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"I have come to defeat 20 enemies. I have already defeated one; I will not run and I will not hide, to the remaining 18 devil candidates out there, come and take me on if you dare!" Burnaman yelled. "What the hell?!" I blurted out as I stepped backwards. Trevor Martins is a 22-year-old man who lost his family in a car explosion, and since then he has lived a life of pain and despair. He then plans on committing suicide, but instead of falling to his death, he fell into the hands of a high-ranking demon named Mordecai. Trevor was selected as a devil candidate to become the next ruler of hell. Finding out that he was supposed to duel with 20 other devil candidates to keep his newly found powers and happiness. Will he use his newly found devil powers wisely? Will he fight the other candidates? Will he become the next ruler of hell? Read to find out in this fantasy, thriller, and action-packed novel.

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  • Jade weaver


    Wow! This novel is fire ... I can’t stop reading and I love the demon concept.

    2022-12-22 22:12:33
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TREVOR’S POVEveryone is born into this world with the goal of finding happiness, and everyone lives with the aim of finding even greater happiness; that’s what my mom used to tell me when I was little. But ever since my parents and siblings died in a car explosion when I was about 6 years old, all my happiness was taken away from me, and my life has been a complete nightmare ever since.My name is Trevor Martins; I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but ever since my parents died, I was taken in by my aunt and uncle, they have both tormented me all my life. My dream in life was to become an architect, but all that died a long time ago because I was not able to get into any college. I work a 9-to-5 job at McDonald’s. I was also not able to make any friends because no one has ever been attracted to me or even wanted to come close to me, mostly because I am poor and unkempt. I think that is all there is to know about me for now.It was nighttime, the dim
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That was when I realized that controlling the wings was not hard; I just needed to visualize moving them. I used my imagination to flap them very hard and go further up into the sky. I started moving in circles; I couldn’t keep my balance in the air. As I turned to look at my side, I saw the demon flying next to me."Do you think you can control it?" He asked, staring at me as we both continued flying."Yes, I think so," I responded as I focused my gaze up ahead. The cold breeze blew through my hair as I flew further into the sky.After a couple of minutes of flying and learning how to fly,We were back on the rooftop of my apartment building. The demon and I were both sitting on the ground next to each other."Since you are faster than the human eyes now, you can steal anything you want. You can be as rich as you want to be, and the arrow is amazing too," The demon explained. Stealing? I don’t think I could steal from other people; I am not the type of person to do that type of thing
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"Aunty, I want to ask you somet….." She cut me off. "Yeah, spill it and get out of my face already," she complained as she was busy scrolling on her cellphone. I pressed my lips tightly together. Who the hell does she think she is? "What do you want to say already?!" She yelled as she stood up from the couch. I then raised my hand and stretched it towards her. I tried imagining bringing out the red arrow from my palms; in a split second, the arrow came out of my hand. "Hey, why are you pointing your hand at me? What the hell do you think you are doing?" She asked with her eyebrows twisted together. I quickly shot her in the chest with the red arrow, before she could say another word. Before I knew it, my aunt fell backwards and landed on the couch behind her, it was like the arrow hit her in the chest physically. "You did it, now she is going to do anything you tell her," Mordecai said from behind the couch. "You mean, that is all it takes for me to control someone?" I inquire
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“The both of you deserve capital punishment, you guys should just die!” I screamed as I stood up from the floor with tears still rushing down my cheeks. My aunt stood up from the floor and grabbed a knife from the center table in the middle of the living room. “If killing myself is going to make you happy, I am going to do it,” she said in a cold tone. Before I knew what was happening, my aunt stabbed herself on the neck, blood started pumping out of her neck and filled the entire floor, a few seconds she fell flat on the floor. Mordecai flew over to where I was standing and stood next to me. “Why did she do that to herself?!” I yelled as I stared at my aunt’s lifeless body on the floor with my eyes wide open and my mouth hanging loosely. “You were very clear, you told her to die,” Mordecai said. “Wait do you mean the red arrow can compel people to do that?” I inquired as I turned and looked at Mordecai. He started explaining to me that once the arrow makes anyone fall deeply i
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Hearing all he just explained, I then realize that I have started down a destination that I can’t even imagine, the path I am on right now is an outrageous one. I didn’t ask to be chosen as a devil king candidate, plus why me? I finally decided to live and pursue happiness, but now 20 devil king candidates? What is it going to take to be chosen as the new devil king and am I ready for all this? “So, you are telling me that there are 20 candidates and one of them will become the new devil king?” I questioned in a soft tone. “Yes, that’s right,” “Well, I guess I believe you, I can’t deny that there is a demon hovering beside me,” “But, what if I don’t want to be the new devil king? Because I never signed up for all of this, all this is too much for me to take in,” I stated in a low tone. “Listen, if someone else ends up becoming the devil king, your wings and arrows will be taken away from you, but if you become the devil king, you get to use them all you want. So, you should do it
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“This comedian Mr. Rodriguez is using the red arrow to make those women fall for him one after another, but it will only last for thirty-three days,” someone like Mr. Rodriguez using the arrow this way, would he ever be chosen to become the devil king? I then asked Mordecai what I just thought about. “Of course, any of the candidates can be chosen to be the new devil king, no matter how they use their powers,” he responded. Well, that confirms my question anyway, besides it’s the devil after all, I guess anything goes, someone like the devil would not care about bad things. ******************** The following morning, I was walking down the hallway of Harvard University, I just applied to study architecture, at least now that I have money, I can make one of my life long dreams come true. As I was walking, a loud beeping sound came from my cellphone inside my pocket, I took out my cellphone and looked at what the notification was. It was a news notification, I opened it. I saw t
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As soon as the police officers standing in front of the mall saw him, they all readied their guns and pointed it at the mysterious robotic man. “Who are you?! Put your hands where we could see them!” One of the police officers screamed from the crowd. “Don’t shoot, I am not your enemy!” The robotic man yelled as he turned and faced the policemen. His voice sounded like a robotic voice. The female reporter started reporting the description of the robotic man to the viewers. A couple of people standing close to me started pointing at the robotic man on the billboard. “Isn’t that Burnaman?” One of the men standing in the crowd next to me asked. “Yeah, the television show last season,” another guy responded. It seems the guy is popular. I shifted my gaze and focused back on the billboard. To my greatest surprise, I saw demon wings coming right out of the back of the robotic man. “Wait a minute, are those demon wings?” I turned around and looked at Mordecai with my eyes wide open,
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“Yes, I don’t need them anymore, take them back,” I responded swiftly.“That’s not only the problem, if you return your wings and arrows, you will die,” he said in a calm tone. I got up from the bed and gazed at him with my eyes wide open.“What?!” I questioned.“Yes, if you were to throw them away, you will be throwing your life away,” he responded in a calm tone. He continued explaining to me that the only reason I am alive is because I accepted the wings and arrows as a devil king candidate. After a few moments.“I see,” I muttered as I wrapped my arms around my legs and folded myself inside my bed. I guess I can’t run away from being a devil candidate. But I don’t want to end up like that comedian Rodriguez, Burnaman is ready to kill all the devil candidates to become the devil king.“Trevor, I don’t understand human emotions that well, but I think you must be scared of Burnaman, if that’s the case, why don’t you stay inside your apartment for a while?” Mordecai asked as he flew c
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, right after the entrance ceremony," she said in a low tone."Alright," I brought out my wings and flew up into the sky."I will meet you there!" I screamed as I flew away into the sky.As I was flying at lightning speed into the sky, I kept thinking of the immense love I have for Brianna. AUTHOR’S POVBack at the college ground where Brianna and her demon were standing, She and her demon were busy gazing at Trevor’s trail in the sky as he flew away."I can’t help but wonder what that guy’s demon is up to. He is nowhere to be seen next to him," Brianna’s demon said as he floated above Brianna’s head.The demon turned around and gazed at Brianna."Well, it does make it more convenient for us," the demon said. Brianna didn’t react to what he said. **********************Trevor landed on Brianna’s balcony. He put his wings away and walked into Brianna’s room. He looked around the room. The room looked like that of a little girl; the carpets were pink with white stripes, the cabinets c
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A red, glowing rope came out of both their hands and tied their hands together."That is great; I didn’t have to explain the whole process; both of you are already in sync with each other," the demon commented."Those ropes won’t come off unless the both of you will it too. Now get behind her and hold on to her tightly," the demon added.Brianna turned around and leaned into Trevor.Oh my goodness, Brianna is so close to me; I never thought we'd be this close, Trevor thought.Trevor and Brianna were standing at the edge of Brianna’s balcony. They wanted to try flying with each other for the first time."Are you ready?""Can I take off?" Trevor asked."Yes," Brianna mumbled.Trevor brought out his wings and flew into the sky while holding Brianna in front of him. As they flew further into the sky. Brianna’s mouth was wide open in awe; this was the first time she had ever been so high up in the sky."Are you scared?" Trevor asked in a soft tone as he continued flying."No," she answered
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