Awesome Lawyer

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Awesome Lawyer

By: EngMan Ongoing

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Atty. Aris too strictly entertains Mia, the pretty woman who complains legally regarding the spirit who might bring her body to the second world. That got the girl offended the way Aris uttered his statement, she pledged herself not to ask any help from him, can't deny the fact, her heart abnormally attracted to him. As she shifted her feet, one awesome light carried her heart," I know someone has bullied you, I'll be here to protect you baby," such a voice was very awesome, that would erase what Mia felt inside at Aris office. Will they still meet again?


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6 chapters
Chapter 1 Mia fall in love to the great lawyer
Ares, attractive, lawyer, effulgent, handsome, tall, rich, studious, talented. In short, his hands had already held heaven; indeed, many women romantically craved to be his husband. However, the lawyer never had a plan to look for his perfect wife, since Beatrice, his mommy sweetly haunted him including the icy wind which kept on clutching his shoulder, what he smartly thought was that his father has been dying since he was three years old. His mother revealed the cause of his father's death over the fire where the knife fully attached to his stomach. That would be the reason why he had pursued to work as a lawyer, to look for the justice of his father. Despite his sadness, Beatrice, his mommy coolly kissed and hugged him before he reported to the office. This would be the reason why he did not like to look for someone who would carry his golden heart. Such behavior affected his heart optimistically, indeed many people loved to approach him; to solve their legal issues. Hence, his sm
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Chapter 2 Mia say goodbye to Stephen
Too clumsy walking on the way, it seemed like someone had gone to Stephen's heart. Indeed, his ears loudly heard a woman who murmured many times. His eyes were directly stared at the mirror, just to check how comfortable Mia's was! However, the broken one fell down to his feet even though he never touched it. Hence, his skin attached much blood into the floor. He screamed awkwardly," is this really true? Mia, why hadn't you held the mirror?"He trudged to his car, just to proceed to the hospital. Here, he met the elegant doctor who kept on gazing at his face. He waited till two hours, however nobody entertained him, so he approached the doctor," excuse, can you please medicate my injury?"A harsh voice," I do apologise, I'm quietly busy to the patient who literally faced his death," Dr. Shelly said. That time, Stephen went out of the hospital, even though the blood still flew out from his skin.He swiftly walked above the wind since nobody cared about his heart. He felt too romantic
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Chapter 3 Stephen brought Mia to Paradise
Too pleased being attached by the hot heart including the astounding image which emotionally held Mia's arms. So far, she finally forgot the people who craved her life. What she was waiting for; the superlight may appear in the sky, to ultimately know the nature of this awesome guy. Although she has not seen the flawless man, her body romantically stayed alongside the invisible image.That shadow reflected at Stephen's window, that would be the reason why his heart craved to depart the room, though it was literally cool but his mind felt outburst thinking to Aris's image, what he hypothetically thought that Mia was already at Aris hands.Everything gave an impeccable light as he came out the gate. Here, there was a stunning girl who definitely held his arms, and he ultimately thought that Mia had come to his life. Well, he got the star from the sky, just to view her. Unexpectedly, he found Clench, his ex-lover who pulled his diamond heart to the ocean. He noticed her tears which defin
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Chapter 4 Atty. Aris flawlessly emerged in the sky
Much light reflected to their hearts while taking their pleasure above the air. Such moment, Mia might have fallen down her feet to the green ground, but Stephen actively placed his hands to the stunning girl. It took two hours traveling from the hot city to paradise. Her eyes were pleasantly many astounding flowers and bountiful places. Her heart laughed and gazed at it, so far she had not seen it before. She still wanted to stare at it, however the wind informed her," it's already paradise," that time, her cool sweetheart sweetly brought her to the icy mountain where the fresh wind and shimmering star might ultimately witness their nights.Mia awkwardly gazed at the entire paradise, though her eyes have satisfied the whole creature, however she has not seen the house where they would take their first night. Her mouth uttered such complain to him, a quick response," I will magically make a house for us, just allow me to live your heart tonight," then, the star bonked above their head
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Chapter 5 Atty. Aris protected Mia
Too hot bonked to Mia's skin, though her mind casted back the moon might get Aris beside her flawless heart. So, she approached the light to reveal her request, but the moon finally put its light to the handsome lawyer.Atty. Aris yawned to expound his feelings for her, but the moon confidently covered his body, aloud voice," Mia, I'll be meeting you again," he said. And then, Mia sadly stared at the moon which had gradually gone to her eyesight. That time, too early the rain fell down the ground, her mind got befuddled.Such time, Stephen slightly saw the dawn which started to reach the small house. His eyes attached to the dry tears that fell down to his arms together with the plain t-shirt which Clench usually wore. And echoed," you should marry me because you've been getting my virginity tonight," he quickly ran away from the cool house. His eyes were loudly glancing at Mia who kept on staring at the clouds," should I go back to her life again?"That time, Mia swiftly approached
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Chapter 6 rainy wedding
Much light came out from Atty. Aris' heart clutching at his girlfriend who kept trembling her body, what she always put to her pearly mind that Clench might click to her side. Although her boyfriend promised to save her life at all times, she was not sure if the awesome lawyer might be staying by her side.Too hot attaching at Mia's body when Atty. Aris kept on hugging her, though she usually disliked him before, but it was eventually transformed into pure love which couldn't be bought anywhere.Such times, Stephen never took his night off unless he could ultimately decide what must be the way exclusively to Mia's heart. He craved to approach the stars, just to ask for further help, however the night was too dark which perfectly scattered the entire world.That night, Atty. Aris unintentionally took his night off beside his girlfriend. He did not have an intention to get her virginity unless the nuptials may have happened. His girlfriend kept on watching him, she took time to judge if
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