From Rags To Silk

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From Rags To Silk

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Daniel Lane couldn't seem to catch a break, from losing his job to losing his girlfriend, and then finally losing his scholarship on the same day. He was set up, humiliated and soon reduced to the status of a worthless man. To make matters worse, his only close relative became critically ill and was immediately hospitalized, in need of a large amount of money. Just as Daniel hit rock bottom, he found three letters written in code in the study ...


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Chapter 1
Daniel Lane stared long and hard at his reflection in the mirror. He'd spent a week putting his outfit together. He needed to look the part and dress the part if he wanted to cement a job with the Biopharm Tech group of companies after graduation.He was still in university, a bioengineering student while working part-time. He was determined to secure a permanent job.He wasn't a suit type of guy, but more of a casual or work suit type of guy. However, today was different and a suit was required. He had a big presentation for a new blood pressure prototype device, and to top it off, it was also his birthday. He wore his late father's old brown suit, which contributed to his lack of confidence. It appeared outdated, out of style, and saggy.He had no option; the suit was his Sunday best. Clothes were the last basic necessity he purchased with his limited money. He had to rely on his late father's clothes for the most part. The clothes didn't fit perfectly, but wearing them to work made
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Chapter 2
In the meantime, Shelly, Daniel's girlfriend, walked excitedly into the building, her blond hair neatly tucked behind her. She was dressed in her favorite pink lace dress, which accentuated her blue eyes.She intended to surprise Daniel since it was his birthday today. "Hello, love," she said, but stopped when she saw Daniel walking her way, carrying a box and being shooed by two security guards."What's going on?" She inquired, her eyebrows shooting up at the endpoint.Astonished to see Shelly in the building, Daniel bit his lip and asked, "What are you doing here?"But before Shelly could respond, one of the guards gave Daniel a hard push. ""Piss off!"Daniel hadn’t expected this and lost the grip of the box in his hands as its contents scattered across the floor. His head felt like it was about to explode at any moment."Fuck you off!" He yelled at the guard furiously, but the guard had already turned his back on him and walked away with his colleague."Daniel! Hold on! What’s wro
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Chapter 3
With a racing heart, Daniel scrolled through the message photos of his ex-girlfriend Shelly and one of the popular boys on campus, Micheal Meyers kissing. The photos popped up one after another.Daniel didn’t know much about Micheal except that he was one of those rich guys who roam around the campus in groups now and then in their expensive running cars. It looked like Shelly had successfully gotten taken away by the cars. And from the look on Micheal and Shelly’s faces, they appeared to be enjoying each other's company. Two people in love displaying the love they had for each other. Congratulatory messages from the other students began flooding the chats. They all kept tagging Shelly, who kept responding with loving emojis. He took a long, hard look at her reaction. He couldn't believe that was the same girl he spent the previous night pouring his heart into. The same girl that reciprocated his love. Craig noticed his long tense face as he looked over at his bed. He could tell h
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Chapter 4
Morning came and brought a reminder of the hell he had experienced the day before. Daniel had stayed up awake the whole night while his roommates slept, he lay awake, wallowing in his misery silently, and only dozing off near dawn.Craig and Max had tried to cheer him up, and Max even sang happy birthday to him, to try and cheer him up but he hid beneath his brackets in his thoughts. Craig, who had a deeper understanding, decided to give him space and dragged Max out with him for pizza. When they returned, they found him still under his bracket and decided to leave him alone, The bracket had been his shield during the night, but with the sound of birds, he couldn’t hide forever. He had more important things in mind to worry about, his aunt’s health problem, money, and so on. Besides, he didn't want to hear Craig and Matt’s sympathy or words of encouragement, at least, not right now. Such never yielded or amounted to anything, especially when his life was wrapped around poverty May
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Chapter 5
He originally expected to receive funding and support from BioPharm if his PB prototype had been approved, but the presentation turned out to be a nightmare. He had thought of looking for help from his friends’ family yesterday when he was lying in bed but dropped that idea within seconds. He knew Craig’s family sold jewelry as well as herbs, and Matt’s family focused on mines in the country. None of their family seemed to be specializing in Biomedical Engineering. So why would they fund him? Just as he was thinking hard, a knock at his door jolted him out of his reverie."Yes?""May I enter?" Carol asked merrily.He quickly packed the pieces as they were not ready for use. And, giving false hope to his aunt was the last thing on his agenda. He opened the door, and Carol walked in with a big smile on her face, hiding something behind her. "Here is my birthday boy?""My! Is that a gift for your dear nephew?" Daniel asked, sounding mischievous and excited. "Open it!" Carol beamed w
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Chapter 6
Irritated, George pushed on the trolley again, this time with great force, sending her tumbling to the ground. He was not going to put up with such arrogance from a nobody of low status.Carol landed hard, but she was not one to lie on the ground and be spat at. She attempted to stand, but the little strength she had betrayed her as her body slumped back to the ground. She coughed loudly and held her chest.George moved, not wanting her to cough on his expensive shoes. The woman was sick but defiant.She kept coughing, the push somehow triggered a cough which irritated George and made him feel uneasy, so he looked around to make sure no one was passing by. He took a piece of paper and threw it in her lap."Sell me the house, you need the money to pay for your nephew's tuition," he said.Carol coughed, her gaze fixed on the paper, then up at him."That paper contains the names of the students chosen for the scholarship for next semester," he explained. "And, if you look through it, Dan
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Chapter 7
Daniel thanked his neighbor and walked into the house, deep in thought, trying to control his rage. Only the photos were going to reveal who the man was.His main concern was finding the bank book, so he went straight to his aunt's bedroom. He stood at the doorway, with an idea of where to begin. Carol's room was well-kept, and there wasn't much to go through, so he started with her wardrobe, then her drawers on the dressing mirror, but he couldn't find anything. He quickly looked everywhere but the bank book was nowhere to be found.He paused, pondering his next step. He had practically turned the room upside down, but he couldn't find it. The only item left was the bed. Out of options, he flipped it, not wanting to leave any stones unturned but found nothing.Hope was eluding him, the bank book was his last hope. He walked out of the bedroom, tripping over the items he had thrown around, frustration evident on his face. He needed to find the book fast and get to the bank fast.He wa
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Chapter 8
It was from the hospital, pressing him for payment before time went out. Daniel had expected it, so he wasn’t very surprised.After hanging up the phone, he quickly picked it up again and called Craig. Had Craig said ‘no’, it would be two hundred percent harder for him to solve the problem.Just as Daniel was waiting for Craig, a thought suddenly struck him as he looked down at the relic and bank book he was holding. Although the family enemies had never recognized the family relic, he couldn’t leave the house just like that holding it in the open air, could he? And he definitely had to remove the button from the drawers. The gold in the hidden wooden box was safer there but it needed a portable switch. And for the relic, he went into his room and glued a football sticker on its surface before wearing it around his neck, making it appear as if it was a football team necklace.The family enemies were after the relic and in their perception,THAT THING was embedded in the house, so he
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Chapter 9
Daniel kept staring at the photo, trying to figure out who the man resembled, but the faces eluded him. He was certain the ugly face looked familiar. A knock on the door jolted him out of his reverie.It was the doctor; they exchanged pleasantries before getting right to business. Carol needed to be taken in for surgery. The longer they waited, the worse she would become."Doctor, I understand. I'll prepare the remaining funds," he assured."Please hurry, because if you do not make payments, we will be unable to continue treating her," the doctor explained."I understand, just give me an hour."The doctor nodded as Daniel bolted from the room, carrying the house contract with him. He had thought about the cards in his hands the entire night. So far, the enemies believed they were the ones pulling the strings.He planned to change that, and it was time for the Lanes to start playing their cards. He was going to sell the house to the enemies, and use the money to pay for his aunt's surg
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Chapter 10
Not wanting to get his friend involved or put him in danger, he smiled and thanked him for the second time. What was important was that he now had the faces and names of his enemies. But the last name he expected on the list was the man that stole his scholarship and his girlfriend.He went back to his new apartment, pissed but more determined than ever. The anger he was feeling gave him a new lease to deal with the Meyers. He was going to leave them rotting on the streets just like they had his aunt.He looked at his watch. He only had two days left to move the gold before they came barking. With some of the money he was left with, he bought two huge boxes and headed to the house with a hired moving van.The guards stationed at the house moved closer to the house the moment they noticed the van. Their gaze fixed on whatever the movers were carrying out of the house.Daniel ignored them and went straight to the study room, locked it, and opened the gold enclosure. He still had two da
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