The Forgotten Land: The Return of the Giants

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The Forgotten Land: The Return of the Giants

By: KamiKrimson CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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'Kane lost consciousness and woke up in the forest. A voice spoke in his head, telling him to stay there. But what he didn't realize was he would meet a Lazy sorcerer who did not want to do anything but rest. When he was found, the sorcerer tried to restrain him with magic, but instead the spell was deflected and the dragon that was kept hidden inside a cave was set free ---and would lead to the beginning of Kane and the Sorcerer's problem.'

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  • MoeJam90


    Interesting story! I love how the author wrote Kane. A tragic boy but had has a bright future up ahead! I also love the sorcerer Fraco. I love how lazy he is and just chill about everything. I love how the lore of the giants, sorcerers, and witches form their world. A ten for me!

    2022-09-17 02:03:24
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192 chapters
Before buildings, factories and stone houses there were the three pillars who ruled over mankind. The giants were the protectors — the first pillar, gifted with the strength of the gods. Their footsteps rattled the earth and their presence dominated everything in the land. With their pet dragons, they were hailed as the Kings, as gods. Evil men were put to place in their presence. The second pillar was none other than the Sorcerers. Smart, cunning, manipulating. But true and kind. They calmed the storms, halted earthquakes and qualmed demons and orcs and the vile undead that used to march the Earth. They taught man how to read and write, passed on their knowledge and molded leaders. They were the teachers, and the humans loved them as much as they adored the giants. And then there were the witches who were dressed in white. They created potions that heal the broken, mend the weak. They crafted things that quenched hunger not only for the body but also for the soul. Their worshippers
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The Cursed Little Boy
There was a boy living in the row houses of Buckeye-Woodhill in Cleveland. His father died due to sickness, and a mother was desperately trying to move on from her heartache for her five year old son. Every day the poor boy would be waiting by the door as he holds on to his teddy bear."When are we going to eat, mommy? I’m really hungry." His little voice echoed inside their small home. Little fingers clenched on his stuffed bear and his eyes gleamed with hope. "Jimmy said his mom got a burger and curly fries for him today. Can I have that too, mommy?"The mother couldn't say anything and her lips remained sealed and tight. She looked down at her little boy, forcing herself to not cry and remain calm.The boy was thin and frail. His eyes were sunken and so were his cheeks. They were at their lowest, they belong to the poorest of the poor. While the mother's hand holds on the doorknob as she thinks... ‘What reason could I possibly think of this time?’‘Hold it in, don't cry. You can't
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The Sorcerer and the Boy
There was once a time when life was still sublime that this lifeless village was a proud city that hosted tradings, festivities and feats. Now it is a town so unknown that it did not have a name to speak of. In that town lived a young sorcerer who was smart, cunning, powerful and yet… laziness flowed on his body as if it was his blood. And his parents were very upset with this fact. They tasked him to make this unnamed town great again. But a year has passed, nothing happened. They even gave him the task of safekeeping a dragon. A dragon which symbolizes the truce — rather, disappearance of their past ally. The giants. However, the young sorcerer wasn’t impressed by this. Yes, he guarded the dragon, feed it. Cleaned its wings and made sure that the chains around its neck would not rust… But it all did not inspire him. It could be said that his laziness was partially his parent’s fault, for they spoiled him and showed him the book of wonders at the age of five! After he learned ev
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The Sorcerer and the Boy part II
Morning came again for the young boy named Kane, he managed to sneak inside the house of the Sorcerer safely. And the voice inside his head was right. A house but not a home, for it looked like it had been ransacked by a storm. Books were scattered everywhere and so were pieces of papers, knick-knacks and whatnots here and there. For ten days he was able to remain unseen by the man. He hid under the layers of unwashed clothes, dirty pillows and covers. He even managed to hide himself under the Sorcerer’s bed which was covered with dust. It was terrible. Horrible and suffocating. But he did it, he managed to remain invissible without coughing. “Nine o'clock.” Kane whispered to himself. "He will leave at nine o'clock." That’s the time the sorcerer goes on with his day and leaves the small house. That’s the time when Kane can look inside his refrigerator — check what’s inside. There are so many left-overs that the sorcerer doesn’t even notice if a piece of cake disappeared. Nor does h
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The Rotting Spell
The sorcerer followed the scared little boy, quickening his pace. “Little rat — little rat, you will regret stepping foot to my territory!” He hissed as he began to cast a spell that would make move and run as fast as the fastest animal on the planet. A Peregrine Falcon. “Wings that are light, gifted with the power of flight. Across the sky —” He raised the black staff on his hand as he ran. And with the last command, “ — is where I spread my wings and fly!” He turned into a peregrine falcon, spread his wings and began to fly. He glided in the sky and effortlessly caught up with the pesky little boy. “I knew there was some big rat or cat that had been hiding in my house!” He spoke through his small beak, yet his voice was loud. “All my leftovers were missing! You thought I was stupid to not notice them, huh?!” Kane yelped and tried to run faster. A few twigs cracked and the scent from the morning dew evaded his senses.He remembered this part of the forest. “I’m almost there..” He
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No Longer Green
The great beast that once ruled the skies swooped high above lonely green lands and rugged plains. Its eyes, like fiery beacons of nobility, gazed down at its troubled home which used to be a land of magic, magestries. Its red shiny scales reflected on the calm ocean like diamonds. The calm seas grew restless as the mighty dragon’s wings rushed and lightly brushed the waves. Ever majestic by nature, and what a sight to see.The wind roared through the mountains and valleys, high above the disturbed lands. Every moment of quiet calm seemed to be subsequently shattered by screams and the ‘fallen ones’ spells echoing through the air. The rock of the unmovable mountains cascaded towards soft earth and grass scratched at flesh and fur, as if it hungered for life. Little by little the land that used to host the three pillars was decaying. Neglected and discarded. It was now known as the Forgotten Land. But the land of the forgotten isn’t as blotted out of everyone’s memory after all. The
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Creatures of the Dark, and the Lost Boy
Half of the world was covered in darkness, while half of the world was still blessed by the presence of the sun. At first, everyone thought the eclipse was a temporary thing… but when three days had passed and the moon still covered the sun, the townsfolk, city people and villagers of half the inhabitants of the Earth knew it wouldn't end anytime soon. Without the sun’s presence, creatures of madness that lurked in the dark came out of their hiding, killing anyone on sight. May it be an old woman, a young man or a little child. Lunora died in front of him. And how she was devoured by ghastly beings almost made him faint. It happened when she visited the store and asked him to accompany her for coffee… but instead of having a snack, they became the snack.The creatures from the depths of the shadow world ate everything and only spit out the bones. And when Pip was about to be devoured, he shifted into his demon dog form and ran. With hind legs and paws of a dog, he was able to run fa
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To Nakoir City
It turns out that finding a trail of a thousand year old dragon was trickier than he thought. Three days had passed since their journey to find and capture the dragon began, and since then they found only a single scale that was sitting on the forest floor. A scale that shines even though there’s not a single spot or spark of light. It shines like a flickering ember, like a diamond. And because dragons are majestic beings, spells don't work on them. The scales deflects magic, spells and hexes, making the Sorcerer far more irritable. “Maybe we should ask for help, mr. Fraco.” It was just a simple suggestion, but it made Fraco, the sorcerer’s blood boil. “Am I asking for your opinion?!”Kane frowned. “No…” “Then shut your trap!” The boy casts his eyes down with a sigh. Ever since they’ve journeyed to find the dragon, the sorcerer was always shouting at him. Either Fraco would glare at him, roll his eyes --- calls him twerp and more. And even though the sorcerer told his name to the
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Supreme Meeting
Lights were down and the city that relied on electrical power for lights, warmth and their phones to find each other and their missing relatives were set back to the stone age. Men looked for dry sticks and tattered clothes to make torches, while the women ransacked abandoned homes of those who perished or escaped to look for either gas, grease or molasses for the fire. Pip felt like he won the lottery when he crashed against his high school buddy named Dalton Draco. They literally crashed against each other when the power went off, turning off the remaining street lights and scaring the souls out of the remaining survivors. Creatures appeared in every direction, snarling and slithering on the ground. With Pip’s amazing senses, he managed to find the fastest route out of the middle of the city. As he did, he tried to convince the humans, but they shunned him and called him a monster, A syndicate and worker for the monstrous snakes, orcs and blob-like creatures of a hundred eyes. A
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The Truth
Soon the assembly among the Sorcerers and leaders of the world came to an end. They left the protected chamber while saying their farewells, each showing their respect by showing their wrist where a symbol had been tattooed on their skin. A tattoo that signifies their promise to keep the location a secret. When most of them set off and went on their own ways, Theodore called for Gretta of Theal. The old man pointed at a door on the west side of the chamber. "This way." He said. Gretta followed the latter quietly and gave a signal to the others who's waiting for her. As they went through the door, slowly they descended on a spiral staircase which leads to a secret room. The room was dark and had thin air that reminded the Sorceress of mountains from the Himalayas. A spark of fire came from a match, then Theodore proceeded to light twelve candles. The room turned bright and it revealed centuries old wall paintings of the past. The room was shaped like a crescent moon, and the ceiling
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