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What do you do when you get stuck with the world most notorious brothers?? All Amandla Jones ever wanted was to best figure her life out, pay off student loans, and save up enough to start her own business. But fate has other plans for her, entangling her in the private affairs of one of the most prestigious families she's ever known. Her dreams are put on hold as she gets stuck in the middle of a conflicting family feud, where three brothers are willingy to do anything to become the sole beneficiary of their father's wealth. How is she a victim of this mess and how will she come out of it?? Find out in SHES CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE.


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Chapter 1: The 50th floor
As I walked passed the revolving doors that lead to the reception of the Armstrong Enterprise, I was welcomed with an atmosphere so thick and so tense, not even a newly forged sword from the medieval era could slice through it. I could barely get my head straight with the hustle and bustle going on.I checked my phone for the time. I was half an hour late and possibly half dead if I didn’t make it to my department without my boss, Mr. Anthony spotting, me among the multitude in the hall.Rushing like a race car driver, I sped through the massive space, hoping not to be noticed by any person of importance and authority. I was sure I was the only employee who’d made tardiness a habit out of the hundreds of employees in the company.I couldn’t help my condition. Any person in my position would find it difficult to balance their life. As a matter of fact, I was handling three jobs better than an average person would. My only prayer was that I never get caught sneaking into the office late
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Chapter 2: The dinner party invitation
"Who are you?" barked Mr. Darius Armstrong, the second son of the Armstrong family? He stood just across the office by the glass walls, his arms tucked in his pocket. His expression was impatient, worse than that of his older brother, whom I just crossed paths with."C'mon, Darius," said his father, "Do not scare the young lady." The old man was seated behind his desk, oozing power and authority in all his glory and gorgeousness.Even for an older man, Mr. Roberto Armstrong could win the world most handsome man if he ever ran for it. Him being this good-looking was no doubt that his three offspring were epitomes of flawlessness and faultlessness."I...Mr. Anthony sent me to give this to Miss Preston," I answered, hoping I was sounding respectful enough to his liking. "She isn't present at her office, though.""Indeed?" asked the Big Boss.I nodded. How miraculous was it that I hadn't stammered with every word I spoke?"You should speak up whenever you are asked a question and not jus
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Chapter 3: The crime of eavesdropping
The Armstrong home was like one I'd never been to before. Every nook and cranny spoke elegance and exquisiteness. It felt like I was in a medieval movie, and I'd been invited to a ball. I felt like a princess beside her prince as Mr. Devine Armstrong held my hand.It was surreal. The guests who'd been invited were majorly family and close friends, not just random employees like myself. But there I was, strolling beside my companion like some member of the elite. This sort of luck wasn't on my side every day, so I had to be grateful for today."Who is this angel you've got by your side, nephew?"The woman who asked the question was no other than the sister of Mr. Roberto Armstrong, Mrs. Rebecca Cobble. She was a beautiful woman, despite the few wrinkles plastered on her face. Her ebony hair was freshly styled in a bob, just like mine, although, she seemed to rock the hairdo better than I did. Statement jewelry hung on her ears, neck, fingers, and wrists, like she was an Egyptian queen
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Chapter 4: The greatest bombshell
Thud!I almost jumped at the sound of the door closing. Mr. Armstrong had dragged me against my wish to a particular room in the Armstrong residence. He did a good job at avoiding sections of the mansion that were occupied with guests, and had taken me to a bedroom which seemed to be his. It was a massive space that depicted his current mood—coldness and loneliness. I stood in awe of the interior of the room, not because it was beautiful, but because every single piece of item was arranged to a kind of perfection that irked me.After ensuring that the door was locked, he went ahead to pour some wine into a glass. Still in shock and fright, I watched him gulp what seemed to be his hundredth glass for that night. He, indeed, was drunk. I stood like a statue, following his every move with my eyes. He really did look disheveled. I felt sympathy for the man. Any man who lost his woman to his father would feel exactly the way he felt. "I'm sorry, sir," I said.Gradually, he shifted his gaz
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Chapter 5: The love topic. Again!
Saturday morning at the cafe was bright and bouncy. The sun beamed through the glass door and windows, illuminating and warming the spacious room while cool 1900s music vibrated in the air from the juke box, combating the warmth. A perfect atmosphere indeed. It was brunch time and I'd attended to almost a hundred customers within a relatively short timeframe. A river of sweat tricked down my temple. Exhaustion had overwhelmed me."This place is busier than usual today," Jamie commented with a full mouth. She was seated across at the counter, sipping tea and munching some muffins. She came to Bon Appetite every Saturday whenever I was working my shift to keep me company. It was thoughtful of her because most days, the place was similar to an abandoned haunted house in the woods.Unlike other days, the cafe was booming with customers. Luck seemed to be on my side today compared the last few days at the Armstrong Enterprise and Residence. A thriving business meant the owner of the cafe w
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