A powerful mage before, A ring now!?

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A powerful mage before, A ring now!?

By: GrandDaddy OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Once a powerful Mage in the world of Aqealer... but because of his own obsession's on traversing through world to world. He ended up being dead in his attempt but somehow was reincarnated as a ring in another world. Which make him happy but without his original body? Would he become weak or as powerful as before.


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7 chapters
Chapter 1: Greatest Mage!
In a World Of Aeqelar, there was a rumor that someone had lived almost a thousand years. Most people just thought of it as a myth; all of this because they have never seen me before. I do exist but I rarely go out to the town, and I never had a friend before. That's why I was able to conceal my identity when I'm going somewhere in the world of Aeqelar. My name is Arvon. I am one thousand and twenty-two years old, and I could quite accurately describe myself as Immortal. The reason why I live this long is that I'm a talented mage that created the Elixir of Immortality. Still creating the Elixir of Immortality wasn't the thing that I wished for. I became a mage and created that elixir because my life wouldn't last that long without it. Without the elixir, I wouldn't fulfill my lifelong obsession since I was eleven years old. That was to go into a different world and experience a new life in that other world. Since then, I was continually gaining knowledge about it but soon I realiz
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Chapter 2: Becoming A Ring!?
Finally, we had arrived as the treasure chest had been opened up. I could yet see the light again and I hope that I wouldn't be in the dark anymore. It's just that after being so long in the dark, I feel sick of it."So do you think you could sell all of this item at a high price?""Let me check all of the items first. There might be something that has no value at all…"That last person talking might be a merchant who wanted to see how all the treasure chest items are worth. I'm sure that the merchant would notice me and I would finally continue my dream.A giant hand began to take an item inside the treasure chest as I heard all of the things were quite valuables and could be sold at such a high price in the market.There were a lot of things in the treasure chest. At first, I thought the merchant wouldn't see me because there was a lot of other stuff. But a few minutes later, it was somewhat weird as the merchant didn't notice me at all, the items in the treasure chest weren't that
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Chapter 3: In Another World Finally!!
I have to wait almost half an hour for her to calm herself down finally. At that time, I repeatedly tell her that I'm not a cursed ring and she shouldn't be a scare at all."Are you okay?" I asked the girl as there were still some tears left."I'm okay but are you really not a cursed ring at all?""You could rest assured that I am not that sort of ring, I understand why you felt that way but again I am telling you that I simply a wooden ring."I could tell that within the girl's eyes that she still doubted me. Right now, she had no choice to trust me as she couldn't take me off her finger."So why can't I remove the ring? If you aren't a cursed ring, it would easily be taken off just like a normal ring would do…""Unfortunately, I also don't know why." I said, "But don't need to worry as I am a talented mage. I would think of a way for you to remove me finally!""A talented mage? How could a wooden ring be a mage… It doesn't make any sense as you don't even have a body." The girl said
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Chapter 4: A Mysterious Man
People in this village don't have the required tools to start a farm, even though we have large fields it is pretty useless for us if we don't have those things.Until Madam Nia came to this village and started to help us, she provided the tools and all of the seeds in exchange that all of the crops that had been harvested must be sent to her.Of course, when the elder of the village hears about this. They immediately disagree as it's like the whole village was simply a slave. The villagers demand that they keep the crops for themself as this was our land.Madam Nia simply told all of the villagers that she wouldn't get any benefit by helping us. The main reason she came to this village was to gain more money. Our village doesn't belong to any aristocrats so it will be easy for her to become this place owner."Wait there is something that I wanted to ask, Is Madam Nia, an aristocrat?""Yes, Madam Nia does come from a pretty well-known family in the kingdom and because of that it makes
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Chapter 5: The Feast of The Night
The silence remained until we all had reached Liora house. I don't know why, but I feel that the man would do something terrible all of the time. It might be because he was wearing a mask and didn't want to talk that much.Not to mention the weird magical aura that comes from this guy. Maybe because I had become a ring that my magic sense was all messed up right now or it could just be this world had a different magical aura from a human in my world.Still, I found it a bit surprising that Liora just had a faint magical aura when I first met her. I could hardly notice it but it doesn't matter that much as she wouldn't become a mage after all."Thank you. You could put down the cask already as we're already in front of my cabin," Liora says.I do notice that Liora was kind of living far from the rest of the village. There are only a few cabins around her home."It's better for me to carry it all the way inside your home." That man replied.Were people in this world this kind? I know th
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Chapter 6: The Mage Apprentice
The vampire slowly opens the doors. It was indeed a lady holding a baby in her arms. The lady was a bit surprised that she saw a man opening that door. She must have expected that Liora would open it.When the door was open, Liora shouts as loud as she could tell the lady to run away from this place. The lady immediately notices Liora was on the floor and starts to question the vampire instead of running."Who're you, young man… What're you doing inside Liora house and why is Liora on the floor?" The lady said that.The vampire didn't reply at all as he showed his bloodthirsty expression towards the lady. The moment he does that, I could sense that this vampire was using another spell. I know pretty well about it as I always do it when I am in a challenging situation to get some items.The spell that he was using was none other than a charm spell, reading the magical energy that the vampire used on that spell. I guess it was one of the basic ones. It would not be that effective agains
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Chapter 7: Vampire Slayer
Even with the vast magical energy that Liora had at this moment, it would be a waste if she keeps doing the light orb spell. It doesn't even hit the vampire even once and I know that Liora needed to learn a new kind of spell to kill this vampire."Liora stops wasting magical energy like that. I know that you're angry but try to control the anger," I say as she didn't seem to listen to me.Liora kept casting the light orb spell as the vampire slowly advanced towards her."Hahaha! I assume you're a novice mage… you couldn't cast any other spell and it took you quite a long time to cast one." The vampire says as both of his hands had transformed into a sharp blade and if that hit Liora, I am sure that she would die instantly.When I took a closer look at that sharp blade, I noticed that there's some spell that had been cast on it. If I was not mistaken, I think the spell was called Decaying Blood.I don't use that kind of spell but I do have experienced its effect before. When I was in a
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