Night walker

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Night walker

By: Kayler Hood Ongoing

Language: English

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Journey was not as easy has James had planned, he was seeking the group he had belonged. His journey was going smooth until he had a group, the group was really ygood at first until he noticed they were slowing him down.


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10 chapters
The Beginning
One fateful night, my parents went for a night party which I thought was weird because they were not really into parties and not only that, my dad always rub his palms together when he is telling a lie and he is always sweating when he is doing it, I don't want to be a really disturbing or monitoring kid before they start thinking about my late brother because parents can behave very funny sometimes, they could go ahead to compare their children with each other. I had installed series of cameras into their car, on the hand bag my mom was carrying, on my dad's tie, if it was possible I would have put it into their body, every since the death of my brother I have always been careful of where I went to and where anyone I love went to and the fact that they had been behaving suspicious lately was getting on my nerves, I even went ahead to eardrop on their conversation that morning but I could not really hear what they we were saying buy from what I have heard, it loomed like th
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That night as we played in the woods, I got tasty and decided to take a break from our play, he was scared and he wanted to go get me water but I instead he stayed and made sure the stars did not move an inch before I returned, I ran inside as fast as possible because I knew he was scared but on my way out I decided to go check on our parents, they were doing fine then I decided to grab him a cup of water maybe he might be tasty but when I returned to our secret hideout, a man was holding his head, he had a really scary mask on which made him look like a fox, he had fangs too and he had a chain which was more like a medal, a golden one with the sunset on it, I ran back to the house screaming, the man did not run after me, he just walked as he followed me, I ran inside sweating and shivering, my mom covered me with a blanket as I placed my head on her laps, she gently placed her hands on my fore head, her I could feel her warm hands but it was enough to keep my whole body warm.
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New me
I woke up in a unfamiliar place, it was a really small room with lot of men in it, I was wondering why I was in the midst of fully grown men, I woke up before any of them, I panicked when I looked around and I was in a cell, a small window, a gate, a metal one really strong. I leaned against the gate thinking about how the beast inside had put me in trouble, my parents were killed and I ended up my life as a prisoner, as i was lost in thought, a fly flew in my direction, buzzing everywhere, it got on my nerves and I could barely think, I decided to kill, I missed so many times, chased it round the cell gently not really interested in waking up the others, it ended up landing on the cell gate, I got my book ready to kill the fly, applying all my anger, I raised the book really high and hit and made my move, to my surprise the gate went wide open as the fly flew out of the cell, I followed too and shut the gate on our way out. I was really stinking, I ran back home, got some rea
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Since the night of my brothers I could not stay in the dark, anytime I step foot in the dark, I start having nightmares, James would think people were trying to kill him, he would be screaming and sweating like he was fighting with someone. There was time the power supply was cut, they whole were having a family dinner before the power supply shortage, it took only five minutes to turn back the power supply, James already stabbed his his self claiming to see to have seen some one try to strangule him so instead of allowing the man to kill him, he killed his self just be on the save side, the parents removed the knife in his stomach, left the wound to heal. They attacked with full force all of them hitting me at the same time it was really hard to know where to block or who to hit, even with the fact he was fast, he was fast enough, they were not really ready to beat me till bleed, it was like they wanted me to move from where I was standing, James thought he would not
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Shake off
Last night, I met another creature, it was weird that he was alone and he was in an hurry that he did not see me coming, we clashed into each other, he seemed lost but he was shy to ask for directions. We were both injured, but I wad less worried about my wounds cause i was dure it would heal but I was worried about the strange energy I felt when I was with, the energy James felt made him heal a lot faster, it was like he was draining his power, from the energy James felt , he could tell that he was not just any random creature like the Red fox, he was the sone of a Blue fox and a Red rare fox, rare combination. As James continued his journey, he remembered that if he could heal fastsr than the creature he met few minutes ago, that means he was stronger but there was no know creature stronger that the creature he had met, this made James scared of his self. Getting the police off our trail was really going to difficult but as time passed it became easier, thanks to the c
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New home
They were six in numbers, they were still surprised and shocked about who could report them to the cops, they had to change towns again, it was the third time James had to change his town, he was not really happy about it but since the only thing he cared about in that town was coming along, Kate he was fine with the decision, they all packed all what they needed, the rest that were not useful to them, they burnt it in the house, they made the fire look like an accident so the police would be off their trail and they might be able to settle in the new town. They moved to another state, In this state the towns were numbered, they were staying at town 106, this numbering the town has did not stop each houses in the town from having their own numbers likw all the other houses in the other country, since it was their first time in such a town, some of them decided to look around while some were too exhausted so they went straight into the house to rest. The next day,
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Judging from the video, the cops were the victim here, they were chasing one of earth most dangerous beast into a lonely dark place with just two short guns, they did not have the diamond bullet and if they had, it was useless because a short does not enough force to propelle the diamond bullet. James and his friends thought maybe John could need a hand even he had told them he was fine, only a physco would go after a park of the most dreadful beast of the dark, except he had a sucide mission. When John got to where the fourght night were, he was shocked at their size and how much anger he saw in their eye, the police were not really the victim here, the fourgth night wolves were, he could see the fear and anger in the young fourght night wolves, John was lost in their cute wide blue eye that he forgot he was in-between the officers and the fourgth night, he was expecting the officers to run like every normal people but they waited, waiting for him to leave the middle so they
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Dark Visions
Immediately James tried to carry him, his wounds started healing, it was weird and surprising because John was a human but he was still unconscious, no clan could do that, James knew only gods could heal that fast, he took John back to the base, as he walked along he noticed the corpses of warriors, different clans dead, the cheif commander of the army also died on the battle ground, so many innocent humans were dead, as he got close to the base, he saw a guy, he looked old and young at the same time, he had white long hairs, it was certain that he was a wizard but James was confused when he asked him to find him, he was like why he could not save them immediately or why could he not come find him ? James was not sure how he had gotten home but all he know was he woke up on his bed in the house his mom died, he remembered he had burnt down the house, the house does not scratch like it had been in a fire attack, James jump off his bed, ran down the stairs and to his surprise,
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The new journey
Kate was not sure of what to do the prisoner they left with her, the team had told her not to let her eye off the prisoner but she was not sure if there was still a team cause their parents were angry with them an they no more in the town. Something kept bothering Kate, the fact that their parents eyes were not like normal humans, it was purely black no white, even if she wanted to help, she needs to find a wizard strong enough to break the spell like the Wizard of Hood. The Wizard of Hood were one of the greatest set of Wizards, they lived in a special gown called Rivers, in this town there was a school named Ancient, that's where the wizards trains to get better and the pain young wizards to be great. What made these set of Wizards special was the fact that they were from the lineage of the Night Creatures, one of the greatest night clan and Mortgage witch. Back in the years the Ancient was a school that was created to help the fist clans of night creatures control th
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Moving from town to town was tiring and stressful, but Kate could not complain because she was the fuel of the journey, if she gives up everyone does. The journey became very stressful when someone stole their car when they were at the town of the oldies, they had parked it out side town by the time they returned their car was no more there, they searched the area for in but the could no find it, they continued their journey on foot. It was easy at first since the road was smooth and well constructed road but walking in the sandy desert was not easy, as they moved forward, the sand then to drag them backwards, after facing this trouble for about five days, they saw someone who was head the opposite direction they were heading and they had a spare horse, the prisoner said he had a plan which actually made sense " We could ride with them to the nearest station, get a horse and continue our search." Kat and her dad were surprise, all he had been talking about ever since they sta
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