Villainy For Riches

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Villainy For Riches

By: E Storiz CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Felix was astonished when his parents sold him to the mafia when he was only ten years old. However, ten more years later, he accidentally found out that the people who sold him were not his biological parents! To his surprise, his real father and mother were not simple commoners. Just as the truth was starting to reveal itself, more danger awaited ahead.

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77 chapters
Chapter 1
Felix, since birth, had lived with Mr and Mrs Richie, a rich couple who had found themselves swimming in debt for a few months.No day passed by which the bank and other creditors Mr Richie borrowed money from did not call.Mr Richie sees a great opportunity to get back on their feet after they finally get an answer from a powerful criminal leader, Mr Lorenzo, which they have been trying hard to meet with for some weeks."Stop being so sluggish and give me your hand." Mrs Richie said to Felix.Felix timidly makes a move to reach for his mother's hand but she hurriedly grabs Felix's wrist and follows her husband into the venue for a friend's party to which they were invited.It was in that same place that the couple would meet Mr Lorenzo and ask for help from him.After all, they have served him well in the past years.Loud music played in the living room of the mansion and there were many people on the dance floor enjoying themselves.A man in a black suit standing on a staircase noti
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Chapter 2
*Ten years later*"Come on Felix. I'm sure you can pin him down!" Sami encouraged an obvious tone of mockery in his voice.Sami was the one who Felix had to compete with to be able to take over the crime organisation as Mr Lorenzo's heir.Felix has been failing a lot of times in their physical training and Mr Lorenzo felt nothing but disappointment each time he had to watch Felix get beat down by others.Felix's opponent flung Felix over his shoulder and smashed Felix into the group. He held Felix in a painful position until Felix tapped out."Hold him that way. Don't let go of him until he says he's Ana's weak little boy." Sami ordered Felix's opponent.Felix's opponent held his stand just as Sami had told him to and Sami approached Felix where he was being pinned.Felix was visibly in pain and although Mr Lorenzo was watching it all happen, nothing was done to stop it.Sami went on one knee close to Felix and smiled slyly."Go on and say it. Say you're Ana's little boy." Sami told F
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Chapter 3
*Evening*"Others may not notice it but there's something more and beyond what's truly happening within the walls of this mansion. Operations are being carried out that soon we will be put to test and made to take over. Operations that men of age could not be taken but they'd rather train children until they become of age. Until I find out the roots of this organisation, I cannot let my enemies measure my strengths or predict my thoughts."Felix was lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling while allowing his thoughts to move freely in his head.A knock came on Felix's bedroom door, throwing him off his thoughts."Who's there?" Felix asked."I came to call you out to have dinner. Figured your head in the clouds might take you passed the time." Ana's voice sounded from the other side of the door.Felix smiled and went to the door. He opened the door and saw Ana waiting to follow him to the dining room.Ana and Felix entered the dining room where the others were seated and being serve
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Chapter 4
Felix felt uneasy when he heard where the package was supposed to be delivered."What's the problem, Felix? Are you alright?" Lorenzo asked.Felix got a hold of himself. He knew that Lorenzo chose to send him for an ulterior motive but the last thing that he would do was to show Me, Lorenzo, any sign that he was bothered."I'm fine. You need the package delivered immediately?" Felix asked Mr Lorenzo."Yes of course. Take it quickly." Mr Lorenzo answered.Felix took the box from the table and left Mr Lorenzo's office. Only after leaving the office and closing the door did Felix realize that he had been holding his breath the entire time.Felix sighed deeply and then went on his way.Felix took a cab to the address that was written on the package.On his way to the location, Felix wondered what the reaction of Mr and Mrs Richie would be when they lay eyes on him for the first time after ten years.What sort of emotion would take over them? How would they treat him? This and many more qu
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Chapter 5
Felix tried to walk around Sami but Sami still did not allow it."Move out of my way Sami," Felix warned as he felt his blood boiling.Sami scoffed. "Ohh... I see what's happening here. Ana's boy is now growing some self-esteem." Sami said and looked around.The other guy's gathered around slowly, expecting something to be done to Felix so they could laugh.Sami then stepped closer but was surprised that Felix's body remained still and did not move back from him.Sami and Felix had their eyes fixed on each other and while maintaining the gaze, Sami thought he could sneakily attack Felix but little did he know, the Felix he knew was no longer the Felix standing before him.Sami lifted his left knee to kick Felix but Felix took a step back and hit Sami's foot down with his hand.Before Sami could understand what was happening, Felix hit Sami in the stomach with his knee as Sami had planned to do to him.Sami bent down because of the hit and Felix grabbed Sami's right arm, lifted it and
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Chapter 6
*Nighttime on the next day*"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Ana asked Felix."You trained me yourself, Ana. Why would you ask me such a question?" Felix replied to her."I know but... You're like a son to me. I don't want anything to happen to you. This mission was passed to you from nowhere and you weren't in training to ready yourself for it." Ana explained.Felix faced Ana and took her hands in his, "I'll be fine. Trust me, okay?" Felix said to Ana."Okay," Ana replied to Felix.Felix went to his bedroom door but heard voices which made him pause just before he could open it to come out."I can't believe Lorenzo left us in the hands of Felix. Dude only beat one person once and he's suddenly the favourite." the first said."Better lower your voice. We are right in front of his bedroom door. You don't know what kind of person he is. He might snitch to the boss." the second voice replied."Screw Mr Lorenzo. Screw Felix. We would not have remembered his name till now i
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Chapter 7
Felix, Keith, and the third guy arrived at Mr Lorenzo's mansion and stepped out of the car as they both helped Keith out."Take him to the health centre quickly!" Felix yelled so the third guy could know where he was leading to.Keith was taken to the health centre within the premises and Felix went to meet Lorenzo immediately with the other guy following behind him.They entered Mr Lorenzo's office but Mr Lorenzo wasn't there.Felix slapped his hand against his forehead. "Of course, he's asleep in his room," Felix said."Do you think we should wait till morning before we convey the news to him?" the man with Felix asked."We'll have to wait till morning. Lorenzo hates his sleep being cut short by anything." Felix replied and the other man nodded.*The next morning*Mr Lorenzo stepped out of his room only to meet the faces of Felix and the second guy in front of his bedroom door."What are you two doing here?" Mr Lorenzo asked."They knew." the guy with Felix said to Mr Lorenzo."I do
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Chapter 8
Felix looked Daniel up and down with a face that showed belittlement."He is not worth my time sir," Felix answered Mr Lorenzo.Daniel felt the insult and got up to talk back but Gabriel stopped him."Enough of that Daniel. We did not come here to discuss punctuality. There is a serious issue at hand." the head of the spy organisation, Gabriel, said to Daniel.Daniel sat down reluctantly and was angered."You have to believe us when we say, none of our members crossed to your territory. We have been busy with a different operation that doesn't concern your side of the city." Gabriel said to Lorenzo."And what operation might that be?" Lorenzo asked Gabriel."It's confidential Mr Lorenzo," Gabriel said."With all that was said and no proof of not being guilty, I can only let you and your organisation off with a warning Mr Gabriel. Remember, I can bring you all to the light of the world." Mr Lorenzo threatened."That's something we can never forget Mr Lorenzo," Gabriel replied.Mr Loren
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Chapter 9
Daniel got up and held Susanne close to himself."I cannot be mistaken, Susanne. I'm sure that he is our son." Daniel said.Susanne pushed Daniel away from herself. "Daniel please stop! Stop messing around with me!" Susanne yelled."I'm not. Why the hell would I joke about such a matter as this?!" Daniel retorted."Fine! If so, then who is he? What's our son's name and where did you find him?" Susanne questioned Daniel in annoyance."Felix. His name is Felix and he was standing next to Lorenzo at the meeting. Where were you? You could have seen him." Daniel said."It doesn't matter where I was Daniel. What are you telling me now? Our son is part of a criminal organisation?! No! No one must hear of this! Not even as a rumour." Susanne replied to Daniel."What are you saying? We've got a chance to reunite with our son and it seems like you are not interested in knowing him." Daniel said to Susanne."Daniel there is no proof. You just made a meaningless assumption and that was it. A birt
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Chapter 10
Ignoring his mother's question, Sultan went ahead to ask Susanne further questions."Why are you calling me? Did my mother not pay you enough for your silence and distance?!" Sultan asked Susanne."That is not the point sir. I mean..." Susanne hesitated. She wasn't sure she had to uncover the truth in Sultan's hearing.However, if Susanne doesn't do it, Sultan and Mrs Lorenzo was sure to find out through another means and that would put her in trouble too because she was paid to kill Felix and not sell him to another."Speak up!" Sultan yelled into the phone.Although Sultan was not in the same room as Susanne, she could feel his anger increasing and it made her feel a terrible kind of tingle in her body."My... Ehem... Sir, he is... He is..." Susanne stammered."Spit it out!" Sultan ordered."He is still alive!" Susanne yelled quickly."Who?" Sultan asked Susanne."My... My son who I was paid to kill. He is still alive and all grown up." Susanne said to Sultan."What?!" Sultan exclai
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