Demon High Academy

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Demon High Academy

By: Lord of Hallows OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"Who am I?"... Born extraordinary powers that gravely superseded any race born into existence, Evox Delhade embarks on a journey of self-discovery, in am attempt to learn the truth and secret behind his ability and existence.

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Hierarchical System and Stuff...
Baronet/ Lady Baron/ Baroness Viscount/ Viscountess Earl/ Countess Marquess/ Marchioness Duke/ Duchess Grand Duke/ Grand Duchess Arch Duke/ Arch Duchess Demon Emperor/ Demon Empress Demon Lord This is actually a standard Hierarchy of the several Aristocratic titles procured by several Noble Demons as well as Demons who has accumulated a large amount of wealth and power. These titles are also the generic classification for each Demons Infernal source of power. As A Demon matures and cultivates his or her Source, they experience breakthrough, allowing them to move down the scale. Although, as one dives deeper down the scale, the harder it becomes for one to breakthrough, thus, causing a halt in progress. Note; There's a difference between A Demon Baron and A Baron Class Demon.. A Demon Baron is a Noble or wealthy Demon who has attained the Title through either wealth or a Noble deed in service to the Infernal realm. A Baron Class Demon is a actually Demon who has attained
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Chapter 1: Evox Delhade
“Where am I?” “Who am I?”“Why’s everything so dark?”“Maybe it’s because my eyes are closed”“I’m going to open them,” The Lad said slowly, opening his eyes.Immediately the Lad’s eyes were open, he was greeted by a middle aged man. It was obvious that the lad was being carried by the Man.“ Why do I feel so small?’ The Lad thought to himself, waving his little hands at the Man, grabbing his attention.It then dawned on the lad that he was actually a baby.“I’m a baby!’ The Lad said, obviously shocked by his recent discovery.Seeing that the Lad was awake, the man immediately erupted with joy, wearing a bright, warm smile.“Whoa, He’s awake!” The Middle aged man exclaimed in surprise.“Lilith….. Lilith, come and see.. He’s finally awake!” The man excitedly exclaimed .Immediately, a young woman rushed into the room. She was extremely beautiful, with bright crimson eyes, long black hair, sharply pointed ears and smooth pale skin. She was currently wearing Medieval styled clothes and
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Chapter 2: Lucifer Morningstar
In the dark, cold and lifeless space, Grega aimlessly floated around, while she blankly stared at the void. Her vision was suddenly greeted by the glorious sight of an enormous sphere of demonic energy.Emanating from the dark crimson sphere was an immense surge of energy and dark light, which illuminated the area of space it currently occupied.The Sphere resembled a bright sun which illuminates its corresponding solar system, serving as a source of light to all planets that revolved around it.It was definitely the same sphere of energy Evox previously encountered during his supposed dream. However, unlike before, the Sphere was literally more larger, dense and powerful.“ is going on here?” She confusedly commented, while gasping in awe.Her eyes were incredulously fixated on the massive cluster of pure and concentrated Infernal energy.She could practically feel and visualise the immense chaotic and destructive power that emanated out of it. Her entire existenc
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Chapter 3: A Not So Normal Day
The Memories of the events that recently occurred between her and the young couple’s child, randomly and frequently popped up in her thoughts, causing her to release a bright and warm smile.Her old shrunken eyes glimmered with hope and relief as she gleefully said, “You’ve finally returned” ...“You’ve returned…. Lucifer Morningstar” Stuttered Grega with a melancholic demeanourWritten all over her face was a wide range of both sombre, rueful and hopeful emotions, as she aimlessly jogged through the deepest ends of her memory.…Year 649,Three years Later,Prekto Village,Delhade Residence.Early in the morning, in their warm and cosy wooden cottage, the Delhade’s could be seen carrying out their various morning routines, getting themselves ready for the day ahead of them.Evox, who was presently three years old, had significantly grown both physically and mentally, judging from the mature, dead calm facial expression, this, giving people the sense that he was far older than his age
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Chapter 4: The Demon Lad 
! Grr… Grr! Vicious and diabolical growls soon echoed throughout the entire forest, further stunning the young lad. Instantly recognizing the distant growls and roars, Evox promptly identified what his attackers were.! Howl! “And here I thought today would be a normal day” He silently whispered, glaring coldly at the pack of odd built wolves which slowly crept out of the woods, surrounding the little fella.! Growl! The pack of devil-like wolves wickedly snared at the young Demon lad, promptly preparing themselves to pounce and devour the lad.Their bright crimson coloured fur fluttered gracefully as the cool yet eerily still breeze blew across the forest trees, producing various whooshing sounds. Their mouths’ which had a wicked array of multiple razor sharp teeth, used for nothing but biting and tearing, drooled with thick, nasty saliva, expressing their bloodlust and immense, insatiable hunger.Their sulphuric eyes glittered brightly, giving them an acute binocular vision, acco
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