The Evil Prince Need's Blood

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The Evil Prince Need's Blood

By: Naki Azumaya OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Jian Zhang was known as a useless prince. Much different from his brothers who are very strong and respected by the people. One night, the kingdom was attacked. And the attackers were aiming for the Jian. Prince Jian who couldn't fight back, could only run away and ended up tragically. He jumped into the abyss. But, everything changed. After 4 years of being declared dead, Jian returned. The current Jian is not what it used to be. He has a mysterious power that gets stronger at night. And now, he can take revenge for all the injustices he has received.

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14 chapters
Chapter 1. The Unwanted Prince
Thick smoke billowed into the sky. The flames are blazing ready to burn anything. The screams of frustration sounded very clear that night. At the same time, a mother tapped her son’s shoulder. She said, “Run my son. Live. Don’t be afraid of anything and come back.” An 11-year-old boy froze. He couldn’t say anything. Only tears flowed along with a deep sense of fear. His body even felt heavy as if a huge rock was pressing down on it.“No, mom! I can’t go!” He said after a few minutes of silence.The woman looked into her son’s eyes. She knew her son would answer like that, and she already had other plans. She grabbed her son’s arm, leading him to the back door. “Go, now! You must be the strongest person!”Meanwhile, there was a loud crash. She panicked and pushed her son down. Close the door quickly. “Where’s the prince?” A man’s voice came from behind the door. The child can certainly hear clearly the voices in the room.“I don’t know!” The woman answer quickly. His body tremble
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Chapter 2. First Battle!
The scent of blood from Jian Zhang’s small body made the wolves even more furious. The skinny wolf jumped up and pressed directly against Jian Zhang’s body. Jian Zhang who had lost his strength, naturally couldn’t fight back. The boy protected his body with his two fragile arms which the wolf could probably break in one bite. “Stop!” The male voice sounded in the air. Jian Zhang’s vision blurred. He didn’t know who the man who came was. The wolf’s ferocious voice turned into that of an obedient puppy. Then the footsteps sounded very thin, as if the man who spoke was just a hallucination. Jian Zhang who is in critical condition, just waiting for seconds to die. His breath started fading, his consciousness was also slowly weakening. “If you live, what do you want to do, kid?” The sound was so clear.Jian Zhang adjusted his head. In a low trembling voice, he said, “I will kill everyone!” ***Four years later.... Every spring comes, the Zhang kingdom always holds a ceremony to than
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Chapter 3. Who Are You?
Xue Fen’s residence.The servant who met Jian Zhang on the way brought the young man home. She looked happy and could not wait to convey this news to the empress, who was waiting for Jian Zhang’s return. Even though no one believed in the empress to the point of calling the empress crazy, but the empress, Xue Fen, Jian Zhang’s mother, still believed that one day her son would return.“Wait here, young master.” The servant rushed into the residence that looked shabby.Jian Zhang gulped and looked emotional. How could his mother get such a poor place to live? “Damn it! I will destroy you!” He cursed. His father had always disliked his mother, but giving him a place like this, does that mean his father didn’t care about his mother’s position as the empress of this kingdom?Jian Zhang must protest this injustice!“Let me go!” The woman’s voice sounded troubled. “Don't be like this, princess. We just wanted to play.”"Let go of me or I will report you to Commander Tian He!" The princess
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Chapter 4. Judgment Day!
In the emperor’s palace, rumors circulated that empress Xue Fen took the crazy young man and introduced him as Jian Zhang. The rumors even reached Gao Zhang’s ears, and as the emperor, he immediately summoned Xue Fen to inquire about the truth.“That’s right, Your Majesty. Jian Zhang is back." Xue Fen confirmed.“Bring Jian Zhang here!” Gao Zhang ordered.Xue Fen was silent. This morning Xue Fen had already tried to wake up her son, but whatever she did to get Jian Zhang to wake up failed. She even found something odd about her son. It worried her a lot.“Sorry, Your Majesty. Jian Zhang had already traveled a long way, and now he was tired. Let him rest first.” Xue Fen replied calmly.“Is it really Jian Zhang?” Li Wei joined in.Xue Fen cold stare. How dare a concubine interrupt the conversation of the emperor and empress?“Of course, a mother knows her son very well. There’s no way I could be wrong.” Xue Fen smiled in response to Li Wei.The presence of Jian Zhang certainly threatens
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Chapter 5. Fight Between Brothers!
“Argh!”Jian Zhang stabbed the sword multiple times into the body of someone who was already defenseless.The hall that was once been majestic and luxurious had now turned into a bloody field. Several bodies lay lifeless. The head guard’s head rolled out of nowhere. And Jian Zhang continued to hunt down the remaining guards.The situation was chaotic. Only a few ministers remained. They looked at Jian Zhang with appraising eyes. However, some of them were not Jian Zhang’s supporters.“Stop it!” A youth jumped up and stood behind Jian Zhang.That young man was Genji Zhang, the eldest prince born from the womb of a concubine. Currently, he occupies the position of crown prince. He had dominant influence in the kingdom. All his supporters were predicted him to be the successor of the emperor. “If I don’t stop, what will you do?” Jian Zhang turned his head. “Are you going to kill me?” Jian Zhang’s gaze challenging his older brother.“How dare he challenge Genji!” Jun Zhang, the third son,
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Chapter 6. Unrivaled Strength
“Who taught you such a great sword technique, my son?” Xue Fen was curious. She had never seen such a sword technique.“A master swordsman who taught me, mom. But he never mentioned his name. His sword technique is indeed very different from the Zhang kingdom.” Jiang Zheng lied.This was not a sword technique but because his strength is not like a normal human. He had more power than humans. And actually, he only knew how to slash swords.“Has he also taken care of you all this time?” Xue Fen asked again.Jian Zhang just nodded. There was no way he could admit that all this time he had lived alone. His mother would definitely feel guilty.Xue Fen looked proud. Jian Zhang used to be very weak and always despised by people, but now her son is different from the past. Her son could even defeat Genji Zhang who was a level 5 martial arts. But behind her happiness Xue Fen was worried. Jian Zhang noticed the mother’s changing expression. The shady face that gave the calm now looked worried.
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Chapter 7. Shocking Test Results!
Jian Zhang's eyelids opened. The figure of a shady-faced and gentle woman was sitting next to him."Are you awake?" Her sweet voice asked. Jiao Zhang felt movement from her brother's body. She thought Jian Zhang must have woken up."Give me five minutes," said Jian Zhang.Jiao Zhang smiled sweetly. She stroked her brother's head lovingly."You can't do it. Get up, you must meet His Majesty immediately." Jian Zhang's eyes showed deep hatred. His breath changed upon hearing that person's name."Did something happen while I was sleeping?" he asked with a suspicious tone. "Of course not. What are you thinking?" Jiao Zhang smiled faintly. "You've been sleeping all day. Aren't you tired?"Jian Zhang was silent for a moment, staring at his sister who was clearly hiding something from him."Okay." Jian Zhang finally agreed. He got out of bed and looked at Jiao Zhang with a suspicious look. His sister couldn't fool him. Jian Zhang could see the clear worry in Jiao Zhang's eyes."I've also pr
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Chapter 8. Unlucky day!
“How can he still be alive?” Li Wei feeling anxious. Jian Zhang’s presence would definitely ruin her plans. “Calm down, Your Highness,” said Li Wei’s trusted maid, Qiu Fa.Li Wei still couldn’t calm down. Genji is beyond hope. And the second son, Wen Zhang, was not too dependable at all. Her second son’s reputation was too bad. He was always getting into trouble with cases of abuse against women. What must Li Wei do to maintain her plan? “We only have one hope, Your Majesty.” Feng Chai spoke up. He is the minister who supports Li Wei.“We have to change Young Master Wen’s reputation in order to nominate him as Crown Prince.” Li Wei agreed, but how to tame her wild son? There was no other way. Li Wei had to force her second son to become the crown prince or all her dreams would be gone before they came true."Your Highness need not worry about that. Let me take care of the second Prince's matters."“What if he brings trouble?” Li Wei looked at Feng Chai. ***In the forbidden fore
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Chapter 9. Suspicious Evidence
Tian He had just finished training when he encountered someone who looked suspicious. At first he thought the person was an intruder, but after noticing, it turned out that what he saw was prince Jian Zhang. And why was prince Jian Zhang acting like an intruder?Jian Zhang jumped down. Tian He defended with his careful eyes. Jian Zhang’s clothes were wet, even though there was no rain today.“Good evening, Jian Zhang,” he greeted. In the past, Tian He didn’t pay attention to Jian Zhang. In his eyes, this prince was just a kid who didn’t have martial arts talent. But now, his mind changed. Even when they fought together, he was sure Jiang Zhang had not fully unleashed his strength. There is still a secret to its power.“What is the Prince doing at this time?” Tian He asked curiously. “Just taking a walk, and accidentally slipped into the lake." Jian Zhang excused. Tian He did not suspect the slightest bit, he let Jian Zhang go after that. The next day...The sudden death of the f
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Chapter 10. Good Devil!
The screams turned into thunderous laughter. Jian Zhang glared at everyone who had laughed at him earlier.“ARE YOU CRAZY?!” He stepped straight for the holy priest. Without warning, he directly kicked the priest’s body.“Are you sure what you threw was holy water, huh? It doesn’t feel like holy water. It tastes like salty water!” Jian Zhang grinned.How could that be?Everyone looks shocked. All the demons must have reacted with the holy water. But if the water didn’t react, that was a sign that Jian Zhang was a human.The enraged Jian Zhang immediately drew his sword, slashing everyone who entered without permission at his place.“Forgive us, Prince!”"Help! Help me!”“Run! Don't get in my way!”Terrible screams in the silent night frightened anyone who heard it .Cheng Wu and Tian He who heard the screams immediately quickened their steps. Until they arrived at the courtyard of Xue Fen’s residence. They were instantly stunned to see a body that was no longer alive. Blood pooled in
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