Reincarnated As A Divine Dragon

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Reincarnated As A Divine Dragon

By: Mitibo Ongoing

Language: English

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Otani Yuu, a lonely 35-year-old who hates his dull life and is locked in a dead-end profession, finds a new beginning in a fantasy world after dying at the hands of street a divine dragon! As he adjusts to his new life, he engages in worldly activities that kick off a series of occasions that will forever alter his new life!

11 chapters
Prologue: What is life?
It was just your typical kind of life. I graduated from college, landed a job as a sort-of-software programmer, and was living as an orphan since childhood but raised by my maternal uncle. I was enjoying all the countless benefits of bachelor-pad life. Age thirty-five, no significant other. I wasn't ugly, short, or grumpy, among other things. But I was something at all in terms of appearance and physique. Like, I could do a thousand pushups a day since I was fairly strong. I also had a gentlemanly appearance and a lovely face. But when it came to the opposite sex, apparently I had nothing to offer except my looks and body. I'd made efforts along lines to impress a girl, but none of it was worth it. I was too nice to be theirs, they all kept repeating the same shit. Heavens, there was no place for a gentleman like me. So really at this age, I was kinda past the point where a girlfriend needed to be my main focus. Works and bodybuilding kept me busy enough. Plus, it wasn't like I was go
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New world, huh?
It was dark. Excessively dark to see anything. Where was I? What even happened to me? Am I still alive? Several questions were running through my mind, and then. Those questions were enough to jump-start my mind again. My name was Otani yuu. Just another 35 years of age in a suit. And when I shoved my best friend aside on the street, some random freak shot me. Nice I remembered all of that. Which meant I must be fine. No need for panic, that wasn't like me anyway. I was known for having a savvy and composed mind. The last time I overreacted, was during the end of the year tests of middle school and all I did was worry about it, only a bit. I tried looking at my surroundings. It was like, I was kept in a room hued with darkest black. The complete darkness with hot air. Odd, I thought as I had a go at moving my arms, and it felt my arms were attached to parachutes. Am I in coma or something? And, why's this place so congested? I was conscious, undoubtedly, but had I gotten detached
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A dear friend
Aim, that might be a dangerous word. The days of my childhood swiftly flowed as water, not knowing how it ended. I was already fourteen, and now I got admission to one of the best school—a military school. I was just a child who needed assistance like every child. But, as I spent most of my time in hostels, I was a lot different from most children. "Fine by me, I have stayed before also, mom," I said to my mom. "Still, you’re my child." Then, at that point, abruptly, all of a sudden came the guards, "Sorry, sir and mam. It's already past time. Your son needs to be present in the evening toll." "Of course, yet one minute, sir" "Just a minute. He needs to hurry. All children are already there." Said the guards and went to back where they came from. "Shimada, we know it might be hard to be here for 6 years. However, it’s everything for your future." "I know." "Then, son. Now, we need to go. Have this money," My father took some money out of mom's purse and handed me and continu
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The dragonesses dairy
Wee, I can’t wait to see my dear. It’s after all already two months. I’m going to be best mom for my baby.Ah, he was soo cute when I saw him coming from egg. He was just like me— purple and white scales. So cuteeee, my dear. I wanted to hug him that instant, but at that he wasn’t moving. That’s why I thought, no... He had looked at me also, that’s was so lovely. It’s also sad that we can’t give him name. Mmm, I have my baby now...... Coming dear....
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A usual day
As of now, it has been 720 days since I was reincarnated as a dragon. Or, to be more precise, approximately 2 years. My hands, legs had finally developed enough so that I could walk and fly. The days and nights were also pretty much same as in earth—the season right now was spring. The pink petals dancing totally indicates spring, right? That's why I also said it was spring. And, for the calendar, they were simply different. Although I hadn't seen them in my home, I could probably bet that they were bought to be different from the earth ones. The sun in this world did look like sun, but I felt it's hotter than it. The sun certainly was pretty much as large as our sun, completely shrouded in orange variety like an orange. In conclusion, the calendar must be different.Come to think about it, up until now, I hadn't seen any sign of gaining skills or any abilities. Don't the anime shows that main character gains abilities right in first episode? Well, I can't even expect because this is
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The trio
The straight city of noxus, portio was exceptionally well known as it was the capital city it. Obviously, colossal number of mass residing in such spot had made the city loaded with worn out shops. In the aisle of the near bay, a trio was arguing, "Either? I'm confounded. Basil, which one is better: steel plate or robe?" Ellen deflected her eyes from the shop and asked basil. Marginally shifting her head, her red hair lovely as rose adjusted on one side, spectacular eyes — shining with happiness coordinated to basil. "Come on, Ellen. In the event that we don't begin moving now, we'll be late, and the sun's setting, as well. We need to make it until the evening." Looking Ellen, Basil who had gleaming dim hair, profound earthy coloured eyes and a beguiling face dove into the hurrying around. "No basil, better equipment is the best." Collapsing her hand, frowning her face as Ellen attempted to shout out. Ellen, In fact was also true as she was healer in the group, she was the main b
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The Dragon Foundation
The delicate breeze delicately brushed against my face as I watched the twisting mists dashed with one another in a dark blue sky. Trilling birds joyfully moved around overhead as the trees waved their hand in energy. "Hah." Sitting on a cushioned sofa, I let out a long sigh—a decent soft one. What time was it?It was kind of boring sitting aimlessly for an hour. Don't even think of an hour as a small amount of time. Wanna hear something? An hour is equal to 60 minutes, 3600 seconds, 3,600,000,000 milliseconds, and 3.6×10^9 microseconds. Yes, I was a software engineer, and if you want, I could do more. Did I have any work, was the sixty thousandth query to say this.No! So here I was, sitting in a room with no purpose. What's more, some odd ass question was popping in my mind — about space things. "I'd truly appreciate it if I could smack these confirmations in the faces of cosmologists." I mumbled to myself.Regardless of that, I was stuck in this room: a grandiose room. The thing
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Worse luck or what?
Yggdrasil root, the only Labyrinth in the entire world. This was a natural kind of labyrinth made artificially by the dragon queen, Azida. Which was divided by the largest ocean in the world, the Poseidon Ocean.However, due to the dominant species, dragons, no monsters were discovered along this route.It had already become grim. There was nothing but large boulders scattered around the shore. The trio, whose came to raid the labyrinth, arrived a little later than expected. Thus, due to the winter months, the night also fell.David exuded an entire lung of air when they landed on the sea shore by ship. A couple of meters Infront of them was an enormous cliff, the starting point of Yggdrasil root. The cliff was approximately five hundred meter tall with bright edges on the surface and rusty brown colour. As it was a volcanic area, the heat from it made the cliff look like a large pile of rust on iron."Crap, check out at the level of this bluff. It's clearly around 500 meter." David tw
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Did I actually got conjurer Class?
After deciding to go, we went via the door that was close to the front desk. There was no doubt that the reception area was large. It served as both a reception area and a starting point for connecting to other rooms like a hub does. The space was clearly long and rectangular in shape. Each breadth had a single door, one close to the reception and one at the entrance from which we entered. Moreover, each length had two doors, one of which was made of glass and the other of which was built of woods. My dad and I entered the building through the glass doors. The door next to the reception desk was the one we needed, so. As necessary, we walked over to the door. Opening the door revealed a long path. Definitely a charming ancient path! The hallway was straight and had windows on both sides. In addition, there were pillars that appeared creamy and had human-like statues atop them on short supports. I was definitely getting a noble sense from it. Fresh air met us as we exited the room. Wi
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The real truth
As the morning's crisp, cool air blanketed the rubberland, dazzling orange light beams radiated across the landscape. Rubberland was warm all year round, but the winters were bitterly frigid. Chirp..Chirp as the chirping of birds emanated from the depths of a big forest. "No, no." Basil protested, his agonized face indicating a certain anger towards it. "I asked for good luck, not this." At the peak of Mount Carter, a ruby dragon which was entirely coated in red, hard scales, was shooting fire breath to the top of it. It was sufficient to agitate the mist forest. Chaos wrought in the frosty morning by the dragon's action. Numerous monsters were scurrying about on the opposite side of the lake in an effort to survive. Meeting a dragon is something that no monster would ever want to do. Humans lived in the group that was called civilization. They therefore took great care to avoid these dangerous dragons. Now, though, a beautifully illustrated creature, but the personification of des
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