A mermaid in the herd

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A mermaid in the herd

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My name is Alanna, I believe. I have lost myself in the depths of an island. I don't know where I'm from, or what my real name is, I just know that a pack of wolves has rescued me. I will have to fight against the Alpha and the Beta of the pack, but something dark blooms in me, something I did not know, a mythological being that lived inside me. A mermaid, yes, I am one of the most beautiful mermaids in the world.


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7 chapters
The shipwreck
I don't know if it was day, or maybe night. Death is supposed to bring numbness, so why did I feel pain in my body?I felt my back burning from the heat, and the sting of the salty waves of the sea crashing hard against my body. I felt like my head was going to explode at any moment. I don't understand, the sand flooded my body as I rested on a huge, worn-out piece of cardboard. I raise my hand, trying to soothe the burning in my face, but, I notice a few small streams of blood coming out of my head. —What happened to me? I ask myself silently. There's something else here, some kind of strange, rough substance around my wound. I needed to soothe the blood, but, "with what?" I think to myself. I clenched my hand tightly, trying to seal that void above my head. "I don't want to die here" I whispered to myself. The past didn't come to my mind. I have no idea what's going on around me. "Where am I, what happened to me?" I rest my head on a rock above me. Trying to squeeze out m
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An encounter with reality
A faint glow came out of the corner of my eyes, while a strange smell flooded my nostrils. All my senses left me, as my ears began to pick up voices all around me. —Oh, look, he's waking up,— mentioned an elderly female voice.What a relief to hear more than the chattering voices of men. —She's very pretty,— said a childish voice, possibly coming from a girl. I gasped faintly as my head bobbed aimlessly. I summoned my strength and tried to open my eyes, but only my eyelids trembled as I continued to struggle, —Look, she's trying to open her eyes, I can't wait to see her colour,— said the childish voice again. —Alanna, Alanna, wake up little one. I am Daphne, the healer of this village,— came the voice of the same old woman.They knew my name. I immediately assumed that the tan-skinned man had told them. With great effort I managed to open my eyes, and in front of me lay that woman, elderly, with dark skin and green eyes as bright as emeralds, who greeted me with a smile when sh
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Alpha over the moon
The man looked at me and raised his hand as a gag over my lips to silence my voice. —Shut up, woman! —he shouted after me. All around me I heard rapid footsteps running towards the room where I was. Rafar, his eyes fixed on me, appeared down the corridor I had walked down, and behind him Daphne came back to me, her face worried and her heart pounding with fright. Iker was not far behind, but I heard him enter the scene, striding down the spiral staircase, behind her came an unfamiliar woman, with a whitish complexion and light eyes. She was perhaps the age of a woman who could have been my mother. The front door was full of people watching my body tied to my face with the hands of this tall, fearsome man. I looked at them in intrigue, I was afraid, I didn't know where I had got to. The man let go of my face awkwardly and pushed me backwards. I could have fallen to the ground, but Rafar reached out and grabbed my body as I lay in the air. I felt his warm hand caress my waist and
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Unknown ecstasy
Time was passing over him like lightning. I was beginning to understand their routines. I had my own room, on the west side of the house, and I knew the rest of the pack. They usually lived as a family, but the alpha Ascar, the beta lived alone, separate from everyone else. I spent my time with them, but I couldn't understand the strange names they gave each other. I always spent my time as far away from Ascar as possible, I didn't want to meet him. But, at night, sleep would not come to me. Loud howling succumbed outside, although in the mornings I never saw any animal howling. It was a bit strange and confusing. —Alanna, Alanna, come help us over here,— mentioned one of the girls in the pack. She's a very pretty girl, Julie, with reddish hair and pink cheeks. Her eyes didn't lie, they were bright green, just like her mother, Daphne and her brother Ascar. She was charming, just like Iker, her daughter. Julie wanted me to help her with some sewing, no problem, I had been taught an
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Cursed encounters
A cool breeze was coming from the east. My legs were shaking and it was time to go back to the manda, maybe the food was ready to be served. I asked Rafar to leave me alone for a moment, I needed to think for a while, maybe a piece of my memories would return there, under that leafy tree. —Don't force your memory back,— Rafar said, with a different expression on his face.His look was serious, and his cheeks returned to their natural tan. I felt nervous, I stopped looking into his eyes and turned to the sky, it was late morning, the sun was exposed in its entirety surrounded by a huge cloud. —Relax Rafar, I'm fine,— I said, expressing calmness in my words. It was in vain, Rafar insisted on returning to the amanzanada, it was cold, my body couldn't stand it. He looked at me with authority, but not a scary one, but one full of concern and gentleness. He reached out one of his hands and took my arm gently. —Come with me, come on,— he added, as he pulled me with him back to the herd.
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What the fuck had happened? Iker was a wolf, a FUCKING WOLF! But what the fuck were my eyes seeing?I was scared, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was in the middle of 3 wolves and a grotesque looking man. I looked up and saw Iker, so small, howling at the top of his lungs.But it was strange, it was the same howling that used to invade me at night and keep me awake. It all made sense, those paws I heard when Caleb and Rafa found me; he sniffed them, the hatred towards "humans" that Ascar always utters when he sees me. It was obvious, they were a pack of wolves. They had no animals, they were the animals. -The girl must be too important to the cub not to give her to us. Bring her in! commanded the pot-bellied man to one of the wolves. Iker raised his head and glared at him with hatred as he took a few steps towards me and covered me with his engulfed body. I thanked him for everything, but, I was small, it was almost impossible for me to fight those huge wolves. He cornered
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Discovering my partner
Between the chairs I saw him walk in front of me, and he went to the counter. I saw him open one of the cupboards and take something from there. I could hear him pour water into some glass, and I could even hear him take a deep gulp of water. Fear was coursing through my body, I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and started begging the world to get him out of there so I could run to my room. Maybe all the deities of the world heard me, and decided to ignore me. My eyes opened immediately, as I heard the sound of a loud thud against the granite countertop in my ears. My eyes darted in the direction of Ascar's feet, who was walking backwards, I thought he would open the door and walk down the corridor, however, I failed in my thoughts and he turned back to the table. My eyes reddened, and my body was sweating, I could hear my heart beating throughout my body. I was mua, still sealing my mouth and nose. —Please world, don't let Ascar find me. Please, please, please, please, please— I ke
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