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Everyone around me dies, was that because of me or this world, I am one of the seven nameless? ha, what a joke


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"It's a Boy." She says. I stand over the only one except for my love that I care about in this world, my pup and heir. The one to inherit the power from the moon goddess, his cries were evermore resounding in our minds. "He looks like you," I say to her, "But his eyes, are of mine". "Of course his eyes are yours, he looks like trouble already doesn't he Marcus". She says to remind me of the times before I met her. "Old times are past, he will understand when he finds his mate. My dear, Olivia." As I bend down to kiss her on her forehead, I hear a sound, coming from outside the cabin, I would've known ascent was here and I've been listening for any noises. How is that possible?! "Wait here," I say then turn over to look past the door. I hope this isn't what it means. As I reach forward to the door, I finally got the scent, this scent, I know it. SHIT!! It is as I…. The door bursts open as I grab my weak mate as she clutches out child, I cant turn to deal with them and I hear th
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It's been years and years ends. Why can't I find a small pup that hasn't even seen the world. I can't operate freely as the other packs would be alert about it and know it's mine that's done this. The situation happening in the world would shock a lot as the six-packs are trying to rule over each other but it's impossible. I sigh. This would have been much simpler had we come for them while they were at their weakest, who would've thought those two could do such damage although not being the chosen8. I stand up from my desk only to walk towards the door, a plan in process on how to get this child before it becomes a thorn at my side. I stop at a door with some stickers on it, and knock, as loud as I can, my mind on other things when the door opens and I couldn't feel my hand hit the hard surface, but there stood the one I wanted, my daughter. "Hey dad, Good morning". She says in a half yawn half-awake state. "Hey peach, how was your night?" I ask looking closely at her "Good, a
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My heart was racing, pounding even, I can't believe I had to try this hard for this, I turn to see a figure on the ground, its heart beating even louder and faster than mine. How did he do it? "I won again this time, Michael," I say in a very shaky voice Michael is the one who's raised me, well, he and Esther, both raised me even though they didn't have a child of their own so technically I'm their son, but not their son. I guess you could say because they are humans, and I'm a werewolf, I can't be their son but because I'm raised by them, I am. "This time, y you did go all out huh" he replied to me while almost breaking out in a laugh. "Yeah, I've also been learning the combat techniques you taught me. Wanna have a go?" I ask half expectant and half doubtful he'll want to spar. "Nope. There are limits to how far I can go Damien, also you need to fight someone of the same physique, I'll be a limit." He replies, analysing everything as usual. "Okay okay. Then let's head back, I'm
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"Bergh" blood spurted from my mouth, my insides were in turmoil from the many spears stuck in me, I was still in my wolf form which made this uncomfortable to be in. I decided the first thing to do was to remove the dagger to my heart with my paw, and after that, the spears were a problem, I would have to change back but some of my bones and ribs would be heavily distorted and broken. As soon as the dagger was out, I shifted back, my human form was monstrous, some bones sticking out and some inwardly piercing my organs, how am I still alive?!! I removed the seven spears stuck to me and what happened next surprised me, the bones and wounds on my body were getting put back in place and healed. My internal organs healed almost immediately, at first I was utterly shocked until I remembered what that shadow had said. I couldn't be happy, I looked around me, ashes were everywhere, the house I grew up in, was burned down to the ground with nothing left, and the woman who raised me, as we
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After burying what was left of them, I walked away, from everything I once knew. I thought about where I could go but it never occurred to me. I had reached the highway, no one was on it, I turned right, which led to a town and started jogging towards it, the only place in my mind to turn to was my aunt. Jesse, she wasn't much in my life but she wasn't a stranger, she was just too busy, and hated that Esther married Michael. I keep running without a care in the world with that mysterious wolf's words on my mind. … About thirty minutes later, I had reached the town, it was lively, I had never once been allowed to come to the town, I was only made to stay there. Looking back now, I can see why but I can't understand, why me?! I look at myself, a dirty looking ash pants and a hoodie, without any sneakers. I put the hoodie up my head to cover my face and I walk into the town, I hated this, all of this, all I've ever felt was anger, and now I can't control it… before I did, but that
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six years later. He was coming back today, would I finally be able to see him? I pack up my hair in a messy bun and run out after one more look in the mirror, nothing must go wrong. I left my room and started running down this large hallway which honestly on a normal day is quite a scene to admire but not today. he was finally coming back, it's been five years since I last saw him, and yeah we may have talked on the phone but that's nothing compared to seeing him in person. Now leaving this huge mansion and getting into the car waiting for me, I shut the door and they drive off towards the airport, it was at least a thirty-minute drive. I sigh, remembering the first time we got here, he had said that he would have to leave to go train and that he won't come back till he's sure of something, he never did explain, and on the phone and chats, he's always cold so I could never know what was on his mind. I've been doing well in my training, I can for sure surprise him now; back when we
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We had arrived at the stake house, she had called the girl named Victoria to come and see me, as we sat down waiting, she couldn't stop talking, I wasn't annoyed but it's been too long since I needed to talk."-and she's a big help to me, don't scare her okay??" she finished off."yeah," I say.I ordered medium rare, the largest they could bring and ask for more of it, as take-away, for the rest of them. As the waiters were carrying it toward us, the door to the restaurant opened and the scent of a female wolf caught my attention, when I turned to her, she looked like she was searching for someone and then caught my eyes, before looking beside me and seeing Bella."Oh hi Bella," she says as she walks toward us.She looked sly, with a cute face and a body to match, she didn't look odd but ever since I got these abilities from the wolf back then, I could tell, just which wolf is worth my time and not worth my time, meaning I could tell which was good and which, like her, had bad intenti
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It has been three days, and neither aunt J nor I have seen or heard from Bella, it's unsettling but I couldn't put much thought into it, she should be fine, but to make sure, I sent Ralph, the bigger one of the three lycans that came with me. Lycans overall are better than the wolves now because the moon goddess reduced our tremendous strength over the past millennium and only left those that became immortal with just a speck of the original seven nameless powers.I sigh, he will find her.I look at the time and see its 1:30 pm, when its 2:00 pm ill have to leave the school and start my search for them again; albeit slow, for the past few days, my lifestyle has been to wake up, workout, train, shower, come to the school as principal and then look for clues that would lead to my parent's death.My phone buzzes, and I pick it up and answer the call, it was an unknown id but I could pretty much guess who this was."Kane.""Yes, master Damien." He says, he may be calling me master now, b
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IMPOSSIBLE" she says, the look in her eyes, she finally got the message. I take the child in her hands by the hair and walk away, she indeed tried to stab me but they stopped her, she thinks that she's in power right now. I sigh, that demon in me I could feel it telling me to kill this child and indeed I want to, but not in the school, I put the kid in the trunk and get inside the car. She rides with the others or I just might kill her and that would be too easy for her. I never thought much about what I would do when I get her or anyone related to her, but now that I do, I'm going to first kill the one in my trunk in the most horrible way I can think of and when that's over, I'll chain the girl that stabbed me and torture her while getting the information about the rest. My phone rings and it was rollo, I didn't pick it up, I don't want to be giving orders and stuff, those are troublesome. She's a grown girl and you're a local, just solve it however you want. … I had finally re
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Master tortured that kid for so long before ripping her legs out, then her arms next, then pulled out her tongue and ripped out her head. The woman beside me cried and wailed so much that her eyes had swollen and her skin were blood red and charred from the silver burning into her body whenever she tried to reach out for her child. Now he was standing in front of her, just starring into her eyes, doing nothing, no malice, no emotion, just lost. He looked at the side and brought some water for her, which is odd, isn't this torture, why bring water? He forced her mouth open and poured it down and closed her mouth and held her nose, which made her swallow it, and she started shaking, screaming as he kept holding her mouth and nose closed, what was he doing?? After a few seconds, she passed out and he left her mouth and nose and what followed through was blood, he turned to me, "Remove that from here." He said, and went back to the table to wipe his hands and gave it to me to throw a
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