Secrets Under The Viel

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Secrets Under The Viel

By: KazuhiroSeijuro Ongoing

Language: English

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In Progress... Shawn Coyote is a newly promoted detective and his first task is to infiltrate a police headquartes in Jersey, on the basis of exposing corruption. This take a turn, a complex one, as his jutice spirit leads him to follow a trail of homicides, related to occutic practices. Will he be able to uproot corruption from the system? Or catch the killer of these bizarre cases?


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4 chapters
*ding-dong* Pressing the bell twice, the children giggled and scampered behind the hedge. "Hold on" a lady paced herself to the door. She squinted an eye through the eyelet. Itching her scalp, she pulled the handle open, and sticks her head out . "Hello?" Stepping outside, her earthen eyes traveled down the footpath, to the green lawn and the peaceful road. "Hello?" Her ears wiggled to their suppressed chuckles, a smile stretched across her face, resting a hand on her hip. "Well, if nobody is there? Then you wouldn't mind if I eat all the chocolate cookies?" She sauntered back inside, while taking few glances behind."Wait!" Stopping halfway inside, her smile widened, recognizing her nephew’s voice. "Aunt Clara wait"A raven head bounced into her view, flashing his uneven set of baby teeth "Aunt Clara, can we have some cookies?" Another jumped to the path, as her hazel pigtails swayed behind. Follo
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Chapter 1
Four years into the past,Television flashed; reflecting off the frames adorned on the wall, medals of silver and gold. Blue light shone on their friendly smile, as the officers posed with their colleagues. Personalities chatter bounced in the background. Submerged utensils clanged, as she shifted the plates under the running water. She hummed, scrubbing the dished with foam and soap, her hazelnut hair swayed to her quick movements. She lined the plates back on the rack. Treacherous shadows lurked behind her back, of suspicion nature. The door handle pressed down from the other side, he entered through the slit, fingers hooked the handle back. As silent as a ghost, he closed the bathroom. Complexity brimmed in his eyes. He took a whiff of his powdery fingers. His pupils dilated, hazing his hesitation away. His heavy feet threaded to her room, and slowly unturned the knob. His
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Chapter 2
Pale hours of the grim night, men scuffled and passed sacks onto the truck; as the corner of the gully veiled their acts under the searching moonlight."Hurry!" a foreman said, hiding worry beneath his furry brows. He took a glance at the deserted street. Men loaded the truck and roughly tossed their goods inside. It clashed against the steel floor, concealing a soft moan.His forehead creased in frustration. He raised a hand, they suddenly froze. Pricking the nerves of their hostage on pin and needles.His heavy footsteps resounded in his ears, walking inside the truck. He flipped out a foldable knife; shimmering in the cold light. He gulped, praying to himself. 'Not yet Not yet! Please, not me!'His knife grazed against the sacs as the foreman grew closer to his sac. He closed his eyes and held his breath. The foreman stabbed a hole in his sac and just when he thought his cover was blown. The foreman sniffled and rubbed his pink- bulb nose warm.
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Chapter 3
Cars zoomed past the streets; headlights shone off the cafe frame. The passing pedestrians casted him a look and continued walking to their respective destinations. He pushed his puffed hair back while reading his texts.“So, I am meant to bring a plus one?”“Where am I supposed to get one?” he slouched against the glass.“I should have taken her number. She seemed cute” he soon shook his head.“But then again, she must be traumatised…” he sighed.“I need to find one fast, but who?” he peeked in, as his eyes roamed the café, the ends of his mouth lifted to a smile.A lady in turquoise turtle-neck and black-framed glasses, chatted with her friends over a cup of coffee."Maybe, her” he ripped a piece of paper from his notepad and wrote a few words.While the waiter laid food on the table, his ears pricked to sound and turned to the glass frame with a
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