Crash-landed On An Island With Nine Beauties

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Crash-landed On An Island With Nine Beauties

By: Zuxian CompletedHarem

Language: English

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🏆 ["Golden Medal" in Harem Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 Damien was a loser, dejected, hated, spat on, ridiculed and slammed. But his story took a new turn when the jet supposed to take the nine amazing ladies to a VVIP location, was hit. Unlocking a powerful survival system. They crashed on a uninhibited island... What will happen when a loser turn into the host of a powerful system? When the life of these nine beauties who'd once trampled upon his ego depend on him?? Discord:


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288 chapters
The loser
Damien was seated on the last seat of the private jet, looking at the nine girls. The nine beautiful girls - looked like goddesses - all belonged to the BMX group. A group single handedly picked by one of the most influential billionaires of the world. These gorgeous ladies were flying in a sponsored jet to a VVIP location.  All Damien could do was stare, after all, he was just a helpboy to Alex, their manager. Things he had to do to survive. This is not an easy job. There are times when you wonder if these rich people have a heart. They treat the people who serve them like dogs - No, no, they treat their pet dogs much better than they treat Damien. Damien sat down on a chair in the corner,Read more
Alone With Ayisha
He swallowed the thoughts, his eyes moving tirelessly in his sockets. He didn't know how to fly a jet. But he sat in the pilot's seat, after hitting his head several times.And as soon as he grabbed the wheel a window pop-up appeared at his front. Then followed a robotic voice.[Alarming impact on this territory suddenly unlocked the "cataclysm survival" system. Host: you.]"What the hell is this?"Damien didn't know what to think. Is this some kind of stupid games?? What does the system mean??"Take this shit off..."Damien threw one of his hand to wave the pop-up off but his hand entered through it. His action has just launched him into the game's interface.Another window suddenly popped up
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Jerked off
Ayisha coughed salt water with a mix of her saliva into his mouth. But the realization that she was back to consciousness couldn't let him feel weird. He swallowed, supporting her neck with his arm, "Hey, are you alright?" Her eyes were weak. He knew what she needed. He looked quickly around towards the vast expanse of trees behind him. Not far, he saw a coconut fruit. "I'll be right back." He placed her head back down gently and hurried to the fruit. Lucky enough for him the fruit had been cut halfway and the water was still in it. "Oh good." He picked it up and hurried to her. "Drink this. You'll feel better." He needed it too but that's what you do for feelings. She coughed again after taking the water. Her head was on his lap as he caressed her cheeks. "Damien? Are you alright?" She called in a small voice reaching out her hand to touch his face. His heart almost shattered in his chest. "Don'
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A startling discovery
The deep growl and approaching paws of the wild animal suddenly waned out. After a few seconds of silence, a struggle was heard in the pilot's cave: like something was fighting for survival. Then after the struggle followed whimpering and then a thud. The system came on. [Ping! Trapped down a cougar and gained 600 experience points.] Damien gently slid his palm off her mouth. "Is it gone? What happened to it?" Ayisha asked in a whisper. "Return to sleep. We are safe now." He urged her. He didn't want to tell her what secret he had for her. He wanted her to see for herself come morrow. He wouldn't risk ruining the surprise. He’s kinda worried that she might also figure out his situation. No way she didn’t notice it, right? But she didn’t say a word. Damien didn’t know that if he should feel relief or Read more
The group of seven
"Did you see them?" Claire hurried to close the pace between herself and Tendzel who had just entered the abandoned hut. "Yea. They found the jet. I found them eating meat. I almost got caught, so I ran away." Tendzel reported to the bevy of ladies. The only person missing in the group was Alison. "But I couldn't find Alison with them." "Did you move any closer?" Lisa walked towards Tendzel now. Tendzel shook her head. Lisa continued, "She probably is in the jet. Since you didn't get to check the jet, we can't be sure what to decide on." Claire on the other hand was restless. She kept on pacing the displaced inn of the hut. It smelled like shit inside. "But how is that possible? That loser! How could he had suddenly settled in to this island as though it's his father's house!!! How could he get whatever he want... where did he get all the items from. And you said he was eating meat. How could he when us, the hig
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My Ayisha!
Damien approached the jet, but the activity seemed to be coming from the other side of the jet. He could hear Claire loudly and clearly,"You fucking bitch! How could you betray the rest of us! Do you want me to smack you to death?""And what's with the useless whistle? Give it here.""No, I won't. I won't..."Damien walked in on them struggling with Ayisha to snatch the whistle from her. His heart broke. Ayisha was encircled by the group of seven. She was on her knees, her hair disheveled.The ladies seemed too busy to notice him. Looking at how ruthlessly and wild they were acting, he knew walking closer would do nothing. He pulled out his revolver and shot it in the air."Let whoever has a death wish lay a hand on her again."The blast of the gun sent a chill down their spines. He watched them fall on their backs, trying to get a hold of themselves.YEA, THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES. COWER!!He thought, strutting to Ayisha. T
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Red gold, nice tits!
"I now have 3100 experience points." Damien took his time to think his plan through. He wanted to prepare a great dinner for Ayisha tonight. After the trauma she'd been through earlier, he wanted to make her feel happy. Everytime he looked at her, he saw her as a delicate object which should be handled with care. That's why his heart shatter whenever he sees the object being trampled upon. With the carpenter skill he got, he was able to make a level two bow for hunting. He knew that he couldn't possibly waste all the bullets of the revolvers on food. He didn't know what the other creatures living on the island looked like. "To prepare a great meal, I'd have to exchange points for skills. At least buy the level two of the wild chef. How much does it cost." He made the window pop up and he scrolled through. JUNGLE CHEF Level 1 - 900 experience pointsLevel 2 - 2000 experience pointsLevel 3 - 4000 experience points. He clicked on t
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"Make me cum"
Damien was the first to wake up. There was a lot on his mind as he woke up. The hot but tiny rays of the sun stealing through a space between the planks of the safehouse burnt against his face. He heard a sound beside him and turned. Ayisha. Lying naked next to him. He was naked too. He quickly pulled a blanket on himself. He covered Ayisha too but stopped halfway. He couldn't take his eyes off her bare tits. He slowly tilted his head towards the left tit and sucked on its nipple for a while. He couldn't believe that he really had her all to himself yesterday. Of course things like that was bound to happen, he knew. But he hadn't thought of it that his crush would make the first move. Twas a great feeling which he would cherish for a while. Ayisha mumbled in her sleep, and moved. Damien wanted to move away but she wrapped her arms around his neck, unconsciously! "You are awake, Damien?" She asked in a small voice. Damien who still had her nipp
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Walking down that path for a while, Damien noticed some big footprints in the damp soil. "This must be them."He was certain. He trailed the footprints to the foot of a large oak tree. He looked around and up ahead whether or not he would get another clue. "This can't be the end of the road. The cannibal must have found another route. If the footprints stop here... that means two things."He looked up the path and shook his head. "I don't think a cannibal is wise enough to mask his own footprints. Giving by what I saw, I don't think they are quite smart."He raised his head and saw the shape of a hand on a branch, highlighted in a stain of blood on the branch. "This must be it."Suddenly, he heard weird noise made in throttles and helped himself towards the direction. As he ran, he was reaching for his revolver. One thing he was damn sure of was that the noise weren't coming from the ladies. He saw a small cave and hid behind a tree. The noise was
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An imprint on Ayisha
"Where did you go when we were all bathing?"Claire called out Jada in the midst of the group. It's night and the ladies were gathered around fire outside the remains of the jet, their safehouse. "I went to take a shit. Or is a girl no longer entitled to her own privacy?"Jada retorted with no iota of respect. "Oh, she's talking back at me."Claire stood up tall now. She was ready to give them an interesting show. You could tell by the manner at which she squinted her eyes. "If for real you went to take a shit. Why then did you return covered in a smell of rotten eat and oil from meat."All eyes were now on Jada at Claire's accusation. But Jada wasn't ready to give herself up. "I don't know what you're talking about."Claire raised her voice this time,"Don't tell me you you're fucking with that loser just because of meat!""Wait!! Did I just hear someone say JUST BECAUSE OF MEAT?"Jada stood up tall now. She obviously wasn't having it. She was standing opposite Claire, across the
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