Era luna

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Era luna

By: Renglassi CompletedWerewolf

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Cara is a hybrid destined to bring an era Luna into the world and so, every alpha wants her dead because she can transform werewolves into new creatures... With demons coming to war on earth because they want her powers and even so she has been trained to be a warrior and love no one... She just found out that her mate is actually the mystical frozen alpha.


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282 chapters
Chapter 01
The cool feeling of the storming weather was grazing over my warm body, and my eyes opened in the trance of happiness since I knew that today, I would belong to someone who I do know or May not know.Everyone prays and wishes to have a mate but that's not what I actually want.I don't want to have a mate, guys are too possessive and at some point reject their mates just like what happened to the few matched up mates that never worked out.The moon day is at hand and on that day, everyone will be at the meeting chambers, Including the alpha to pray to the moon goddess, It was said that on this day, all wishes will be granted and renewal of everything will be given to the pack too.Being a scientist that the country respects and a daughter of a pack Alpha, I feel fulfilled in life but my mum, Luna Elsa keeps saying that I am not yet fulfilled until I have met my mate.

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Chapter 02
Cara's [P.O.V]I could not take it. It was like I had suddenly gone mad, like science mad, since It was my own specimen that was my mate.I walked out of the experiment Chambers and then back to his body just to still feel the same mate bond between ourselves.I left and headed home as fast as I could, knowing fully well that the only person I could trust was my mum.I had reached now and the auras I could feel was that of alphas and alphas to be.They all came with the hopes that I might be their mate but my story is about to storm them till their minds get blown.I went through the middle of the crowd that had gathered and was luckily unnoticed by my dearest friends.Lucky me!I rushed upstairs just to see my mum holding a gown with stripes of red and white and It looked gorgeous as I saw it."Mum, something happened today
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Chapter 03
Cara's [P.O.V]I and my wolf are busy wondering why my mum thinks it's best to take the body away from the laboratory, but then how does my frozen mate relate to the moon day?"Mum what about the moon day?" I asked her and she turned giving me a look that set me exactly at why she had mentioned that. I knew It was because she wanted me to pray to the moon goddess for him."But mum... I am supposed to be praying for myself! I always wanted a unicorn" I said to her and a huge smile followed with a sign over her matured face."Grow up Cara, one day, you would be a Luna like me and your priorities should not be on fantasies but on the well being of the pack your mate will be alpha upon," she says to me staring at my frozen mate."Fine! I'd wish him well, on the moon day" I said to my mum and she smiles proudly."Good girl! now help me to carry this frozen Alpha mate of yours,
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Chapter 04
Cara's [P.O.V]I stood up from my bed thinking of wearing my white dress just to see that I was already putting it on, so all that remains right now...Is to head downstairs.I rushed down through the stairs only to almost hit myself at the Luna, my mum."You look gorgeous" my mum compliments me and I thanked her for providing It.I turned towards where my mate was kept just to see him being carried up by the rogues and my mum signals for me to follow them as they left with him as well.I was soon close to the chambers and my dad stood together with other elders at the entrance of the chambers with the moon shining so bright In Its beauty.Other girls and boys of my age were at some area collecting white rope laces which were tied to their hands and I could not wait to get my own hands tied up.I walked towards where they were only to be called by my dad by
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Chapter 05
Cara's [P.O.V]My mum, Luna Elsa walks towards me with a sign of concern over her face as my flawless white gown was a bit wet from the melted ice that was over me before.She held my hand and she took me out of the chambers in a hurry."There is something I did not tell you about your mate," she says to me and I stared at her, as curiosity had taken my mind off everything that was presently happening."What is that?" I asked her in return."We the elders are suspecting that your mate might be the moon goddesses son," she says to me like she has no time to explain her brief sentence."Mum, you mean the bedtime story you always used to tell me was a real-life true story?" I asked her and she signed."Yes, and If your mate truly is what we think he is, then our lives and that of the members of our pack is in great danger," she says to me with her eyes turnin
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Chapter 06
Cara's [P.O.V]My body began to shake as I heard the alpha of our pack growling with the sounds of terror escaping from every movement that he was making.He was a war material but I cannot say the same for my mate who is being controlled by his wolf self."Mum, my mate is out there and It's his wolf controlling him," I said to my mum who immediately turns to look at me like It's the first time that I had said that."What?" She asked me with shock and surprise in her every reaction."He is an alpha, Cara, his whole body was built for situations like this," My mum says to me and I turned to peep at what was happening outside, In the field.I could see my dad rushing at them with all his might and speed but my mate just stood in the midst of the occurring chaos and my fear Is In him getting hurt.He opened his hands and a blue light glowed out with a bright presence s
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Chapter 07
Cara's [P.O.V]"What are you guys waiting for? Go and get prepared" I said out loud, as I stared at the rogues that were all around my dad."Mum when is the moon's day?" I asked my mum whose stare has been over me for a long period of time now."It is tomorrow! Can someone take the body of this rogue away from here" Luna Elsa answers me and at the same time quarrels about the dead messenger.I ran back into the house, scattering my red hair as the thoughts of whether he was safe or not was bothering me.I rushed downstairs and headed to the other chambers of the building, where only witch members of our pack are located and I asked to see the head witch."Hello cara, you came here for a purpose Dearing in your heart," Abigail says to me as she carries me to her table that had a pot filled with water in motion."Look," she says to me and I looked into the water to se
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Chapter 08
Cara's [P.O.V]I had reached home in a rush and I transformed into my wolf self immediately as I parked my car and headed straight into the forest as I followed the scent of the alpha_my dad.I simply can't believe that he decided to leave me behind without caring.Damn impatient!I ran as fast as my wolf paws could run but then later got his scent very hard to my nose and I came to a halt.I continued only to hit myself on a rogue who immediately turned to attack me but on discovering that It was me... He yielded to my royal powers since I was the only daughter of the alpha, he's under.I glared at him but took my eyes off him as I took a position, next to the alpha.I have been trained to fight bloody and now that It's my mate that I have to save...Then the worst is about to happen!We continued the sneaky walk and was soon right at the roi
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Chapter 09
Brian's [P.O.V]The air rushed over my face in a rush as I crashed myself over a tree with sharp thorns as bruises appeared over my arms.I turned to see a low ranking alpha compared to me rushing towards where I was to land another attack.I wondered what made him stronger than me, I remember being shot by something by him and I suspect that It is weakening my body fast as I fought him off.A certain pressure creped through my chest and I opened my mouth as I vomited out blood over the floor.He indeed is a coward to poison me so that he could win me over our fight.
Chapter 10
Cara's [P.O.V]My first fight did not go so well but I am proud that it was with an alpha who lost his precious life later.I opened my window as the cool feeling of the airbrushed through my face.It felt like something very good was about to happen but who am I kidding? It is already morning.A new day with fate and destinies tied together in it... How magical.I walked downstairs after brushing my mouth to avoid the early morning mouth of horror syndrome, since It's something that's clearly unavoidable.The sound of a licking bottle of milk was heard by me from a far corner.My wolf ears knew the texture of water and the thickness I felt must be something thick or in a molten form.I leached myself to the wall as I got nearer feeling the presence of another wolf whose scent was familiar to me.I stepped away from the wall and in
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