Game of Lust: Cursed to be blessed with amazing ladies

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Game of Lust: Cursed to be blessed with amazing ladies

By: Golden_raise Updated just nowFantasy

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"Ahhh!!!" I was horrified when I saw the seductive monster, whose beauty couldn’t be described with words, trying to suck my blood with her two sharp fangs. Feeling that I had woken up, she stopped for a moment, surprised, then, her monstrous captivating face turned into an immaculate face when her two fangs shrunk. "Is my food still alive? In short, it won't be for long." She spoke to me before starting to sniff erratically while licking my neck... -Bite!! Hell! What world did I land?! ------


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Thus, my hell began.
"Ahhh!!!" I was horrified when I saw the seductive monster, whose beauty could not be described with words, trying to suck my blood with her two pointed fangs.Feeling that I had woken up, she stopped for a moment, surprised; then, her monstrous face turned into a flawless look when her two fangs shrunk."Is my food still alive? In short, it won't be for long." She spoke to me before starting to sniff while licking my neck erratically...'Tsk, it's probably because of one of Mike's assh*le's jokes.' I say to myself, remembering Mike, one of my friends who is the only one who knows my strange secret; I am obsessed with vampires.Yes, since I was a child, I have dressed up as a vampire during Halloween parties. Even now, my cupboard is filled with manga and anime only on Vampires. But with age, Mike, who is now the captain of the university basketball team, calls me a kid who could not give up his childhood dreams.This d*ckhead! However, he knows that I have fragile health with my hear
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Thus, I became a monster even to the monsters’ eyes!
....After an inexact moment, of which I did not know how long it had lasted, I regained consciousness. And unlike before, I had neither vertigo nor physical weakness. I felt like I was waking up in an awful nightmare, and above all, I was convinced that the effects of this tranquilizer had now faded. 'In short, I will burn all my novels after resting; it was a little traumatic!' I addressed myself by slowly opening my eyes.But instead of being welcomed by the gray ceiling from which I had hung a logo of the Dracula of the fantasy world, it was a grayish white ceiling with drawings of ancient flowers; a Gregorian ceiling that seemed to be the Dracula ceiling of the real world! D*mn, it wasn't a dream!?I then looked around, and, fortunately, the model-looking monster was not in 'my room'; it was my chance. Yeah, my only and last chance to flee!! Then, I got out of bed, under the blanket...? Why am I mistreated? She sucks my blood, and now she takes me for her doll? By the way, why t
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Sofia Walker
Looking at her lying on the ground with her scarlet evasive eyes, I could not guess her thoughts, but I didn't care about her thoughts. I had my own problems, and she didn't seem mentally ready to give me adequate explanations.Even though I knew it was the right time to escape from here, I didn't leave. Where would I go with this curse in my soul? This horrible thirst for blood that I felt instead, these four small holes on her neck that were slowly starting to regenerate...I was not ready to face loved ones in this situation. This cheerful woman who is my mother, whose smile never left her lips despite the countless difficulties she had encountered during her life; I refuse to see her look at me with the same eyes I had towards this girl no less than ten minutes ago. What am I going to become now?Did she turn me into an abominable monster? Surely. Will I succeed in returning to my skin as an ignorant, playful, and carefree young university student? Definitely...never! Would I be a
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The real culprit.
I looked at her with astonishment, no longer knowing how to react to her mysterious fit of anger. The most surprising thing is that she had already formed a frosted web under her feet while she was herself inside the white brambles that are made of ice; ice Thorns?! This noble and white look that was devoid of a single task she had was probably called 'pure coldness', an irreproachable thorny beauty that no one could dream of achieving.This power... is it possible that this girl plays with me from the beginning, hiding her strength from me? Sigh, in short, the essential, and that I am still 'alive'.The maid whose name I had just learned, huddled against herself with her trembling shoulders....she cries?! But, well, it's her bad luck to have such a psychopath as her mistress.Even if I don't know what she meant by 'complete her collection', I can guess the cruelty of this punishment just by seeing the frightened eyes of this maid who has a...cute look?How ironic it is, I feel influe
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Pls, stop me!
As I had previously seen on the iPod, the corridor and the rooms on the ground floor were no different from what I had seen. After about thirty seconds of gait, we arrived in front of the staircase that led to the surface."Miss Evelyne, how many days do I have..."Evelyne.""Hum?""Just call me Evelyne." She imposed this condition with an unshakeable look that told me to hope for everything except to give a refusal."Ahem, Evelyne..."Yes!""!" D*mn, why does she yell like that?! Ahh... she definitely has a mental problem. "...How many days have I been unconscious?" I asked, returning to my main question.The reason was that this apartment seemed too tidy, even though I created a disorder that was impossible when I was not in my state of fury; I did not see the slightest damage on the walls.As if she seemed to be able to guess my thoughts, she joyfully nodded and explained to me: "You will be with me in less than 48 hours. If you ask me this by referring to the current house’s sta
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No more going back.
'Stop, Kasel; you'll kill him if you continue like that. However, you know this is not the best thing to do.''No, I definitely have to kill this guy to no longer have a problem. Imagine a little; if he manages to survive and recognizes you, your mum will definitely be in danger by this noble vampire. You have to kill him to solve all kinds of misunderstandings!'Ahh~, I have to kill this bastard! Not only him but also this guy who is lying down to allow his wounds to heal. So I would no longer have a problem. No, maybe, in the end, I have to kill everyone here to protect better the only family I have left! Yes, you have to do it!Just after making this decision, when I decided to finish not only with this good old John but also with Alfred, Sofia, and even Evelyne, I watched with tranquility the futile struggles of John Maxwells with amusement.My garnet yellow pupils fixed his scarlet red pupils for a second before he simply stopped fighting to prevent me from strangling him. I don'
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First meet.
Evelyne's POV(I hate vampires.)Vampires are a species to which I have always belonged from birth. This species, I grew up to become nicknamed the ‘White Thorn’ among this species.And yet, the person who does not understand the complexity of this race is none other than myself. They have power, but they prefer to hide, they have almost eternal life, but they prefer to waste it or enter eternal sleep by their own will. They have the most modern and sophisticated knowledge and technologies in their possession, but they prefer old things and prefer to maintain ancient and ancestral customs dating back several millennia.They are strong and have disproportionate powers, but instead of using this power to help each other and make our species flourish, we use this power to kill each other and impose the only law that had always existed among us since the beginning of time immemorial: the jungle's law, in other words, the law of the strongest.A son, a mother, a daughter, and a father will
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First face-to-face with him.
"Seriously?! A guy?!" I shouted with disbelief in the operating room. I had never suspected his identity even though I saw his short curly hair. I just thought he was a cute girl with a Tomboy Deluxe hairstyle, but he's a man!Sigh, I'm tired of it; he can die... I don't care. Men cannot keep their junior on a leash in their pants; my assh*le father, who tried to r*pe me, is a good reference. The reason why I don't make a male masterpiece is partly related to this trauma that constantly gnaws at me.But despite everything, I will wait for his death to collect his blood, and then I will forget this story. After all, that is my presence's primary cause.After resolving the mental mess, I waited patiently while the doctors did their best to save him as if he were one of their relatives. It's hardly believable; how can you struggle in this way to keep the stranger’s life? Are humans... so stupid? Probably.I couldn't understand this facet that humans possessed. Their lives are so short t
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Little Vixy
But strangely, the more time I spent with him, the more I realized his nature... strange and crazy. This madness, on the one hand, was far beyond that of my father and all the people I had met, but different from the others. He loved and constantly encouraged me to suck his blood. It's not a problem, but the strangest thing was that he liked to drink my blood too! I mean...he's a human, isn't he? So why did he have such an obsession with my vampire blood?I would even have sworn to have momentarily seen his canines pushed in his mouth while he drank my blood to regenerate his own one evening. That was one of the conditions this lady had imposed on me; I had to offer him a small amount of my blood if I wanted to suck her son's blood. What a strange and incomprehensible mother; she not only vampire home, but she even proposed this latter to offer her blood to her son, although she told me not to try to turn him into a vampire?!But the strangest thing, above all, was that Kasel could n
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"He possesses witches' eyes, veritas's eyes. He obtained one of my species' traits thanks to his mother!" Lucie exclaimed these words with frightening eyes that gave me the impression of facing another person.Her nature as a shy and cute girl had now turned into a girl obsessed with mysteries, and who wouldn't say no if I offered her to dissect me into pieces to study me in detail?"Lucie, give us more explanation instead of being in your role as a witch. I called you for that, and also, don't even think about revealing to a soul everything you will learn today.""Yes, milady. You don't have to worry about that. We always have our confidentiality clauses, so don't be afraid."The more I heard them talk to each other, the more I had the impression of seeing an older sis talking to her little sis. Meh, for now, I don't need to intervene in their conversations. My mind dealt with strange information that I had just received while listening to her words;
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