Fenrir leveling system

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Fenrir leveling system

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Have you ever considered what you would do if your tranquil world suddenly became post-apocalyptic, with mankind being persecuted by monstrous creatures and demonic beasts? Or humanity at the bottom of the food chain and being pushed to the brink of extinction?  ***  The crimson moon's appearance marked the beginning of everything; terrifying monsters and other beings, including vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and many more, have been present. These beings are referred to as the "supernaturals." The only people who can fight for humanity and prevent the extinction of humans are individuals who have extraordinary powers known as the "blessed." At a cost. Dave, a social outcast harassed for his lack of unique skills and being an orphan whose parents were killed by the supernatural, unexpectedly acquires access to the "system" with a unique lineage. Follow Dave as he rises to the top of a post-apocalyptic, dystopian society where the strong become predators and the weak become prey. Don't forget to leave a frank review and comment, as well as add the book to your library, as your readership will determine how long the book will be. Additionally, as a gesture of support and gratitude, you can vote for me using gems. Click the cloud or cart image with the arrow pointing down in it on the right side to download the chapters at the best and most reasonable price possible.


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Red moon end of days.
Earth 2050 (Prologue) The first day it all started was a horrible sight. It was a quiet and active night until a mysterious occurrence sent the entire planet into complete chaos. After perplexity and bewilderment, there were numerous questions, but none were addressed. It was a day that would live in infamy and would come to be known as "The Red Moon Apocalypse." It lasted for about a week, during which time the moon painted the sky a blood-red color. Because of the rise of supernatural beings and the appearance of hideous beasts on the earth's surface, everyone believed that the world had already come to an end as prophesied in the holy texts. The once-adoring and adorable pets had evolved into vicious animals that were capable of killing and devouring their owners as a result of animal mutagenesis. The world had descended into tragedy, with lives lost, property destroyed, and so on. For the first time, humanity banded together to battle these creatures, using every weapon and
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Fenrir leveling System.
Dave got up in the middle of the night and went to the woods.He moved covertly so that no one would see him.He arrived at a high cliff and was considering whether to end his life right this second.He finally came to the conclusion that ending his miserable existence was the best course of action after giving it some thought.He's had enough of Society's bullying and would much prefer to join his unidentified parents in heaven than continue to be treated like trash.Other people have superhuman talents like super strength, telekinesis, regeneration, and other things, yet he couldn't compete in a straightforward foot race, his existence bothered him.He was currently gazing at the moon and silently expressing his hope that perhaps things would improve."Why don't you bestow upon me an ability like the others or even better than them, for I am useless, a person with no power to exist in this harsh world? At that point, he halted, saying, "Wait! Seriously, what am I saying? It doesn't m
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The military academy.
The following day, Dave awoke because it was already morning, got out of bed, stretched, and yawned, but as he thought back on everything that had happened and his new life, he was truly delighted. He undressed before entering the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a bath. While he still doesn't have much muscular mass, he noticed in the bathroom that his muscles have gotten more defined and toned, giving the impression that he has been working out for a long time. Once more filled with joy, he started to flex his muscles and felt his abs. He said proudly, "I bet if girls see this, they will fall in love with me in no time." He dressed after having a bath and asked the system for the day's work; he needed to level up quickly. "Today's daily task system", he declared. {Daily Task: As a werewolf, you must always be in shape}. {Drink 25 liters of water. push-ups: 0/50Sit Up: 0/50Meat consumption: 0/10 kg Reward: 5 experience points}"Although I am a werewolf now, I am still w
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Dave arrived at a door marked with the number 24. Dave responded, "I suppose this is my room number." He opened the door and walked in to find three guys cheerfully chatting. The boys he met there stopped talking when Dave walked in and turned to face him, thinking that he should be the fourth man. The young man with blonde hair stood up and responded, "You must be the fourth guy." Dave answered, "Uh, hmm, I guess." trying his best not to get too close or too friendly with them. Then he welcomed him, saying, "Welcome. My name is Joshua." The other two followed suit and got to their feet as well. A tall boy with a scarred face introduced himself as Peter and said, "Nice to meet you." The handsome boy said, "You can call me Henry." Although Dave was taken aback by their friendliness, he wasn't easily duped because he has more experience with brutal realities than anyone. Dave introduced himself and bowed his head slightly. "My name is Dave. Nice to meet you all as well. Please
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Prove yourself worthy
Joshua laughed and added, "Hehe, I assume we're in the same class; great to meet you, classmate." Dave replied, "I guess so too. Let's move on lest we be tardy." In the hallway, as Dave and Joshua made their way to their classroom, they witnessed some average kids being bullied by a few blessed individuals. Although witnessing this behavior made Dave furious, he had vowed to keep his distance from other people's affairs as long as they didn't inadvertently cross his path. "Hey, stop what you're doing and leave the boy alone." Suddenly, Dave recognized a voice. He noticed Joshua screaming at the bullies when he turned around. Dave had to stand by his friend in the event of a conflict, even though he was shocked that Joshua was no longer next to him. The bully yelled, "Mind your business freak, this guy spilled my coffee and he's saying sorry, therefore I must teach him a lesson." "Just for a friggin' coffee, you're beating up the poor guy," Joshua exclaimed as his flame aura beg
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The Academy Gang.
"Gang?! What gang? Bobby asked with arched eyebrows. He was equally astonished and perplexed. "There is a lot more to this academy than what you freshmen see. Please be aware that after I explain, you cannot withdraw your consent " The senior grinned menacingly, as if he was trying to frighten Bobby. "The academy is far larger than your first years, but regardless, each gang welcomes first years to join them so that we can defend ourselves from people with higher levels than us. Additionally, we have senior gang members in positions of authority, so when we graduate from the academy, our future is certain," he added slowly. "Wow! And how much of this is known by the teachers?" Inquiring with wide eyes, Bobby asked.The senior responded, "The schools are aware of this but choose not to become involved in the student matter." "All fine, how can I join if I want to?" Bobby asked. He was already drawn to the plot and wouldn't mind being a character in one. The senior gave Bobby a kn
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"Huh? Did he just look in this direction? "Hmm, this is going to be interesting," the mysterious senior mused with a smirk. __________ "Guys, I will be back. I quickly need to use the restroom," Dave said, getting up from his seat. "Alright," the boys responded. At the restroom, Dave was surprised to see that someone trashed it badly, but he didn’t care because that was not the reason he was there. He opened the system and the screen popped up immediately. {Ding... Daily task finishedReward: 5Exp Dave Stark's nameRace: Werewolf Grade: Omega Bloodline: Fenrir Level: 1 Exp: 10/100 Strength: 10 Agility: 10 Stamina: 20 Skills: Wolf claws}"My progress is still slow. Now that we have decided to create our academy gang, I need to get strong as fast as possible." Dave fell into deep thought. Then he remembered his first mission, and if he could complete it, then he might get an instant level up in grade and level. "It’s time to give you a taste of your medicine," Dave mutter
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The Big Fight
The team got to the backyard of Dave's hostel room. It was dark and empty, but a few noises from some meters apart could be heard. Other than that, the area seemed to be clear. "Alright, boys, this is what we are going to do. "You go there, out there and start throwing stones at their windows," Once they are awake and annoyed, then you run towards our direction where we will be waiting for them to get ambushed. "Remember to make sure you are being chased by them," Max explained. "Alright, this should be easy," Bony said as he rubbed his hands together. "Then I will activate my ability and cast an illusion on the area that will only affect them," Max said. "I can't wait for this plan to work out," Bobby said evilly, with a huge smirk on his face. Just as they planned, Bony went and started throwing stones at Dave's hostel window. *Pa!* The first stone hit the window and fell to the ground. *Pa!!* The second stone fell shortly after. *Pa!!!* The loud sound of the stone hitting
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The Big Fight (2)
{warning: the host has entered an illusionSense of direction has interfered} {The illusion has no effect on the host; his senses are too powerful.}"So that's what is happening. No wonder I couldn't find the rest of the guys again," Dave said. "I knew it was a trap from the beginning, ahh! "Those stupid guys, if only they would listen to me and reason with their brains for once," Dave said as he walked around trying to look for the rest. "Shit, I don't even know where I am heading," Dave said, then paused along the way and smiled. "You can come out of hiding now," Dave calmly said. "I see, so you knew I was following you. Well, I guess you now have confidence thanks to your friends, right? "Bobby said as he came out of a small bush. Ever since Dave became a werewolf, along with his body physique, his sense of smell, hearing, and sight have improved greatly to the extent that he can hear the ant's footsteps, so he will know that he is being followed by Bobby, who never intended t
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The Big Fight (3), Form a pack.
The werewolf dashed off towards the west.Joshua fighting scene >>>After the first attack failed, Joshua then kept attacking him with fireballs but all his attacks were missing the target.To Max, it looks like Joshua was just attacking trees thinking that he is there.“Hahaha! This is fun” Max said.After missing his target every time but yet he was still getting hit by Max, and the attack made him angry. “Time to get serious” Joshua said as his eyes turned yellow, the air temperature around him got so hot that even the trees began to burn on their own.“What is this terrifying pressure!” Max felt scared that if he stayed too long he might get burnt himself.The illusion area was even affected by the serious heat temperature, making it unstable.A huge phantom of a knight warrior appeared behind Joshua, the phantom was the replica of Joshua only that it was wearing what look like armor while holding a long flaming sword.“This is a forbidden family technique meant to be used only in
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