died, they vanished like smoke, leaving behind shiny yellow gemstones the size of marbles."Zach, I'll be right over! Hold on!" Ray yelled without turning his head.The alpha wolf, on the other hand, was watching from a distance with two other wolves. The three wolves had no interest in Ray or Zach. Their gazes were fixed on the sirhaan wolf.Zach's wolf killed wild wolves by biting their necks. She did it as if she were dealing with a small insect.Unfortunately, Zach cannot see her. The weak young man was still focused on defending
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Chapter 9
John Foster decided to try the lower floor after completing the second-floor mission and taking first place.With the 50,000 gold coins he won on the second floor, John purchased the cheapest simple crossbow. John was unconcerned because he frequently won first place in student-level archery competitions.John is not a fool to want to face wolves who usually live in packs. He only needs to kill the players and steal the gemstones they have.John had shot and killed two players from behind in the first hour. He didn't want to be a coward. He just didn't want the people he killed to take revenge on him when they returned to the game floor."I'm so lucky!"When Josh saw Zach and Ray picking up a lot of gemstones, he smiled on the inside. He began to target both of them.Originally, John would have killed Zach first because he was weak. But when he saw Zach's wolf, he was immediately put off.John remembered the nerd. He also learned about Zach's pet, a rare and dangerous creature, accord
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Chapter 10
Zach's forehead was wet with sweat. He'd never felt so tense in his life. He swallowed his saliva for a few moments. The pounding in his chest was like a bomb about to detonate.Zach's demeanor was opposed to Ray's. Ray's face flushed, and his nose puffed up and down erratically."Who told you to sell gemstones to other players? I told you to kill each other, not help each other!" Serena Raff yelled.Zach and Ray are now kneeling on the steps just below the queen's throne. Meanwhile, Lua, who was not allowed to join them, was furious down there."I wanted to create a tense game atmosphere. But you guys ruined it!"'Now you are the one who has made us tense, Queen.'Serena Raff has taken on the form of a perfect human after swallowing many gemstones from the players. And she was still wearing the same transparent dress!Zach's eyes rose and fell in response to the stunning sight. He was both guilty and excited at the same time. This is the first time he has directly witnessed a woman's
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