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Year 2100, A group artificial humans was created in order to find a way to protect humanity from the imminent danger that poses its threat. Now a boy who got reincarnation chosen to be the one who would bring salvation strives to overcome the challenges as he journeys through the world


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CHAPTER 0: PROLOGUE Long ago in the dawn of time,  In a world filled with magic and magical creatures, humanity prospered, giving birth to generations that lived for centuries.  One day, there came an evil god who reigned terror onto the world.  Freezing the world in a never-ending winter releasing evil creatures that fed on humans and  Attempting to fight back against the evil that reigned, then came a war between humans and the evil god.  After years of war, the evil god stood victorious, driving humanity to the brink of extinction.  Suddenly came a hero who drove off the evil creatures, sealing the evil God away. Which brought forth the end of the war.  ————————————————————————— The war is over.  A thousand years of blood-filled war, sending sad, tearful stories with the sorrows of millions laid dead beneath the ground.  The brutal war that spanned
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CHAPTER 1: THE BEGINNING (1) 「Dreams-imaginary events, stories our mind creates while we sleep.  They could be entertaining, romantic, frightening and sometimes bizarre, but the purpose of a dream remains subtle.  Vaguely understood by humanity, dreams have been topics of scientific, religious and philosophical theories for an eon.  Evidence points toward them being a result of emotions, memories or just stimuli.  Are they only fleeting moments in the infinite expansion of time, or maybe something more」 Before I emerged into the darkness, I saw a glimpse of a once-lost dream, a reflection of fleeting fragments of my former life. Though I dreamt it, I understood that it was real.  I remember vividly a dream of my young self, thou it felt like a nightmare. I was smiling, laughing. As I rode along in a family-sized car.  "Where am I?",  I said.  I looked through the g
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CHAPTER 2: THE BEGINNING (2) If there is one thing I learned from my previous life. Was that whenever I had high hopes, my life creaked breaking down into pieces? It was like a curse weighing me down with despair.  *** At the age of seven, I didn't have that much people I could call friends.  I'd always head home alone when closing from school... Taking detours was a specialty.  Though, it wasn't new to me, it was simply a means to buy time.  And when arriving home, I would always be reminded of the facts that my parents are always away.  Working late in their own offices, but I didn't care about it. Yes, I always didn't.  One day, my eight birthday, I decided to follow a shortcut back home.  It was very rare of me, but being birthday I was filled with a dying hope of once again meeting my parents home early, giving them a "welcome home" greeting and hug filled with their warmt
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CHAPTER 3: TEST SUBJECTS (2)*Pant*At night time, after I went to bed. I took to notice I was sweating profusely."Its hot".'Is it me or is it hot in here'.Puzzled by the menacing heat. I couldn't catch a glimpse of sleep, as my thoughts recurred in disarray.*Ba-thump*I felt a strange feeling as if I was being flooded with information large enough to eat my brain. As the feeling got stronger, it kept on eating my brain."It hurts... it hurts...".My breath grew heavier every passing second, with my body sweating buckets from the pain.The agony was truly terrifying.*Zap*My whole body felt a strange shock that ran wildly through every inch of my body.After a while, my brain was able to endure the pain of my brain melting from the inside. As I tried to figure out why I started to feel this way, my thoughts were all washed away from exhaustion.I sighed in relief,"Hah... Ha
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CHAPTER 5: PHASE 3 (2) There are times when you make friends, and there are times when you lose then.  I never had experienced the feeling of losing a friend but on that day all I could say was that I was shocked.  A few days later,  "Where am I? Oh, what's with this nostalgic feeling, like am floating"  Then I heard a voice  "Shhh... Memory reconfiguration",  I instantly woke up,  As I turned to view who it was, I couldn't find anyone.  "Who was that?" After regaining consciousness,  I numbness from my legs,  "How long was I out",  Moments later, my legs felt better,  Though, I found it strange that my legs healed a lot more than normal,  —Maybe it was due to the experiment.  I then looked out to check out what they did to my body,  But to my surprise, there wasn't any wound
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CHAPTER 6: ATTACK ON AREA 02 (1) *Thud* "Coast is clear".  There I was outside of the building. I had waited for the coast to clear as my plans were.  To find the place where all information is being kept, which was the third building of the shelter.  "Thud... Opsie...". Heading to the building, the men in white were standing guard on the building entrance, so I had to wait for a bit before I head inside.  As they all left the guard post, I headed into the building  *Thud, Thud* *Slide* I then opened the building door. It was much easier to open seen that it doesn't have any security lock on it Arriving into the building,  There were a wide range of entries, 'opening all of them is going to be exhausting'.  — Seems like I would have to open the doors at random, no, that too would take time. Hmm... Why don't I just search for any door that amuses
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CHAPTER 7: ATTACK ON AREA 02 (2) After the emergency warning, as I wondered who's footsteps that was.  *Thud, Thud* Immediately the footsteps went running back the hallway.  *Sigh* I then sighed in relief, but the much pressing issue was to come. The [men in white] were still behind the doors on guard.  'It seems like they don't plan to move anytime now'.  I cowered as I was on my limit as normally I would have found a way out but my body wasn't feeling too good, after looking at those files.  "Blu".  Aria whispered as she noticed me cowering.  'Wait... Isn't this the first time Aria said something'.  I thought as I was surprised over the sudden development. Aria talked.  In attempt to confirm, Aria can talk. I then whispered.  "What do you think about the situation?"  "...".  Instantly she when silent, pe
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CHAPTER 8: HIDDEN (1) Next day after the attack on the west front.  Our mornings are the same as always first bath, cafeteria, daily examinations and lastly sleep.  That's our normal routine for the day.  I know you might call it just laziness around, but.  Blu then opens a door, as what could be seen were neatly cleaned, white floating chairs arranged in an orderly manner with a large table in their middle.  Here we are, the only place we test subjects can have a free time without being watched. I call it {The cafeteria}.  Well, it's been months since we were allowed here, at first I thought we would be served weird foods, but the foods here was unexpectedly good.  And to top it all the foods here comes with a smart pick. That is we are allowed to pick any food of our choice with just a press of a button in the smart tab or what you might call a Holographic screen.  "Ahhh
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CHAPTER 9: HIDDEN (2) Aria then smiled beaming with a cute radiance while saying.  "Uhmm, I was looking for you".  "Cute" I thought as her cute expression diverted my thoughts over how she hid her presence to.  'What am I thinking? How could I doubt such a cute girl? Anyways I have to protect the cuteness'.  Blu then said.  "Okay. Let's head back first".  "Uhmm".  *Thud* As we headed back to our rooms, the thought of what number 90 said about the hidden room kept pondering my mind, 'But where is the hidden room? I have checked out every building... wait building?'  Instantly I recalled the last building I hadn't checked out yet.  'If I remember correctly, there is still one more building that I hadn't checked out'.  *Thud* I then glanced outside the windows and noticed there wasn't any [men in white] guarding the bu
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CHAPTER 10: TRAINING (1) *Chatter* The cafeteria was filled with sounds of the test subjects chattering as they who sat down on floating chairs eating. "Hey, Blu, pass me the tab". Noire said as he glances at the sight of Blu who was lost in thought. *Jolt* Instantly he responded. "Ok". As passes over a small holographic tab. "Leo you want some". Blu said as he glances at Leo who was also lost in thought. "Nah am full". He responded, knowing fully well he hadn't touched him food for over the past few minutes. "That rare you always ask for more, but now it like your not feeling too well". Noire said as he noticed Leo wasn't looking too good. "Hmm... Am fine". Noire then stared at Leo for a few seconds before saying. "OK, That means more for me". Its been a day after we snuck into the hidden room as I can see it seems what we saw that day is s
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