Demon Ascension

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Demon Ascension

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Dreygo Mondus, a demon warrior, ascends back to Earth to cease the growing chaos and wrath brought about by the Hell God, Kragus Manaroth. The Hell God wants to inflict chaos, tipping the harmonious balance between the three worlds, Heaven, Demon and Earth. Dreygo's ascension strips away his demonic abilities back to a human form, which at this point, success is unimaginable. With the help of an Angel warrior, Viriel, and a human prophetess, Elaine Marks, will make it possible to conjur back his powers through killing other Demons that walk amongst Earth. Dreygo is conflicted in maintaining his mental equilibrium of being a Demon and Human. Would he be capable of Love? If his demonic abilities return, is it enough to defeat the Hell God? What will happen if Dreygo fails and Kragus succeeds in destroying the balance of the three worlds?


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Death Harbinger
(Lith, Hell / Demon world) Absence of moon and stars uncompleted this night sky, not even the mighty clouds danced beyond this theatric space. But a thick swarm of smoke conquered what seemed supposedly beautiful. Dreygo Mondus laid on top of a large, high rock overseeing a sea of fire. He missed the feeling of hope and happiness as he glanced at the cloudy and sunshiny day when he was alive. Dreygo had lived in this wretched place for centuries. Not actually living, but never-ending dying. His hands behind his skull and his legs stretched outwardly while ignoring the stench of slaughtered demons scattered around him. He forgot what was like to sunbathe and felt slight scorch of sunburns as he swam in the swimming pool for hours when he was on earth. This was the only memory he had about the sun, about daytime, about hope. There was no daytime here, even no nighttime, only darkness. 'When will this end? So much agony. So much pain.' He stood up, held
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Demon Lord
(Lith, Demon World / Hell)   The words uttered by the Angel muffled and echoed to Dreygo's hearing. It replayed a few times before his comprehension. It was never heard of, for Centuries serving the Hell God, and an Angel, their known enemy, offered salvation to a Demon. "Speak your name, Angel!" Dreygo demanded. "I am Viriel, an angel of the 3rd ranks. Do not fear what is to come. It is your destiny, Dreygo!" Angel knew his name, they have powers like these, even if a Demon prays, he will be heard in Heaven. "Ascension? That's impossible, Angel!" Dreygo's voice was loud, still skeptical. "It is impossible for Demons to ascend on their own. But Angels do and can ascend another Demon." Viriel said. "That is breaking the law of your Heavenly Supreme." "Heavenly Supreme doesn't know. I act of my own volition." "What if you will get caught? What will happen to you?" Viriel sighed, "The Heavenly law says
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Anti Hero's Welcome
(Marina, Earth) Marina, an immense place of sterile land, almost close to a desert, but the temperature was cool enough when the stars were visible in the night sky. Distant mountains became silhouette giants as the blackest sky mantles this whole barren land. Bats and crows hovered over the skies and their shrieks and wing flaps were the only distinct sound, contributed by a strong blow of gale. This serene scenery now disturbed as a large humming sound grew stronger and stronger every second as the bed of barren soil vibrates. Suddenly, a large crack appeared out of nowhere like a small fault line. As a portion of the ground opened, a burst of bright light appeared in the center. The rumbling grew stronger and a silhouette of a man crawled out from that crack. The man crawled far enough that he could lay his seemingly exhausted body against the cushion, the soil provided. The crack closed and all that disturbing sound disappeared along with its light. The a
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Rules of Engagement
Delicious aroma invaded the nostrils of Dreygo as the Bartender served a plate of medium-rare beef loin. The Bartender was different than before. He had no signs of derision from his face, even served his two new customers with utmost professionalism. The environment changed from hostility to pleasantness. Dreygo, recognized the sudden change but his bodily desires right now weighed heavier than the questions lined up in his mind. Without any word, Dreygo attended to his rumbling stomach and eat the beef loin using his bare hands, and drank another bottle of beer. After a few burps, Dreygo regained his strength, his mentality now a little bit sane than before. Viriel was having a glass of water and enjoying it also without saying a word, clearly waited for Dreygo to break the ice. Dreygo burped loudly, catching everyone's attention. It was his last bite. But the people surrounding them did not seem to care, for reasons that remained unanswered for Dreygo. Finally, he was ful
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Charms of Derunia
(Derunia City, Strata)   Derunia, one of the small cities of Strata, was harmoniously situated in between a bluish indigo sea and an emerald green Mountain steep of Brighver. The Range Rover hummed silently as its revolution spiked running on a straight path along the freeway that connected the neighboring provinces prior to this City. Dreygo did not sleep for the long duration of the drive while enjoying the passing scenery of the Earth provides. Bright sky and the sun's rays kissed the horizon that connected the clouds and the sea. The water glittered as it danced below the sunshine. The vastness of the fields beyond the freeway gives Dreygo a sense of peace in which he did not dare to understand why. He just succumbed to the feeling of tranquility and the calmness of trees as they swayed gracefully against the cool weather breeze. Viriel did not spend more time talking because he knew that Dreygo enjoyed the silence while relishing the beauty
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Angel Hall Assembly
(Hall of Manuheim, Heavenly world)Shimmering Gold, white marble, and white-colored concrete constructed the Angel Halls of Manuheim, The capital country of Heavenly World. Its four chandeliers of gigantic ball-like diamonds hanged majestically along the vast grand hall and emphasized as they suspended along with large cylindrical columns perfectly lined up towards the Supreme throne. These chandeliers, glittered when they swayed very delicately as the breeze touched its elegance and precarious design. The grand designs of each tileset constructed the wide flooring of the grand hall, with a Red velvet carpet with abstract Aztec designs on its pleats. The enormous concrete hall sat on a steep rocky hill that made the structure's beauty emanate more in this holy place, emphasized this side of the Heavenly kingdom. Bed of flowers strewn across the wide cobblestone pathways from the hall's entrance to downhill towards the white simple structures, almost of uniform design.
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A Prophetess Chaperon
Derunia, Earth The night was still young but Dreygo felt weary and exhausted. Maybe it was his humanity, told his body to rest and to eat. He was not accustomed to on-time meals when he was in hell and made his mortal body difficult in adjusting. Given with the circumstances, it still felt like heaven as he was not hearing any more Demon howls, Hell monsters' growls, and the eternal deafening sound of fire flares consuming timber, eating everything on its path. Now, all silence, like music to Dreygo's ears. All he heard were car horns and dog barks but such noise did not surmount in hell. The Hell noise made him loath to sleep, even close his eyes. If he does, never-ending nightmares will flood his dreams. He was used to it or rather immune. Dreygo was a bit annoyed, his peaceful sleep was disturbed by the irritating knock on the door. But when he saw Elaine Marks, it was almost a feeling that he was gifted from the Heavens. A beautiful face such as
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Kragus' Sabotage
(Medeyin Airlines, Kanlun Mountains, Zierra Continent)Two thousand passengers shooked as the Medeyin Airlines withstand the turbulence as it sliced through thick stratus clouds when it flew above the rocky and steep mountains of Kanlun. The sun rays gleamed through the circular glass windows lined equally at the passenger's side of the plane. Its elegance and size made innate assurance with the passengers that never had in history that this type of plane crashed, most especially from one of the largest reputable airlines, Medeyin.In the business class, about ten passengers were comfortably lying and sitting on flexible reclining cushion seats, it could be on declined or inclined or upright. This portion of the airline, nearest to the pilot's cabin had more privacy than the economic seats at the mid to back portion of the plane. Each passenger had more legroom and more features they could choose depending on their liking. They could watch movies with small LED screens
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Ferrum Minus
(Alexis Inn, Derunia)"Breaking News! Medeyin Flight 656 was reported to crash yesterday, four in the afternoon. The Medeyin Flight Airlines Corporation had said to the public that a total of about Five Hundred passengers were on that flight including the Multi-Billionaire Lester White and his known colleague Doctor Julio Magno. They were supposed to land at Kanlun province to heal the sick indigenous people of an unknown virus outbreak in those mountains. The last report from the pilot, said that their right-wing engine failed and blew up,  seemingly to be a mechanical error. Official technical reports are still in question as of this moment and the Leaders of Medeyin Airlines refused to give an official statement. According to our source, they are still investigating what really had happened. As we speak, rescue teams were dispatched to the crash site, looking for possible survivors. But until now, they haven't found one yet. We are saddened by this incident and the ci
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The Seer
(Derunia mountains)Fog settled about a hectare of land in Derunia's Mountain. The fog was unnaturally present, only covering a small portion of the vast growth of rainforest. Crows frequently flew within the fog's reach as it gave enough shade to darken the place. Tree trunks were high enough like sycamore and leaves were thick and the branches wide, that sunrays hardly penetrated its reach to the ground.This place was always quiet and gloomy, only the sound of crickets and the sound of rustling leaves as the breeze danced in between the gaps of tree trunks stood out beyond the quietness. The fog was the witch's magic, an aura to provide obscurity. It held the power to weaken normal human beings if they linger even for a few minutes. At the center of this thick fog was a large wooden house, its flooring elevated from the ground by large wooden foundations. It was like a large haunted cabin in the woods surrounded by some sort of mist that hazed the background.Read more