Fenrir leveling system

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Fenrir leveling system

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Have you ever thought of what you would do, if your peaceful world suddenly went apocalyptic, where humans are being hunted down by monsters and demonic beasts. In this world, humanity are at the bottom of the food chain and driven to the brim of extinction. Ever since the appearance of the red moon that brought along terrifying monsters and other creatures such as the vampires, werewolves, ghouls and many more and are known as the supernaturals. Only those with special abilities known as the 'blessed' can fight for humanity and keep the humans from extinction. Dave, an orphan whose parents were killed by the supernatural and constantly bullied by the society for being a failure with no special ability, suddenly gains the 'system' with a special bloodline but comes with a price. Follow on his Dave adventure as he becomes the strongest in an apocalyptic yet futuristic world where the strong becomes the predator and the weak becomes the prey. Note: Your readership will determine how long the novel will be, don't forget to drop an honest review and comment, also add it to your library. You can also vote for me with gems as a form of encouragement and appreciation. Feel free to join my discord server if you have anything to say or add about my book or you just want to talk to me:. https://discord.gg/EjzC2QqWt5 Note: The book cover doesn't belong to me, all credit goes to the artist. ( if you are the artist, contact me if you want me to bring it down). Thank you all for taking your time to read it to the end, Enjoy.


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Red moon apocalypse
Earth 2050 (Prologue)The day it all began was a horrendous sight.It was a peaceful and busy night when a strange phenomenon occurred that sent the world into total Chaos. Confusion after confusion. Questions after questions but none were answered.It was a day that could never be forgotten, a day that was named ‘The Red Moon apocalypse’. It lasted for almost a week as the moon painted the sky red as that of crimson blood. Everyone thought it was the end of the world already as stated in the holy books because of the rise of supernaturals and ugly monsters that appeared on the surface of the earth. Animals began to mutate, the once loving and cute pets had turned into ferocious beasts eating and killing their owners.Lives were lost, properties were destroyed and the world had fallen into a deep state of catastrophe.Humanity came together for the first time, joining hands to fight these creatures with every weapon and resource they got but all were proven to be useless, even the b
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Fenrir leveling system
Dave wasn't even paying attention to the news as he only turned it on so that he won't feel lonely and he fell into a deep thought.***It was in the middle of the night, Dave left his apartment and headed for the woods. He walked around sneakily to avoid people from noticing him.He got to a tall cliff and was contemplating whether he should take his life right now, right here. After a series of considerations and thought, he finally decided that it's the best choice to end his pitiful life. He has gotten tired of being bullied by the Society, rather than being regarded as trash he will gladly join his unknown parents in heaven.Other humans have superhuman abilities such as super strength, telekinesis, regeneration and whatnot but he couldn't compete in a simple foot race. Its existence bothered him.Right now he stared at the moon and prayed silently that maybe things could change for the better. “Why am I useless, a human with no power to survive in this cruel world, why don't
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Military school
.......... like my life has changed now but it's a good thing since I am no longer regarded as the weakling that I was previously,” Dave added.After asking a series of questions, Dave finally fell asleep with a big smile on his face.***The Next dayIt's morning already so Dave woke up and stood up from the bed, stretched and yawned, but when he remembered all what happened and his new life, he became really excited. He took off his clothes and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and have his bath.Inside the bathroom, he noticed his body muscles has become more refined and toned, though he still doesn't have much meat in his body, but his body looks like he has been gyming for years now.He felt happy again, as he began to feel his abs, he began to flex his muscles, “I bet if girls see this they will fall in love with me in no time” he said proudly.After taking his bath, he wore his clothes and asked the system for today's task, he really needs to level up fast.“Today daily t
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..........went to the dorm to check their assigned room.***Dave got to a room door that has number 24 on it. “I guess this is my room number” Dave said.He opened the door, upon his entry he met three guys who were happily chatting.When Dave entered, the boys stopped talking and look at Dave who they assume should be the fourth guy.“You must be the fourth guy” said the boy with blonde hair.“Uhmm I guess” Dave said.“Welcome then, my name is Joshua” he introduced himself.The other two also stood up and introduced themselves.“My name is Peter, nice to meet you,” a tall boy with a scar face said.“You can call me Henry,” the pretty boy said.Dave was surprised at how friendly they were but as a guy who has faced harsh reality than anyone he can't be fooled easily.“My name is Dave, nice to meet you all also, please take care of me” Dave said and bowed his head a little.“Hahaha” They laughed.“What's that about Dave?” Henry said.“Huh?” Dave was confused at their reaction.“Why di
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Prove yourself worthy
.......... we are in the same class, nice to meet you classmate,” Joshua said.“I guess so also, let's get going or else we might be late ” Dave said.Dave and Joshua were walking in the hallway to their classroom, but on their way they saw different normal students bullied by some blessed.Seeing this action made Dave blood boil but he has promised himself that he won't meddle in other business, as long as they don't cross his path then they are cool.“Hey what are you doing, leave the kid alone!” Dave suddenly heard a familiar voice.When he turned around, he saw that it was Joshua who was yelling at the bullies. Dave had no choice but to back his friend up if a fight ever occurred.“Mind your own business weirdo, this dude spilled my coffee and he is telling me sorry so I must teach him a lesson” the bully said.“Just because of a freaking coffee, you are beating up the poor guy, seriously I hate jerks like you” Joshua said as his flame aura began to leak out. The bully began to f
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Academy Gang
..........What gang?” bobby asked.“There is a lot more to this academy than what you freshmen see, let me explain but note once I explain then you can't back out again” the senior smiled.“The academy is a lot more than your first years, but anyways each gang invites first years to join them and this way we can protect ourselves from those with higher ranks than us also when we graduated from the academy our future is sure because we have senior gang members in higher position” he senior explained.“Wow! And the teachers know about all this” bobby asked.“Those school knows about this but decided not to meddle in the student business” the senior answered.“Alright I will join, so how do i join” Bobby asked.“Meet me at the school backyard tonight” the senior said and disappeared.Before the senior disappeared, he looked at Bobby and smiled because Bobby is a gullible kid.Bobby was really happy that he can’t wait for tonight, he said “Not only will I have high blessed seniors to prote
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“Huh? Did he just look in this direction, uhmm this is going to be interesting ” the mysterious senior said.____________“Guys I will be back, I quickly need to use the restroom” Dave said.“Alright” the boys responded.At the restroom, Dave was surprised to see that someone trashed it up but he didn’t care because that not the reason why he was here. He opened the system{Ding…Daily task complete}{Reward: 5Exp}{Name: Dave Stark}{Race: Werewolf}{Grade: Omega}{Bloodline: Fenrir}{Level: 1}{Exp: 10/100}{Strength: 10}{Agility: 10}{Stamina: 20}{Skills: Wolf claws}My progress is still slow, now that we have decided to create our own academy gang I need to get strong as fast as possible.Dave fell into deep thought, then he remembered his first mission and if he could complete it then an instant level up in grade and level.“It’s time to give you a taste of your medicine” Dave said.“System what was that rising of my BPM that happened earlier, because I could feel myself losing
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The Big Fight
They got to the backyard of Dave's hostel room.“Alright boys this is what we are going to do, Bony you go there out there and start throwing stones at their windows”“Once they are awake and annoyed, then you run towards our direction where we will be waiting for them to get ambushed. Remember to make sure you are being chased by them” Max explained“Alright this should be easy” Bony said“Then I will activate my ability and cast an illusion on the area that will only affect them” Max said.“I can't wait for this plan to work out” Bobby said evilly with a huge smirk on his face.Just as they planned, Bony went and started throwing stones at Dave's hostel window.*Pa!* The first stone hit the window*Pa!!* The second stone .*Pa!!!* The loud sound of the stone hitting the window could be heard, as it got stronger and stronger every time.“What the heck is going on” they all work up due to the large noise at their window.>Creek!Read more
The Big Fight (2)
{Warning: Host has stepped into an illusion}{Sense of direction has been interfered}{Host is not affected, senses are too strong for the illusion}“So that's what is happening, no wonder that I couldn't find the rest of the guys again” Dave said“I knew it was a trap from the beginning, ahh! Those stupid guys if only they will listen to me and reason with their brains for once” Dave said as he walked around trying to look for the rest.“Shit I don't even know where I am heading” Dave said then paused along the way and sniled.“You can come out of hiding now” Dave calmly said.“I see, so you knew I was following you. Well I guess you now have confidence thanks to your friends right” Bobby said has he came out from a small bush.Ever since Dave became a werewolf, Alongside his body physique, his sense of smell, hearing and sight had improved greatly to the extent that he can hear the ants footsteps so obviously he will know that he is being followed by Bobby who never intended to hide
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The Big Fight (3), Form a pack.
The werewolf dashed off towards the west.Joshua fighting scene >>>After the first attack failed, Joshua then kept attacking him with fireballs but all his attacks were missing the target.To max it looks like Joshua was just attacking trees thinking that he is there.“Hahaha! This is fun” Max said.After missing his target every time but yet he was still getting hit by Max, the attack made him really angry. “Time to get serious” Joshua said as his eyes turned yellow, the air temperature around him got so hot that even the trees began to burn on their own.“What is this terrifying pressure!” Max felt scared that if he stayed too long he might get burnt himself.The illusion area was even affected by the serious heat temperature, making it unstable.A huge phantom of a knight warrior appeared behind Joshua, the phantom was the exact replica of Joshua only that it's wearing what look like armour, while holding a long flaming sword.“This is a forbidden family technique meant to be use
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