Crutiara: Where New Demon Lords are Born

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Crutiara: Where New Demon Lords are Born

By: Ariathros Ongoing

Language: English

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In the demon realm where lineage is crucial, a young sophomore named Ritake Hanashiba wants to live his life in peace, unlike his bloody past. But it all changed since he met the top genius student named Nazuno Haimika, who aims to be the demon lord representative of Crutiara. Ritake walks into the path where the past slowly haunts him back. Note: Book cover not mine. Feel free to message for removal


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1. Cure to Addiction
Plot Driver: Ritake HanashibaI am just a simple man today, unlike yesterday. I'm recklessly tired of finalizing the things to transfer from my master's dojo to our new home in the urban city. That's tens of miles away! I'm being too careful because the last thing to transfer is MY important things, the antiques. Those heavy-shining pots reflect my face in the weirdest way, but no matter how much I look at it, I become motivated. It was my energetic day until the night came when I realized I'm too drained carrying those things.But now, I'm still sleeping. I don't think what I'm saying now aren't thoughts, but real dreams. I don't want to be late since it is my first day today. Even if I'm fully asleep, I can feel the subway train's vibration underneath the city, while everybody else can't. That's what I think what's special for me… or is it that I'm already a special one since the start?I'm not boasting, but in the past, 5000 years ago, I used to be one of the seven archd
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2. Reason
Plot Driver: Ritake HanashibaXeossedin, not like before, is calm and reassuring that one is safe walking in the public, but it only applies to Yruiburg, the central city of commerce in the central country. The central country is party peaceful, unlike the others that are subject to slavery and crime. I hate that shit.I am rejected here and was thrown to another dimension because of such a shameful family, but now, being the demon lord of another dimension is a job. Hence, demon schools are created. Unlike just normal human schools, students here can study for a lifelong just to become demon lords from other realms, and provide their family lifetime support as a reward. To balance the numbers of students, the training is 'very hard' for those inexperienced.There are currently six universities for demon lord wannabes, and they are all based on the past arch demons excluding me. I'm erased in this altered history because of my brother marking me as the traitor, but the othe
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3. Who Wouldn't Have Chills in That
Plot Driver: Ritake HanashibaCrutiara is an isolated island inside a lake in Yruiburg. The mainland and the university are connected with a long, wide, and well-designed bridge that can survive earthquakes. The university is a huge building surrounded by giant walls with cannons. The aesthetic made it much modern with a medieval touch, but I bet the insides will be like a mall."Hello, who are you? Is it okay to barge in here? What if others enter the premises? And more importantly, where is your bag?" I asked the girl that I followed inside but I didn't even hear a single word. I clear my throat out of embarrassment. I plan to stay quiet just because I am new to this university.As I enter the main building that is surrounded by parks, my eyes glimmer in such a view that only rich people see. All of the lights are baked and have contrasting colors. Ceilings have LED chandeliers and walls have traditional lamps. With just the reception desk, the room is already large. No o
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4. Devil Tolerance
Plot Driver: Ritake Hanashiba"Oh, lovely chicks! We've been waiting for you!" The professor exclaimed with a malicious smirk. Everyone seems to be nearly crying right now. I don't get it why everyone's quiet. Did this professor do something like a dare with the whole classroom? Wait… Did they stay quiet until we came?"Actually, we came to the principal's office. Something unexpected happen," I confessed as I scratch the back of my head."I've heard about the gate.""Where did you hear that?""The gate."You hear it at this distance!? And what is that answer? I need to hide my frustrated face because she's a professor, but she's getting onto my nerves. As I scan the classroom, I saw Tsukiho, but we need to act like we didn't know each other for some reason. I also saw a boy who looks nervous as she stares at Nazuno."Who said you'll be skipping introductions? Oh, and by the way…" The professor suddenly changed her pose and the way she talks. "Uhm… I'm… Ko…Koyas
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5. Alley Near the Warehouse
Plot Driver: Ritake Hanashiba The multipurpose building is not far from the main building but is not a crowded place. It is the place where most club rooms were placed. Because it's just the start of the semester, that place was dominated by higher years. Currently, clubs are still considering students to recruit. Behind that building is the university's warehouse, where equipment used by both student and teacher are stocked. It is a place considered mysterious to students because of myths and also a starting place for bullies. The warehouse is just five meters away from the multipurpose building, and between them is an alley. It is the only building that isn't renovated, having destroyed roofs and bits of broken metal bars. "Do you think an Expatriated has a place in this school? You have such bad luck on your first day, brat!" A man from a group said as he kicks a girl in the alley. He has a round face, a big nose, and narrow lips. His black eyes are puffy,
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6. So Long Multi-named Alarm Clock
Plot Driver: Ritaki Hanasiba Who's Ritaki Hanasiba? By the way, after the incident, I brought the girl to the infirmary. We introduced each other after she recovered. She's Itsuka Horiyomi, and her accent is the obvious reason for her Expatriated title. We've agreed that she'd call me if there's something bothering her or if there's something she wanted to talk about. Of course, there's too many that happened, that's why I'll be late for class. I wonder what will happen to Kaguhata Noboseki and his troops. I can't report them because I have no proof, and worse, they can report me for beating them up. The administration will sure suspect me because I'm related to Honji Hanashiba, one of the heroes that fought the Stagna Depression. But I'm curious about this university's president. Only the vice president does all the work as of now. He might be the lazy type, but if we're talking about Xeossedin, that's not possible. The demon realm's missing its ruler accord
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7. Iceberg's Milk
Plot Driver: Ritake Hanashiba "There is," I said seriously with my furrowed eyebrows. Without thinking of anything, I ran as quickly as possible, all with my Spatial Sense turned on. The only drawback of this is that I can't detect waves. That means I can't see light nor hear a bit of sound. I can describe it as I'm transferred in the particle space dimension. I can sense the particle of the body accelerating in a rapid state as it goes down the stairs, but because I've limited the range to just a few meters, he instantly vanished from my radar. Catching up with that stalker will be hard, knowing that there are too many lineages with ability regarding speed. I need to ask more of her, but that eavesdropper destroyed our time, no romance intended. I feel too bad that I can only apologize to Tsuki through text. If a word comes out that we've been connected, we'll be considered both suspicious individuals. Her 'perfect' image will be destroyed. I think t
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8. Critical Hit!
Plot Driver: Ritake Hanashiba I volunteered myself to enroll in Crutiara not to enjoy my spice of life but because I need to be in contact with the other archdemons, and in order to do so, I need to build up my reputation. To do that, I need to raise my stars. Stars determine one's ability aptitude. More like gatcha, the more stars a person had, the stronger they seem to know. At the start of entering universities, personal aptitude is already measured. One can rank up with the same method. There are a total of seven rankings based on stars. The highest star rating, the 7-stars, only contains 10 persons, and two of them are from Crutiara. In the eighth place lies Misaki Tsukasa. She can create false memories, that is why she is a serious threat. I, an archdemon, am also vulnerable to that ability because that's an ability that nearly made me lose my war. But Crutiarans feel no threat in her because she always avoids physical confrontations and the most obviou
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9. Crutiara Dress-up
Plot Driver: Ritake Hanashiba After getting out of the infirmary, I wander around to continue my bully hunt while on my way to the arena. I come across the multi-purpose building again, and my instincts tell me something strange, but this time, my Spatial Sense didn't see any case of bullying. Rather, there's someone hiding at the back of the building. It is a short person and based on her thick long hair, she is a female. What surprised me is that her skin is too thick that I can feel it from afar. Commonly, those that I detect with this kind of skin reside under the hardening, shapeshifting, and blood manipulation ability. It's already long for me since I encountered one of those. When I got to the same alley I was in yesterday, the girl ran, hiding from me, behind a barrel. I can sense that she's trembling. Maybe she doesn't want to get caught. I just walk toward her without hostility, and I have a clear look at the tears in her blue eyes. Her brown hair c
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10. Touch Grass
Plot Driver: Hanashiba Ritake "You're already breaking Crutiara's rules by letting a stranger in and not reporting it to the staff. Are you also a spy? It's too obvious since you just transferred yesterday, Ritake Hanashiba," the girl said while holding Sayuki's back collar. "Hey, I'm not a spy! How do you know my name?" I asked with a worried face as I look at Sayuki. I'm quite popular for someone aiming to be lowkey. What's strange is Sayuki's just looking straight at me with dry tears. "I'm from 2-C, Ushia Katsumiya. I should be going to the arena now, watching your battle later, but I didn't expect that you, a pedophile, are here with bad plans. Are you on drugs? Explain the whole situation right now. Don't forget, I can possess your body and report yourself to the staff without you knowing." Like that trick will work on me. With some archdemon like me who has a mountain of stamina, she'll just end up wasting her time trying to go into my body. To
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