Sapa Nation: The genesis of chaos

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Sapa Nation: The genesis of chaos

By: Dark Sovereign OngoingFantasy

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Empires rise and fall, people rise to form kingdoms and empires and other people greedy for power want to be the overlord of the continents or the in its entirety. Sapa Nation is a kingdom filled with honey and milk, a kingdom filled with treasures and all kinds of resources. The treasures in this kingdom are a giant cake that would go around for thousands of years if shared fairly amongst the people and citizens of this great nation. Greed is hidden deep within the bones of people, and they soon digress to their old and sinful ways, heretics rose from within the people, killing people for rituals, practicing demonic cultivation, and cheating the people of their rights. The government created a set of royal guards to deal with robbery and fraud but unfortunately, the guards chosen for this job are fraudulent and evil, they're ruthless in performing their duties ( they do not value human lives, they've sold their human feelings for bribes ) When the people couldn't take it anymore, they protested, hoping for other nations who wished to become world overlords to interfere...but they were brutally murdered by the people they entrusted with their lives. And that's where the heroes of this country come in ( greenwood ) the leader of an assassin guild rises to fight for the Dead ( his stubborn son, Daniel was part of the people murdered on this fateful day ) he started by killing the state governor and all the small fries involved in this case. He wrote a letter to the president, stating his intentions to kill and overthrow him. There's unrest in the cabinet, people die every day. Let's follow our dear protagonist on his journey of getting revenge and putting things in order.

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The Genesis of chaos 1
After the world-wide blackout that took place thousands of years ago, the earth (also known as the blue planet) gave birth to all kinds of strange and mythical creatures like monsters, mermaids and demonic beasts. It did not leave the humans out either, they gained access to supernatural Powers by absorbing a unique type of energy in the air called “Manna”. The human world undergoes a series of changes, but we can never change the nature of mankind. Due to the seven deadly sins, kingdoms’ rise and fall, what was once a great empire became ruins, giving rise to the invasions of monsters and demonic beasts. That marks the beginning of the first war. Somewhere on this blue planet, amidst all myriads of empires and nations in this world, lies a big nation flowing with milk and honey. “Sapa nation” as we all call it. Sapa Nation, a kingdom filled with all kinds of treasures and resources, ruled by rich and powerful men… but ninety percent of its citizens are poor, sixty percent go to
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The genesis of chaos 2
The genesis of chaos 2The protest has gone far, more than anyone can imagine. Many international bodies and organizations were waiting patiently to interfere and see if they could fish in troubled water.Both righteous sects and demonic sects joined the protests, the news was spread throughout the nation through the use of advanced recording crystals…The nation's guards were helpless, they could only do the little that they could do…Markets were closed, and the people cultivate on the road, cultivation resources were shared amongst the protesters ( one of the main reasons people joined these protests, there was free "food".)" Our next target is the teleportation Portal, nobody must travel in or out of this nation if our demand is not met. And we're also blocking the famous bridge that leads to the leitti island of the logros empire, letting the rich feel the pain we're going through.Let them know that we're not joking!! The president must re-sign, we don't want a sickly o
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The Genesis of chaos 3
The Genesis of chaos 3As a trained assassin, fathered by The most notorious and feared assassin in the history of Sapa Nation, Daniel stood his ground against the three soldiers without an inkling of fear…even though they were all in a realm above him.He retrieved his silver dagger from his space ring and activated shadow steps once again.He blended into the night, not even his shadow could be seen as he silently made his way to the one wielding the heavy ruler and attacked with the silver Dagger.A glistening silver light flashed, and the wary soldiers were surprised as the man wielding the heavy ruler clutched his neck to stop the blood from gushing out all to no avail. His neck was pumping blood, and the hand he placed on his neck to stop the bleeding was dyed red.Thud!Within a few seconds, a silver ranker didn't get the chance to say his last farewell to the world as his lifeless body hits the ground.Still, in his shadow form, he moved silently, without releasing a Tr
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Serving revenge
At the great assassins' base in the middle of bodma forest in Sapa Nation.In a room full of lanterns of different colors, arranged in rows on shelves on the walls in this large room. All the lamps were lit and a fire was dancing on each of the lanterns in this room.A little guy was walking around the room, inspecting every lamp in the room. He'll walk around the room every hour to check the lamps for any signs of abnormality and report to his superiors if there are any.As he was inspecting the room, a bright lamp at the top of the shelf suddenly flickered twice before going off. Seeing this, the little guy quickly rushed to report to his superior."What?!! The young master's soul lamp went off. How did you do it, or you didn't check very well?Quick!! Lead the way, I must see it with my own eyes. " the supervisor panicked and rushed to the soul room.When they entered the soul room, all soul lamps were burning with blue flames while one of the lamps at the top of the shelf was emit
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A plan
Chapter: A plan.A Chandelier hung loosely and emitted a dim orange light in the hazy night. The light from the streets was diffused, making one feel sleepy.Beside the Chandelier was a bar that was already closed. A 'Thank you sign was hung on the door, and the surroundings were quiet.After a day's hard work, the residents nearby had already entered slumber in their tiredness. Even the drunkards, tramps, and the likes have found their cozy kennel, not intending on sleeping outside the streets in this cold and bone-chilling weather. At this moment, the sound of leather boots rubbing against the ground echoed out through the area. A tall figure walked out of thin air, coming before the door and knocking on it rhythmically. # THUD, THUD, THUDThe dull sound carried a unique rhythm and charm. The door creaked open, seemingly on its own accord, the tall figure pushed it open and walked through it. The strong smell of alcohol and liquor permeated the room, it was the first smell that
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Astral bridge
Chapter: *Astral* *Bridge*The illusionary figure's head swept passed the others, it's eyeless head felt as if it was staring piercingly into their souls , causing them to subconsciously shiver."Roy, no need to try intimidating your fellow colleagues in this. I will go over the plan right away" Greenwood's voice sounded out, putting a sense of security and bewitching charm to those that listened to it. This strange yet mysterious force caused them all to relax and put down their guard a bit, however, this instantly terrifies them. 'Green's dreamforce had grown more powerful' Parker sucked in a cold breath and unconsciously sneaked a glance at Paul, afraid to meet his eyes. "Alright, everyone, the four of us here today are all silver rankers and we're even heads above our mates in our cultivation through our battle achievements but the task we have at hand is like no other, in this mission, we have to exterminate the president as quickly as possible. The Intel I received on him sa
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fiery world
Chapter: *The* *Fiery* *World*A bright flame lit up in a pitch black environment, bringing white light in it's surroundings. Numerous more flames started to burn more and more vigorously until they eventually formed an arched door.A masked figure stepped out from the arched door, his body immediately shrouded by a layer of dense black fog"Disperse!" Following the voice coming from the figure, the rays of light and undulations immediately faded until they completely disappeared."Secret technique: Shadow stealth!" The figure seemed to be at unease. A rune representing concealment and hiding suddenly flashed within the fog.Soon after, the entire cloud of fog shook and turned completely transparent, blending in with the surroundings.Under the cover of the fog, the entire silhouette seemed to have penetrated through and into the shadows in the cracks, making it's way through a pitch-black hallway. Four figures illuminated by a sphere of light made their way through the pitch-b
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The maze
Chapter: *The* *Maze*Parker rubbed his chin thoughtfully and immediately shot through the gigantic forcefield, causing a slight ripple to spread from his point of entry outwards in a concentric circle. The moment, he entered, his vision swarmed and he appeared at a field comparable to the size of a football field.The horizon was dark red and blinding brownish rays in the distance emanated from a large red sun, setting at the point, the skies meet the lands. Parker raised his head and stood in shock. A gigantic star system hung above him, it looked like the picturesque view of the universe was painted in the skies. It seemed as if the skies was split in half, the large red sun occupied a region and this starry universe-like painting occupied the other. Rings of dazzling starlight studded the outermost layers of the star system, it was in constant motion. Within the stars were neutron stars, dwarf stars and even an occasional gleam of a terrifying black vortexes devouring
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meeting the president
Chapter: *Meeting* *The* *President* The figure seating on the throne’s piercing gaze landed on Parker. A strange stream of energy shook his mind and his eyes felt like it had exploded into thousands of pieces and the wracking pain was so intense, his body was drenched with sweat. The pendant on the necklace gave out a soft glow, immediately dissolving the pain and stabilized his mind. Parker coughed out a mouthful of blood and didn’t dare meet the eyes of the president’s figure. Greenwood snorted and hefted the obsidian scepter. He didn’t also dare look into the eyes of the president, but he was physically ready. “I thought you said he wouldn’t attack,” Parker groaned in rage. Greenwood’s expression twisted in fear. “He isn’t supposed to. His strength should barely just be in the half-step gold realm. I don’t know why he isn’t taking a passive stance in this confrontation.” Greenwood’s voice was lanced in a bit of fear. The figure on the throne chuckled and stood up, a green r
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An escape plan
Chapter: *An* *Escape* *Plan*The black robed, dark figure radiated a bloodthirsty and ruthless aura, he beamed a smile at the group. For a moment there, it caused their mind to grow tranquil and see this youth in a good first impression. However, Greenwood was shaking, his pupils constricted into a tiny dot and his mouth hang open."Special adviser?!" Greenwood managed to blurt out those words.The rest expression darkened, sweat drenching their backs.'isn't this the special adviser, Greenwood relied on for Intel? We were being set up!'Parker held the pendant of the necklace in his palm, it's warm glow giving him a slight reassurance, that he should be able to escape. "Greenwood, pleasing to see you here" The youthful figure smirked, a red light flashes from his eyes. "It's not pleasing to see you here. What's going on, old friend?" Greenwood couldn't simply believe the man had most likely betrayed him, so he still had a sliver of hope,
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