Heirs Of The Lombardis

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Heirs Of The Lombardis

By: AyeshaM OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Rosalie is an independent, strong and ambitious woman who's a neurologist at a hospital. Her life doesn't remain the same when she crosses paths with one of her patients who then appears to be her cousin, Venturo Lombardi. He tells her that she's the daughter of the Cheif of The Lombardi Family, the biggest and powerful Vampire family. She is taken to her real family against her will where she has to struggle to become a part of them. Rosalie is recognized as the next heir of the Lombardi Family amongst the Vampires and Werewolves. With no escape, she has to adapt the new environment, find true love and become the next Heiress..

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The Precious Child
The hospital was buzzing with patients and nurses ran here and there, trying to assist all the accident victims. Bodies drenched in blood were lying on the stretchers, nurses rushed into the emergency with them. "Hurry up! Tell the paramedics to reach there on time". A doctor shouted at the nurses as he made his way into the emergency. "Doctor! We are losing them". A nurse walked along a senior doctor. "Everything's gonna be alright.. let's hope for the best". The doctor replied and went into the emergency. "Hurry! This way!". A paramedic led the stretchers in. "Please! Please help me! My father, I'll lose him". A guy came in crying as he pulled a stretcher behind him on which an old aged man was lying. His head was bleeding. "Holy sh-". Doctor Benji said as he looked at the patient. He looked up at the nurses. "Take him to the ICU, he's badly injured.. Fred, run to the neurology department and call Doctor Rosalie. Tell her that we need her". The nurse ran away to get the doct
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Genesis Of The War
Rosalie came out of the emergency room, tears welled up in her eyes as she sat on the chair outside in the corridor. She put her hands on her face and cried.Ross came at her after a while. "Sweetheart? What happened?". Rosalie looked up and hugged her father. Her lab coat and hands were red in blood. "I cannot bare to see them like this". She cried. Ross took a deep breath and stroked her back. "I know, it's painful". "I want to save them, all of them, Daddy". Rosalie pulled herself back. "They'll be fine, you did your best and saved dozens of lives before, Sweetheart". Ross smiled at her. "That's not enough". She sat back in defeat. "You did your best, no one can do anything above this, Rosalie.. you can just pray now, God will heal them". He reassured his daughter. She sighed, still unsatisfied. "I'll go get changed". "Yes, and let's head home now, it's two in the morning". Ross gave a nod. "Doctor Rosalie?". A nurse hurriedly rushed at them. "What?". She turned to him.
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Time To Find The Lost Child!
"I swear I'll kill him". Hendrick wandered restlessly in the living room, while other stood watching him. "I declare war as well". "What?". Vladimir said. "We can't declare war, Hendrick!". Jonas replied. "Jonas is right.. it's better if we don't react to Marius' stupid declaration". Brett nodded. "We cannot sit and let them destroy us, yes?". Hendrick said angrily. "Uncle, we cannot do anything now that they have occupied our areas and that we have a mole". Venturo said politely."What should we do then, young man?". Hendrick asked. "We should..". Venturo looked at his Mother. She nodded at him. "We should try to work on our weaknesses, find the mole and now we have another responsibility.. If Marius finds your daughter, he'll kill her and The Lombardis will be no more". "Responsibility?". Hendrick tried to figure out what his nephew said. "You mean, we should find Rhea?". "Exactly, we should find her and bring her here so that she remains safe. Marius is a clever guy, if he
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The Untold Truth
Venturo was preparing to go to the city when a tall, black haired, bearded guy who was wearing a bandana on his head,came to him with a grin on his face. "Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going wearing this bad boy outfit?". He chuckled. Venturo was wearing a simple outfit, a t-shirt and pants but they seemed awful to the guy because he always dressed up like a vampire in the house, wearing old fashioned clothes. "Going out?". He asked. Venturo wore his socks hurriedly. "I'm going to the city". "For what?". He asked again."Why on earth do you ask so many questions, Adam?". Venturo said. "Uncle Hendrick called me back to New York when I was enjoying the best days of my life in Vegas.. reasons? unknown!". He replied, placing his hands on his hips. "Oh? You don't know yet". Venturo stood up. "So, we have a cousin, Adam". "A cousin? I don't know what you're talking about. Uncle Jonas had three children and it's only you from Uncle Vladimir and Aunt Abigail ran away so, apparently, Unc
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Abigail's Lies
Benji watched Rosalie as she silently ate her food. He was feeling so excited. "What are you looking at?". Rosalie asked. "I just can't believe I'm finally dating you". Benji replied."The night will end and you still won't believe, Doc". She smiled. "Believe it!". "I'm trying!". He looked away. Rosalie pursed her lips and smirked. "You look dashing". "And you look..". "Amazing? Try another word, you say that every morning at the hospital". Rosalie said."HEAVENLY". Benji said.She stopped chewing and looked up at him. "I do?"."Yes". He nodded. "Glad to hear that!". She smiled.Venturo knocked at the door. "I'm not going away without Rhea". He was determined.They found Abigail's house and were standing outside. "I heard Aunt was beautiful". Adam said."Obviously, she was the one who made a guy like Uncle Hendrick's heart pound". Venturo replied."Point". Adam nodded. After a few more knocks, the door opened. It was the same woman, Bianca's best friend, Rosalie's aunt. Her
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The One With The Flower Pot
The next morning,as Rosalie entered her office and placed her phone on the table, Someone bursted into the room, not bothering to even knock. "Hey! What is this behavior?". She said. Rosalie's heart skipped a beat when she saw Kian standing in front of her, red in anger. She never saw him this angry before."Are you okay?". She asked, frozen at her place."Are YOU okay?". He glared at her. "What.. do you mean?". Rosalie rubbed her hands together as beads of sweat formed on her forehead."You went on a date with Benji, right?". Kian asked."I did". She nodded. "Is that a problem?". "He is my rival.. he used to be my rival in highschool and college.. he was always on a competition with me. You went on a DATE with him? Seriously?". He walked at her. "It's my life, Kian.. did I ever questioned you about who you were dating?". Rosalie asked."I am dating no one". He replied."Like I'm gonna believe you". She chuckled sarcastically. "Listen up, Edwins! You shouldn't care who I date.. an
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Rosalie Is Rhea
After Rosalie left, Venturo turned to Adam. "I never wanted to stay in the hospital and I had planned to run away tonight but now I think I wouldn't go anywhere". "See! Told you you're gonna love the doctor". Adam chuckled.Venturo sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "It's not that"."Then what?". Adam asked."She is Rhea". Venturo replied."Her name's Rosalie". Adam said."Abigail changed her name to keep her safe.. but I know that she's Rhea". Venturo responded. "Although I'm a guy of infinite abilities, but I don't understand what you say". He rolled his eyes."Her eyes were just the same as the baby I saw when I traveled back in time. Her dimpled cheeks and chin are like Uncle Hendrick and did you saw that lioness look in her eyes, just like Uncle.. and her smile is like Aunt Abigail.. I remember watching her smile when she lifted up her daughter in her arms for the first time". Venturo explained. "Okay.. I'll follow her to make sure". Adam gave a nod."It's your duty to
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The Seduction Plan
"Greetings, Venturo". Rosalie walked to Venturo who was sitting in the lawn outside the hospital on a wheelchair. He turned to look at her. "Hey, Doc". "Call me Rosalie". She smiled.He nodded with a smile. "Adam asked me to accompany you while he was away, he said he had something to deal with". She said. "Yes, he had to go to the FBI office". Venturo replied."FBI?". Rosalie looked at him confusingly. "Y-yeah.. we're FBI agents". Venturo said in a low voice. "Please don't tell anyone". "Oh? That's how you got those chiseled abs". Rosalie giggled. "Abs? When did you saw them?". Venturo asked."While I was dressing your wound.. you seemed to be out of breath so we took off your shirt and blah blah blah". Rosalie sat on the grass beside him. "Oh". Venturo gave a nod. "So, did you liked them?"."What?". Rosalie was taken aback. "I..". "You're blushing, Rosalie". Venturo smirked. "Well..". She cleared her throat. "They were hard to ignore". "Haha". He laughed out loud."You'll
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The Invitation
Venturo and Adam ran their horses out in the open, trying to get ahead of each other. "Give up, V". Adam shouted. "That will never happen and you know that". Venturo replied with a smile and ran ahead of him. A few times, Adam was ahead of him but most of the times, It was Venturo who was on the lead. Soon, they reached the ending and Venturo won. "I don't get it, Venturo.. how do you always win?". Adam got off from his horse. Venturo chuckled and got off as well. "I don't know but all I do is focus and think positively". "I have been trying to win from you since last 10 years, Venturo.. I never win". Adam said. "It's not my fault". Venturo shrugged, caressing his horse. "Ugh". Adam stomped his foot. "Okay.. teach me". "Finally Adam thought of leaving his ego behind and getting a lesson!". Venturo said dramatically. "Yeah Yeah". Adam rolled his eyes. "But you gotta teach me honestly". "Fine.. but after I succeed in bringing back Rhea". Venturo said. "About Rhea..". Adam st
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Rosalie's Being Followed
Rosalie arrived at the nightclub, dressed in an eye-catching dress. She looked for Adam and Venturo but they weren't seen anywhere. She spotted an empty booth and went to sit there to wait for the guys. After a while of waiting, Venturo appeared from the crowd, looking hot as hell. He smiled at Rosalie from the distance ignoring the hungry gazes of the women around her. She smiled and got up. "hello, Venturo". She advanced her hand for a handshake."Good Evening, Rosalie". He took her hand and pulled her into an unexpected hug. "Whoa!". Rosalie gasped as she touched his muscular body. "It's good to see you". Venture pulled away after a few seconds. "It's.. umm.. ahem!". Rosalie tried to pull herself together. "It's good to see you too, Venturo.. where's Adam?". "He wasn't able to come.. his sister, my cousin, Natalie fell off from the stairs and he had to be with her". Venturo replied."Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Is she okay?". Rosalie asked. "Yeah! She's perfectly fine..she
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