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Osama Hiro Khan is the main protagonist of Bimeathest, who rebelled against heaven's will to thwart the evil creator God plan, after finding out the truth that there were other aeons far superior to their maker who cloaked the universe in darkness by disguising it with false light. What was thought good was eventually evil, that humanity had long forgotten who they were as they render their powers to the one whom they worship. Bimeathest is based on a biblical story that gives the full details of how the fallen angels, accursed ones and demons spent their days on earth. Demons still roam free today as do the angels who are assigned to assist the humans in overcoming the evil plot of the demons. Bimeathest is also based on past, present and future events. It's a guide and a complete realistic story of the bible that is been translated to give us an insight on how the world works. The translation of Bimeathest simply reveals itself as to what is known as "I AM THE BEAST". This novel relates to the physical world itself and what is to come at the end time. Fully translated to better prepare humanity for the second coming, for Armageddon awaits once more which will decide the fate of all life and creation that ever existed and still is. The information given in Bimeathest is a resourceful means to help better humanity as well as to prepare for what is known as the end of the world. For details given are broken down for a better understanding, and hidden messages, encrypted text or decrypted text has been deciphered. Bimeathest at its best enlightens you to another level of great knowledge and empowerment.


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Chapter One: Rebellion
This is a story you've heard before, a story which became a legend, a legend that became a myth and now that myth which was long forgotten without any doubt or disbelief seems to have a secret binding to its truth that is yet to be revealed. This is a tale of an ancient times, an era before the humans and gods were forever divided and where destiny lies within our deepest desires. The battle we face isn't ours alone, the troubles and temptation, the hunger, the strive of each conquest devoted to one another, the desire for power, where did it all begin? Eons ago, before the creation of man, everything was good... Everything was perfect. It was a never ending joy, well for most of us anyways. This took place in a divine realm, a place of heavenly beings pure and true except for one, who sort the heart and in his heart was full of iniquity, he was the bright and morning star amongst all divine creation, he was granted free will; a will to choose what was right and what
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Chapter Two: A call for a journey
It's been six thousand years after the war between the fallen and humans, after the death of Azriel and her son. This leads to a new era of untold mystery.The six dragon crystals were shared amongst the four solid kingdoms over all kingdoms of the world. The Zhou to Jin kingdom which is the heart of all kingdoms were the war began, the Nylobab kingdom who is well loyal to the Zhou to Jin kingdom ruled by Queen Xara, the kingdom of Medo-Persya who's known for their pride of greatness ruled by king Mammon Sa and the kingdom of Gypet ruled by Shu'ri Rah known for their taste and conquest for empires. These were the four main pillars of all kingdoms amongst of forty-four kingdoms approximately and each kingdom possessed the dragon crystal.The twelve tribes were scattered amongst the four Kingdoms in perspectives to defend and protect was their obligation. The dragon crystals were divided amongst the four Kingdoms. Read more
Chapter Three: A home and a fallen kingdom
After the defeat of Xylda village, home of the demi-humans, Zebrokan laid waste on the village and gained one of the dragon crystals, making his way to the Nylobab kingdom where he brought chaos and disorder. There, he met face to face with the queen, who lost to Zebrokan in an epic battle. After her defeat, Zebrokan was able to spot the other dragon crystal that was disguised as a flying Jaguar. With two dragon crystals in his possession, Zebrokan continued his journey to retrieve all six dragon crystals. Three thousand years ago, right in the middle of the war, in the Medo-Persya kingdom, demons terrorized the great city.Explosions and great disaster fell upon the great city. Just inside the castle, King Mammon Sa was encountered by the samaras, the evil spirit of vengeance and greed. The samaras promised King Mammon Sa that he could end this war if only he agreed to his terms and conditions, after all, the kingdom was well known f
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Chapter Four: It's time you know the truth
(Renovation of the kingdom)Two weeks later... The Zhou to Jin kingdom is under repair, most cities in the Kingdom have been rebuilt, as have the castle, watch tower and most villages in the kingdom. The citizens all came together to build up the fallen walls. Hiro and grandpa helped others that were in need of backups, while Amata, on the other hand, helped attend to the injured ones.  The captain Xiao Kain was in library, making some findings, trying to process what he saw during the battle between Hiro and Zebrokan: the markings on Zebrokan's forehead, Hiro's transformation into a serpentine dragon. While searching for answers to all of his questions, he learned of a book that has it all; it goes by many names, some calls it "the word", "the book of continuity", others calls it "the book of ages" or the "sixth and seventh book of infinity". The book possesses all knowledge of old and new invent, it records
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Chapter Five: Rise of the accursed one
Zebrokan regained all six dragon crystals and made his wish. There, he decided to wage war on the Zhou to Jin kingdom, battling with the knights and the three tribes of the kingdom. He made a grievous mistake to hurt the one closest to Hiro. Just then, Hiro transformed into a serpentine dragon to battle with Zebrokan, who revealed his true nature as the samaras, the evil spirit of vengeance and greed. After the defeat of Zebrokan, Hiro and his grandpa alongside with Amata and Bruce Wee journeyed to the city of refuge to find Miram who cared for Hiro during the time of war, and there, Miram told Hiro about his past lives, mother and how he was rescued, and then she handed the sword of Azriel to Hiro, his mother's sacred treasure to him. When all seemed to be getting better, Zebrokan emerged once more to finish what he started. Miram had died just outside the city of refuge, there Zebrokan battled with Hiro and with the he
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Chapter Six: Principalities versus Archangels: Birth of a man made god
Laying dead with the impalement of the armor of God to the ground, Amata cried over Hiro's body, her arms wrapped around him. We can't leave him here, not like this, there must be something we should be able to do, we can save him grandpa, I know we can, Amata wailed.   Grandpa Bau Khan, with the eyes of sadness and the looks of a hopeless man, stood still, not uttering a word. Captain Xiao Kain then told them, it's not safe around here, there is nowhere safe. He told them about the secret passageway leading to the kingdom.   The accursed ones laid waste to those who disobeyed their orders, spreading their domain throughout all the Kingdoms of the world. Most kingdoms refused to submit by the accursed one or the demon would have to fight to defend their nation.   Azazyel, leader of the accursed ones, sat upon the throne of Zhou to Jin kingdom, declaring himself lord over all. With each demon in the city obeyed the calls
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Chapter Seven: Act of God
Darkness like never before covered the entire earth as the earth itself shook to the core. A mighty tempest approached from the four corners of the earth as the ground vibrated beneath. What is this feeling, asked Bau Khan. It's remarkably disastrous. It feels like the earth is going to split in half. This must be the power of Elohim. Samyaza had offered himself to Elohim as his last resort, Ariel explained, continuing: this is going to be tougher than we expected, since the presence of Elohim has now intervened. This is the act of gods. Looking up at the sky, his eyes were completely black, the dark presence of Elohim corrupted his grace as it harnessed his glory. Samyaza became the embodiment of dark Elohim, a supreme deity of total chaos and disorder, powerful and mighty.It must come at a price; this unfathomable presence of Elohim is too great even for that of a dominion to handle as mighty wind starts circulating around him, the
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Chapter Eight: The power of the unseen (Part 1)
The demons still roamed free on earth, terrorizing every kingdom that refused to abide by the rules of Azazyel. This was hell on earth, after the battle between Bruce Wee and Samyaza that troubled all of creation and shook both the heavens and the earth. But there was something else that had emerged from the ash, something of great evil that covered the earth, and once again reigned over all. Its awakening begat its brethren, being free from the sword of Azriel: the samaras, which was known as the evil spirit of vengeance and greed, walked the earth once more with his brethren to bring havoc. "I've summoned you once again, to finish that which you have started", Azazyel said. "Find Yahweh's emissary and end him, before his grace becomes one with his glory". "And what about your brother?", Samaras replied. "He won't be a burden to you or anyone else, he's sealed beyond this world and the next". With a deadly smirk, the sa
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Chapter Nine: The power of the unseen (Part 2)
The darkness had been faded away by the light of Yahweh through the emissary of God (Bruce Wee), but the battle was not over and this time, the Samaras who goes by the name legion of doom was bringing with them "THE WROTH OF MIGHT". Bruce Wee and Ariel joined the others at the Havothjair town. Discussing the next thing ahead, Joel, Uriel and Ariel had a separate discussion, privately. "We don't think they're ready yet", Uriel said. "How is he coping, can he keep it up?""Have faith in him", Joel replied. "At least you've seen what he's capable of, and I believe in him". "I believe he's more than just ready". "For now, we'll assist the humans", Ariel said. "With Bruce on their side, there's every possible chance for the human race". "Joel, you know what to do". All matters discussed, they all came to an agreement and conclusion. Preparations were in place as they prepared for battle against the
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Chapter Ten: The glory days are over
After the defeat of the Samaras and the legion of doom, Agrebakk was sent back to perdition by Bruce Wee, who'd been able to use the presence of Yahweh once again to triumph over evil and save the people of Havothjair town and the tribe of Asher. Now the heroes had decided to take the war to Azazyel and his cohort. Whether they would succeed and if the son of Azriel would return to the physical world again to save mankind remained unknown. The people of Havothjair town all worked hand in hand to rebuild the damage done by the demons so as the tribe of Asher. Joel, Uriel and General Vinnie helped the people of Havothjair town in whatever way they could, while Ariel, Bruce and co assisted the tribe of Asher in their renovation of their tribe, paying homage to the lost souls in their remembrance. A few weeks later, they set out on their journey. Amira, the wife of Sethur, gave them some supplies for their journey, and as th
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