WAR PLANET: The Phantom

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WAR PLANET: The Phantom

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Ronan didn't think his life could get worse after being abducted by an alien. Until that one day, two days, one week, turned into three months, he was forced to to get cozy on a post-war planet fresh out of the dark ages.


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68 chapters
The red star, had fallen. A cloak of astral black tailed the vanquished light, killing sight and sound alike as the trees whispered and danced to a sinister song. Elisious stopped running, taking in a couple sharp breaths of the icy air to look around. He'd seen the final light. Faint and quick as it died, and he certainly felt the tingling of energy in the air. He should've been right on top of it by now... or close.He looked around for any figures in the towering black trees. Mystral ran out only twenty minutes before he got the news. Twenty minutes deeper in the foreboding black of night, and twenty fatalistic minutes lost in the forest chasing a shade of a rumour come to life.Somewhere in the wall of trees, her only child had run out. Deep into the forest that had seen more blood than rain for weeks."Rastastrill," he said as he formed a brilliant ball of light in his cupped hands, illuminating the unholy surroundings. Before he could scour the dancing shadows there was a snap,
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Chapter 1
PRESENT DAYA binder full of papers rocketed towards the floor along with a couple of worn down textbooks, a grey blur fleeing the scene and pattering down the hall. Ronan shot up out of his covers. Eyes alert for danger and a threateningly fluffy black sock in his right hand— ready for defending if need be. It took a while for him to process the scene before him, and by then it was too late to punish the culprit."Jay," he growled, pushing off his mess of white covers and jumping to his feet. His ebony hair was a makeshift bird's nest, the few strands poking in his vision glistening in the sunlight reaching through his window.With an instinctive glance he inspected the time, it's 7:23.He groaned, seven minutes of sleep wasted. The day like any other day had begun.A uniform sat folded on his smooth metal desk, it was unique — to say the least — with its navy blue plaid overcoat and silky black dress pants that flapped madly with the slightest breeze. Ronan threw it on, tiredly scoo
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Chapter 1.2
Ronan stared at his textbook pretending to read the small section on buoyancy, but his focus was entirely on the exchange student. Sonya had left with one of her friends to ask Mr. Sanders a truckload of review questions, leaving him to babysit Red. That in itself would have been fine, if he hadn't caught the creep staring at him over his odd book every time he looked away. He flicked his gaze up again, catching Red as he quickly looked down, his vacantly friendly gaze pretending to skim the texts of his own book. The silence ensued, Ronan slowly turning back to his textbook, and slamming it shut with an audible snap as he felt Red's gaze upon him again. He smiled at Red's confusion, gently placing the textbook down and rising to his feet. "I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." A chair screeched as Ronan turned away, forcing him to stop and glance at the Russian exchange student closely tailing him. "I'll be right back. Can you just watch my textbook?" Red stopped in
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Chapter 2
He stared in cold panic at the cloaked figure perched upon the bus, their menacing shadow blotting out the sunlight as they slowly rose with a creeping smile. He couldn't tell if it was the same person Red had been stalking, nor if they'd been sitting on top of the bus this whole time, and shirked his attention. All he knew was their presence held an inhuman quality, their sharpened pale features stretching into a wretched grin as they stared at Ronan.Before the figure moved, Ronan did what came naturally to him, lifting up his phone and snapping a picture against the halo of sunlight shadowing the creature's form. As he stared at the blackened shadow living in his camera, his mind raced to wondering what the hell he was doing, the real panic sending a pulse of energy straight through his heart as he jumped to his feet.In the chaotic jumble of emotions, the only thing the stranger had moved was its mouth, teeming with amusement while its beady black eyes carved through his soul. Ron
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Chapter 3
Ronan ran faster than he ever knew he could, desperately pushing to keep up with Red's abnormal pace. The band of bat monsters were close behind, holding their human appearance and riding the tailwind of the two boys, gradually picking up speed.Groups of people leapt out of the way as they tore down the sidewalk. The acreage was in sight, but exhaustion took over Ronan as he gasped for air and slowed his pace. He stole a quick glance over his shoulder at the billowing cloaks of their guests, they were closing in fast. Ronan yelped, doubling his speed and whipping past Red into the grassy field.The two boys vaulted the gate without even checking the lock, and dashed into the house. Ronan immediately snapped down every lock he could find on the door, bracing the doorknob with a chair he collapsed on to regain his breath. "What the f—""Chirops," Red cut in, giving the window a quizzical stare. "They're not supposed to be here.""Chirops?" Ronan gave Red an exaggerated nod as he smiled
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Chapter 3.2
The Telly hummed loudly, slipping out of Ronan's hands and slamming into the floor. White lines crawled across the sphere as it cracked open, leaking a blinding white light that engulfed the floor. He tried to flee, but the liquid light grabbed his feet, preventing him from moving. Cobalt was all he heard before the light sucked him down into the floor and felt like he was riding a short circuiting roller coaster, spinning out of control through a rainbow tube of light and losing all sense of direction.He managed to get a clear view as the tunnel ended, floating into a gravity-free clearing filled with hundreds of swirling rainbow tubes. The scene was breathtaking, but also extremely worrisome to Ronan, who was still trying to process what was happening.Red slid out of the same tunnel, carrying Jeremy and Ragdoll with him. Ronan tried to speak to him, but nothing came out of his mouth as he strained to talk in the numbing silence. Red dropped the two cats, pointing to a large hole f
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Chapter 3.3
Red tried to distract Ronan with random tidbits of information on whatever they passed, but Ronan was more interested in the fact Red had shrugged off diving from a large cliff, and mentally debilitated by the shock still spiking through his brain. The panic hadn't kicked in, allowing mind to focus on the new cache of questions racing through his mind, including Red's successful jaunt at destroying the laws of physics, and reasons for kidnapping him of all people.The two had been walking along the edge of the forest for what felt like hours, taking into account the two stars' abilities to elongate the passage of time with the scorching energy they produced. Red had been humming 'It's a Small World After All' to himself for the past hour, and the constant repetition of it was wearing Ronan's patience dangerously thin. He couldn't believe how long the forest was and why they couldn't just walk through it, rather than looping around the thing, but Red was content on avoiding doing so fo
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Chapter 4
Maria stood patiently outside two large silver doors. She awaited the moment they would open, for her sister was behind them, doing who knows what in her test. Maria was a respectable third year who stood above ordinary, but nowhere near prodigious, except in her skill set. However, her sister Veronica was cause for concern, with her mischievous experiments and lack of taking the time to hone any of her skills. The thought of her being put in a rank below her potential was haunting at the least, it would do anything but improve her attitude.She was surprised the room hadn't burst into a fit of uncontrollable flames by now, which was good. She watched the huddles of people traverse the large lobby room; most of them were chatty teenagers, with the exception of a few parents and teachers that scoured the crowds for punishable misbehaviour. The lobby room itself was substantial in surface area and height, but didn't come close to comparing with the main chamber in size, or beauty. The b
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Chapter 4.2
Ronan stood silently in the presence of what appeared to be friends of Red, contemplating possible opportunities to escape the place, or at least Red.He couldn't however... After uncovering Red's true intentions, and realising how stupidly calm he was about being on another planet. Ronan had attempted one of his escape plans, but no sooner than a few seconds into initiating it, Ronan found he was frozen; in a sense that the only things he could move were his eyes. What's worse was Red gained control of his motions, and marched him right into the building with ease. Ronan couldn't call for help nor flee as he followed Red through crowds of young teenagers, most of them appearing happy and full of conversation that they distributed with their company, but he couldn't bring himself to understand the source of their enthusiasm.Red had walked him across a large hall made of crystalline walls, lined with multiple pictures of strange armour-clad people. Some rode fearsome beasts, while oth
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Chapter 5
The second molve turned to the boy, that had obliviously collided with its behind. He was slumped against the wall, clutching a sharp object in one hand, the other holding the back of his head while squinting in undeniable pain. The sight produced a slice of pity, and the molve couldn't help feeling sorry for him, so instead of ending the test at that moment it backed off a few feet to growl threateningly in his direction, giving him a chance to get his head back in the game.Ronan pulled himself to his feet, looking at his palm now streaked with fresh blood. The molve barked and snarled viciously as he heard the responding howls of the other five. He turned to face his enemy, it was a fortress, plated with raw impregnable stone stretching all the way from its head to the tip of its clubbed tail. Except it's broad chest, where its stone skin cracked open to reveal that beautiful orange light, the core of its animation, its weakness.At least, that was what he hoped.Ronan's dagger war
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