The Illegitimate Heir

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The Illegitimate Heir

By: Hoski OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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He was mocked and maltreated by his cousins, betrayed by his fiancee, rejected by his grandfather and denied the right to his inheritance as the heir of the family. His name is Nathan, an outcast they call him, born to a mother with no standard. He lived all his life in suffering and pain but a ray of light shun on him when the daughter of a prestigious family chooses him amongst hundreds suitors to be her husband. To get his inheritance and become a legal husband he must prove his worth against all odds. He thought he had seen the light but it was just the beginning of a journey that could make or destroy him.

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Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1Peering through the glass window of the restaurant where I sat, I looked at the dark sky and well, the half moon that gave a natural illumination to the outer space. I sighed, withdrawing my gaze to look across my table, where my damsel sat in all of her gifted beauty."Hmm, lovely evening." I muttered. She smiled at me before taking a sip of her wine. She knew how much she meant to me, and it was no secret that I was too impatient to call her mine in a weak time when we walked the alter together.Dropping her glass, she fixed her gaze on me and for the first time throughout the evening I noticed something flicker in her eyes. "Nathan..." She paused, as if contemplating what to say, or how to say it. My eyes narrowed into an almost thin line. My warning instincts were activitated, I knew Ashley too well to tell that something was wrong and that she had been trying to play cool all the while."Tell me." I urged, holding her hands in mine. They felt strangely cold and it ble
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Chapter 2
It was three years already, after I had broken my engagement with Ashley. I had moved from a broken man, to a much more miserable man, to a dead man in soul, but in that three years I had made a decision to live and go through life all over again."Good morning." I greeted back responding to one of the employees of the company I now worked for. This was the happiest I had been in three long years. Getting a job with a good position in a prestigious company, for the first time, my academic qualifications were paying off. I had graduated top one in my class as a business student, yes, that was my course of study and for a purpose. Hoping that my grandfather, the owner to one of the most biggest company in the country would consider me a worthy grandson. My grandfather was one of the richest man in the country, and I was the son of his first child who let his family down, by getting married to my mother from a worthless background. Therefore I was crowned "The illegitimate heir."I stopp
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3Did seeing Ashley hurt me? Yes, but for a different reason, I was out of love for her after all these years, seeing her made me remember that night and how she had cruelly thrown away two years of our blissful relationship. I had been beaten up by Ivan's men, almost like he figured I'd be there. Yet she said yes to his proposal, made me question if she was ever a good being to begin with."Vodka..." I said to Hailey, others know her as the bar girl but to me she was the sister I never had, we grew up together and when my parents died in that car accident, her father took me in and raised me up till I could fend for myself. She looked at me inquisitively before withdrawing her splayed hands from the table to get my order."Here you go." She said passing the liquor to me. I smiled back in gratitude but she had that frown on her face and I knew she wasn't backing out.She pulled a chair out and sat across me, leaning towards the table with a fixed gaze on me. "Tell me... What
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4I ran as fast as my bike could carry us, I could hear distant siren blaring, the gunshots had seized and I had gotten to my apartment and none of us had been harmed thankfully.The lady stranger seemed too weak to move, so I carried her on my back till I got to my room. I quickly gathered my first aid box to see what I could do about her injuries."Give me your hand." She stretched her hand forward, with her head bent almost like she didn't want me to see her face. I looked at it and against the serious blood stain I had seen earlier, it was just a slight wound. I pushed her head backward to see if all that blood came from her face but it wasn't so bad to cause a worry just slight bruises."What's the matter?" She asked, her face settling with questions."You don't seem badly hurt." "Oh...." She looked down on herself as if trying to scan her body for more wound, but when she saw my expression she quickly understood what I meant. "The blood stains? I stabbed one of the
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Chapter 5
"Ah...!" My head hurt as I tried to turn in my bed. A bed? It felt so soft but unfamiliar. The smell of everything that said I was in a hospital soon took over my nostrils. So I wasn't dead. I opened my eyes gently, it was heavy and I had troubles seeing but I could never forget that face even in a dream. "Hailey." I called in my head. I closed my eyes again and the next time I opened it. It wasn't Hailey beside me but Loiusa."You're awake." She said, a relieved smile curving up her lips. "How are you here?" I asked. So it wasn't Hailey I saw. Of course she couldn't afford the hospital bills and grandfather wouldn't know about the attack, even if he did, I was scared to know if he'd care to pay for my bills."I'm glad you're fine." Loiusa said firmly. She looked bold today and strong against the weakling I had treated at my place. "I'll go straight to the point." She said becoming more serious. " You almost died because of me, but I'll spare you the details." For your troubles I'm
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6"Dad, this is Nathan Graystone..." My heart leaped as my jaw fell when she called Graystone. How did she know I was one? Everyone appeared shocked as well but she kept smiling and continued. "... My fiance."Fiance?I yelled in my head, what in damn name was she talking about? Everyone was in shock as well and her father had that look on his face, like he could kill me right there. I wanted to defend myself and speak against her claim but she pinched me from behind and said something to me with her eyes which I believed was a command to remain shut. Her gaze travelled about as if she was trying to show me something and I was quick to understand. Her men stood at every corner, a warning that she could do away with me if I ruined whatever plan she had cooked up.I came here for a reward not a purnishment. I didn't want to be the son-in-law to another prestigious family. If my family could treat me so horribly how much more another that obviously diss
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER 7I saw his eyes flicker in confusion. I smiled knowing I had best him to his game. He watched me in curiosity as I drew my hands into my suit. The moment I brought out a whip rod he staggered almost tripping to the ground."Y-you... H-how did you?" He stuttered and quickly went through his suit. He paused and traced his gaze back at me."A fair fight? Really? You didn't think I was smart enough to have caught a guard handing you his whip rod. Why did you think I walked so closely behind you. As you said I have no skill." I admitted flipping the rod In my hand. " Maybe not the one to your taste, but the useless skill I acquired as a poor boy helped me pick pocket your weapon without you noticing. I had learnt pick pocketing when I was a little boy. After my parents death. Being left with a weak old man to cater for me and Hailey, we set out to aid more hands to the table. So we went everywhere we could, stealing things from people which we resold
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Chapter 8
A splash of water landed on my body, my hands were tied on both side. I looked around and the place remained the same, I lost count of how many days I had been locked up in this dark room. I was weak from toture and malnutrition. Whoever was behind my kidnap was certainly heartless. The door opened and as usual the bright light from outside almost blinded my eyes. Unlike other times, today someone other than the men who were ordered to beat me up everyday and serve me food came in."He's still alive?" A male voice spoke, I still kept my head low not having the strength to look up. Then the supposed man came close, leaning to my level. He pinched my cheeks as he held my face up dragging it. My vision was blurry, I couldn't see clear but he looked like Darius, Loiusa's brother. My head fell lazily as he withdrew his hands. He seemed to be frustrated as he paved about the room. He stopped and resumed kicking me by the belly just like the men who always beat me up everyday. He was angry,
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