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"When there is no law, there is no sin." The lawless and unsecured country, the United States of America (USA), is faced with disturbances by some groups of gangsters and light-fingered guys. She is also faced with wars from Sparta, one of the city-states of Greece. The envious population of the USA is now affected by mortality and the country is gradually becoming underpopulated. One of the USA'S monarchs becomes perturbed about the country's eyesores. He takes action by summoning the citizens and an aftermath is scored. Some braves are sent on an adventure to the half moon. Do you think the braves will return from the adventure? How will the USA be availed? And what will be USA'S plight afterwards?


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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Gilbert, a 30-year-old man, was in the room alone. He was flipping through the pages of a photobook and was so engrossed as he did these simultaneously. “Could this Lord of the Moon be real?” he muttered to himself when he got to the tenth page of the Lord-of-the-Moon-Photo-Book. All of a sudden, he spotted a picture on page twelve. “I’m going to visit the Lord of the Moon someday for power. I want to be the most powerful in this kingdom,” he thought. His eyebrows were raised up as if they were parts of his vocal organs. “You haven’t eaten the food I placed on the table?” Sarah said as she sauntered to the sitting room. “Yes, Sarah. I am going through this historical book. I will munch the food when I am done,” Gilbert said, and flipped to the next page. “What do you want to get from this photo book? It contains records of the past…,” Sarah said and sat down on one of the sofas. The sofa was very close to where Gi
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ It was Louise’s birthday party, everyone was trooping into the Golden Inn. The DJ gave palatable songs and everyone danced. “Hello, everyone!” the master of ceremony (MC) said. “Hello, sir!” the crowd chorused. “Permit me to welcome some special guests and the cream of society to the high table. A round of applause for them as they come forward,” MC said. “Okay…, the crowd chorused exuberantly. The MC called out the special guests; as they found their way to the high table, the crowd clapped and honored them. “So, we are not special to Louise?” Alfred said. He was sitting among the crowd and close to Gilbert. “We are more special. You know everyone’s name can’t be mentioned,” Gilbert said. “My apologies to some dignitaries, I omitted their names. Permit me to welcome Mr. Alfred and Mr. Gilbert. A round of applause for them as they come forward,” MC said, and the duo
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ “King Rehoboth! Come out and address the mob!!” Alfred said. King Rehoboth walked out of the palace with two of his guards. He was in his regalia and holding his staff of office. He stepped on the exalted ground and faced the crowd. “I am deeply sorry for the death of three noble men from this kingdom. From the outset, our country and her States were known to be restful. All of a sudden, we are faced with crises and wars, killings everywhere. We have placated the Lord of the Water to make our land peaceful again, but it has not yielded any positive result. Gilbert is a lion’s heart, but unfortunately, he has passed on. We need a savior!” King Rehoboth addressed the mob. “Yes, we do!!” the crowd said. “Do we still have brave men? We need a company of strong-hearted men, we need the braves to maneuver these eyesores,” King Rehoboth said. “I am Alfred and every
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ It was evening time. Alfred and Helena drove to Sarah’s house. Sarah was feeding her one-year-old son, Oliver, in the sitting room. “Is anyone at home?...” Alfred said. “Yeah. Do come in, the door is unlocked,” Sarah said after recognizing Alfred’s voice. Alfred opened the door and the duo walked into Sarah’s sitting room. “How are you doing, Sarah?” Alfred said. “I am fine. Please, sit down. Mrs. Helena, you look sad; what’s wrong?” Sarah said. “Me?! I am not sad; it’s just a tiring day,” Helena said. “Alright…, but I still doubt it. Mr. Alfred, it’s been a while,” Sarah said. “You can say that again. How are you coping with the kids? Alfred said. “I thank God; we are sustained,” Sarah said. “Good to hear, and where is Liam?” Alfred said. “Liam? He is in his room. Liam! Liam!” Sarah said. “Yes, mum!!” Liam said f
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ AT THE GRAVESITE “We thank God today for the lives of these saints sleeping in the Lord; I pray the Lord grant them a good rest,” the Catholic priest, Grayson, said. “Amen!!” the witnesses said. “There is time for everything under the sun. There is time for planting and there is time for harvesting. There is also a time for birthing and a time for dying. I pray we shall sow good seeds with good rewards in Jesus’ name,” priest Grayson said. “Amen!!” the witnesses chorused. “Now, let’s sing the first hymn; my hope is built on nothing more than Jesus’ love and righteousness,” priest Grayson said. However, the witnesses sang the hymn, sang elegy songs and more words of enjoinment and exhortations followed afterwards. “When a man dies, his soul goes up to be judged. I beseech you, brethren, to make Christ the mainstay of your life. God is a never failing kind of Lord. Now, the underta
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform Everyone walked to a river bank because it was time to set out for the half moon. The birds’ voices were not heard, the leaves were not falling off the trees; so, everywhere remained silent. “It is a privilege we have today to gather beside this river. However, the reason why we are gathered here today is not new to us all, is it?” King Rehoboth said. “No, king Rehoboth,” the crowd said. “Dear Lord of the Water, the custodian of the powers of the water; we seek your help once more. Some lion-hearted men are about to go on an adventure to the half moon; we want you to make them arrive there safely and bring them to the earth safely too. Great Lord of the Water, the archaic one, we wish to see your face once more,” king Rehoboth said, and the Lord of the Water came out from the river after splashes. “Great one!!!” the crowd said with joy. “My lovely people, I have heard your heart’s desires, I have heard your p
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ The astronauts descended on the celestial body, the moon, with parachutes. The astronauts arrived on the moon in the daytime. “Wow! The moon has soil too,” Sarah said with surprise. “Yeah, but it has a pungent smell and the aroma is similar to wet ash,” Alfred said, and the astronauts sat on the snow-like soil. “I guess we are hungry now?” Sarah said. “Yes, we are,” Brown said. Sarah brought out some dehydrated food and everyone ate. They slept off afterwards. “Hi, everyone! It’s time to wake up,” Alfred said. “Is it day already?” Smith said sleepily. “Do you think we are on planet Earth? We are still in the day here, which is about 168 hours; so, we have long hours to go before the night sets in,” Alfred said. “You mean 168 hours for just a day?” Raphael said, surprised. “Yes, I read that in a documentary,” Alfred said. “I think we have to move
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Professor MacPherson walked to an uncompleted building in a non-residential part of the United States of America. There, he saw Charles in the company of three other light-fingered guys smoking cigarettes. “Charles, I am really disappointed in you,” professor MacPherson said. “I don’t get you, professor; or did you come here to pester me and my guys?” Charles said and grimaced. “Pester is an understatement!” professor MacPherson said with a glare. “You are on our nerves, professor. We have never been rude to you, or do you need us to do that?” Logan said. “Logan, I didn’t come for you. Little brat! Charles, did you actually kill the guy I gave you his picture?” professor MacPherson said. “Picture?” Charles said. “Yes, don’t play pranks with me,” professor MacPherson said. “You have given me a lot of pictures, so, I don’t know the one you are talking about,” Charles said innocently. “Do
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ “Davies, go to your room now, it’s time to sleep,” Helena said. “Alright, mum. How about you, mum?” Davies said. “I will join in the sleep soon. Let me feed Oliver finish,” Helena said. “Okay mum, goodnight,” Davies said and stood up. “Goodnight, Davies; no nightmare,” Helena said. Soon, Charles, in the company of the three other light-fingered guys, stood in front of Helena’s house entrance door. They were all masked and armed. “Who is at home?” Charles said with a cool voice. “Hold on, I am coming,” Helena said and peeped through the transparent Louvres to see whose voice it was. “Open this door!!” Jeremy said with a loud and terrifying voice. Now, it’s done on Helena that she is in a big problem. In a state of dilemma, she hid under the sofa with Sarah’s baby, Oliver. “I can see it is the deaf that lives in this house,” Charles said, and forcefully opened the door. The
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ The astronauts walked on the lunar soil; this soil had silicon dioxide and it resembled the Earth’s soil, but it was much dustier. “We have journeyed for about 72 hours already; yet, we have not experienced a night here. What kind of place is this?” Sarah said and grimaced. “Sarah, I have told you all hitherto that the moon’s daytime is about 168 hours. So, why are you talking like this?” Alfred said. “Sarah is tired, I think; I pray we reach the half moon soon,” Brown said. “The journey is still somewhat far; we need to exercise more patience,” Smith said. “Anyways, is there still food left?” Alfred said. “Yeah; but a little,” Sarah said and brought out some dehydrated food. The astronauts ate the dehydrated food, rested and soon continued on the adventure to the half moon. “Oh, my God! Look at those craters!” Brown shouted and his echoes could be heard clearly. “Let’s go and h
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