Heir to the Ancient Scriptures

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Heir to the Ancient Scriptures

By: Feni Setia CompletedFantasy

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Fen Lian was an ordinary young man who was known as useless trash because he could not cultivate on his own among the others. Fen Lian was often insulted or alienated because, out of the many disciples, he was the only one who was slow in grasping knowledge. When the others advanced, he would only stay at the same level as before, with no improvement at all. Even though he had practiced regularly just like the others. But all that changed when he found an ancient book that he believed belonged to his father or grandfather in ancient times. The book contained ancient moves that were rarely learned by today's warriors. Thanks to studying the contents of the ancient book he found, Fen Lian is now a great cultivator because of the book he found. There was even one skill that Fen Lian had successfully mastered. It was called the Nine Sun Style, and it was known to be extremely difficult. It was so difficult that no one could master it. "I didn't expect that I could have this knowledge; it's fortunate that I met the ancient book that I had despised badly. Now it's actually very valuable to me," said Fen Lian while hugging the worn brown-bound book. "You'll see, I'll prove it to all those who have insulted me as a hobo. I'll make sure they bow in shame at my strength now!"

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Cultivation weak swordsman
Lake Limau Martial Arts CenterA young man slumped in a corner, staring blankly ahead, lamenting his unfortunate fate. A young man who was struggling desperately to get what he wanted, like becoming a great warrior. A very simple desire, just wanting to be a great warrior without the desire to be feared or respected by many people. Hard efforts to do what the teacher asked, starting from imitating what was demonstrated and what he gave directions to being guided patiently every time. But all in vain; until this moment, there has been no improvement at all. Restlessness, anxiety, fear, and disappointment are what Fen Lian is feeling. All this time, she has tried her best to succeed, but in reality, fate has not wanted to change.Fen Lian herself felt that all her efforts were in vain, and by the middle of her martial arts training, she sensed that something was wrong with her. She had also talked to her teacher about this irregularity, but the teacher's answer was still the same: no ad
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"Forward all of you! I'm not afraid of you!"Yier Yan smiled sarcastically as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. Slowly but surely, Yier Yan stepped closer to Fen Lian. Without further ado, Yier Yan immediately delivered her death blow right to Fen Lian's stomach. It made Fen Lian fall to the ground because no matter how strong Fen Lian's defense was, it was still inferior to Yier, who had strong muscles and a large body. Fen Lian looked down while holding her stomach; the pain she felt was nothing compared to her heartache towards Yier. She quickly got up from her seat and returned the death blow with force.Here, Fen Lian's punch had no effect on Yier at all. She thought the blow she had just received was nothing; instead, she smiled sarcastically at Fen Lian's ability. The atmosphere was getting more and more heated; both of them were emotionally ignited, and their eyes were hostile to each other. At one point, they couldn't control their emotions, and a physical fight bro
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Back to the temple
Fen Lian walked out of the martial arts training hall in Lime Lake while carrying her clothes in a backpack. This time, Fen Lian was determined to leave Lime Lake and return to her pavilion for the time being. She felt a heavy heart as her feet stepped away from the training hall. Previously, Fen Lian had said goodbye to teacher uncle and told him to go back right now, but teacher uncle had originally forbidden Fen Lian to leave now. But since Fen Lian was adamant to go back right now, inevitably the teacher uncle could only support Fen Lian whatever the risk would be; he must have thought everything through.The longer the footsteps went, the farther away from Limau Lake they became. Fen Lian wandered unsteadily by the small bridge connecting the roads in the city. She was unwilling to leave Lime Lake, as it had been her home for the past few years. She had lived so long that she had become one with the atmosphere of her current home. But now he was forced to return to his original h
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Discovery of ancient books
"It's true that my uncle said I failed to become a warrior!"Plak."YOU IDIOT! "What have you been doing all this time in Lake Lime?" I asked the uncle excitedly."Why did it fail?" Asked the uncle once again.Fen Lian sighed softly. "I failed cultivation; I didn't make the cut when everyone else did. That's why teacher uncle gave me time to go home and do some more training, after which I'll return to Limau Lake to retest," Fen Lian replied."Fool! Uncle doesn't want to know that you have to become a warrior in order to serve the kingdom of Sebrang. If you fail the second time, you'd better leave Jiangnan!" Uncle said as he walked away.Fen Lien glared in disbelief at his uncle's words. What he had feared before was now happening, and his uncle was angry at him for not being able to become a warrior. His stay at Limau Lake had been forced on him by his uncle, which made him feel a little relieved that his uncle didn't demand anything from him. But once he returned, he was forced to s
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Ancient book
"Why doesn't this book have any cultivation knowledge?""What is this book exactly?" Fen Lian asked herself.During the past twenty minutes or so, she didn't see any theories about cultivation, only a collection of the same moves she had learned before. It made Fen Lian feel bored with the book in front of her.The thick book with old Roman writing inside managed to irritate her because she was very curious to see what was inside. But once he had seen it, it turned out that the big book only contained the moves he had learned."Never mind, I'm already lazy with this book. I'd better look for another book and see if I can find one about cultivation; it'll give me more knowledge about cultivation," Fen Lian said.After that, she got up from her seat and looked for a few more books on cultivation. Fen Lian looked for the book on the shelf that contained a bunch of books about cultivation. It was easy to find books because her father had placed them according to their titles and types. In
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Limau Lake"Fen Lian, try going to the village to take part in the cultivation selection again; who knows if you can do it with someone else?""What's the difference between being tested by an uncle and someone else?" Fen Lian asked the teacher who had been guiding her."Come on, Fen Lian, there's no harm if you try. All warriors have their own ways, including uncles. Uncle doesn't mind if you join anyone's cultivation as long as you can become the kind of cultivator your uncle wants you to be," said the teacher uncle, begging Fen Lian to keep joining the cultivation selection.Fen Lian sighed softly when she heard her teacher's uncle's persuasion. She had never once intended to turn her back on her teacher, not even once. After all, Uncle Zhang, or as she called him, Teacher Uncle, was a warrior who was in the same school as her father. So Fen Lian insisted on being loyal to the teacher; all of this she did because she wanted to learn her father's knowledge even through other people.
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Aspiring cultivators
The next day, Fen Lian came to a village with her teacher. There were many ordinary people and warriors gathered in the Kaojin village's meeting hall. The arrival of the greatest cultivator was something that attracted people's attention, so many locals came just to witness this event. The village of Kaojin had never been visited by cultivators at all, and this was the first time. It's not that they don't want to come to this town; it's just that there are very few talented children in this town. There were four cultivation prodigies who were already in the fourth stage of bone forging.This child is still ten years older than Fen Lian. These four children were already famous throughout the martial world because, at such a young age, they were able to cultivate well, while the twenty-year-old Fen Lian had yet to successfully cultivate. On this occasion, the four children were also present here as an example for all of them, so that they could create interest among the local people to
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Small and generous swordsman
"Ladies and gentlemen, please be prepared because the cultivation test will be conducted sequentially according to the queue number on your respective cards.""All participants are required to follow the directions of the cultivator, and the organizers hope that there will be no disturbances at all!"Fen Lian's heart was racing as she heard the announcement about the cultivation test. Fen Lian, who had been standing still while staring straight ahead, was secretly thinking of a thousand ways to pass the cultivation test after never succeeding for so long. Moreover, seeing this closed room like a sea of people made his concentration even worse. What he remembered often changed; sometimes he remembered, sometimes he didn't remember. It made him feel even more scared.One by one, the participants were called to take the cultivation test. Fen Lian couldn't stop staring at those who were doing the test intently, as a picture for herself later when doing the test. But in reality, each sect
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After being declared a cultivation failure, Fen Lian left the place feeling whipped. For the umpteenth time, she had to fail again in cultivation. Fen Lian had already promised herself that after failing, she would not want to cultivate again. Because it would be a waste of time, it would be useless to try again with the same result of failure. Fen Lian walked helplessly, her mind blank, only sadness consuming her. Until a few seconds later, she was already quite far from the place when suddenly a small child approached her. It was Xiao, the little boy she knew at that place.The little boy walked hand in hand with Fen Lian because Xiao was so small, to the point that Fen Lian was unaware of Xiao's presence beside her. Similarly, Xiao, who felt that she was being ignored, immediately raised her voice."Hey! Adults can't be sad!" Xiao said suddenlyHearing that, Fen Lian suddenly snapped out of her reverie. She turned her head and looked down to see where Xiao was standing next to her.
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The Fight
Bugh.Bugh.Bugh.Fen Lian and Yier fought violently in the middle of this dark forest. Indeed, the two of them had never once behaved maturely, always fighting wherever they were. Even though yesterday they received a reprimand from the teacher regarding this matter, in reality the two of them still repeated the same mistakes. They were like enemies when they met, even though they had previously worked together to study together when they first entered the sect. Both of them already feel the strongest, so they dare to compete with each other's strengths.The fight continued, and both of them were overcome by each other's emotions. Until a few seconds later a white sword flew separating the two of them. Suddenly, it surprised them both, and they stopped their respective activities. The white sword was stuck on a large tree not far from where Fen Lian was standing. A young man in a white robe came over, and as soon as he turned his body Fen Lian and Yier were surprised that the young m
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