Jade the Conqueror

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Jade the Conqueror

By: The Supreme writer CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Jade the Conqueror . . . After witnessing the death of his parents, Filled with rage and chaos in his heart, Jade has vowed to exact his revenge on the Shirlian Empire. With his powers compared to that of a god shall he cause the world to tremble He shall be the Conqueror, the Controller of Worlds and the most feared Warrior that has ever liveth. With his Left Eye shall he rule over all, His Love of Chaos and Destruction. For he is a seed of Divinity A Seed that will bring an end to the Cosmic Beings known as the gods, The Ruler of both Lights and Darkness. He is the Warrior of the Prophecy! He is Jade: The Conqueror


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232 chapters
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
Catastrophic Destruction descended on the Great Nation of the Shirlian as they battled against the Forces of the Unknown, Bloods stained the soil of the Empire as hundreds of thousands of Lifeless bodies littered.Gnashing of teeths and tears filled the air and so does clashing of weapons, The ground of the Empire cracked and hundreds of Masked men fought against the Unknown of the Darkness, Warriors risen from the vast realm of Darkness.At the top of the Great Mountain which served as a Communication ground for the people, Two Mighty Beings clashed with their mighty powers, One was putting on a red masked and he seems to be dominating." Jade stop this madness, All this killings won't take you anywhere " The man said as the Red masked warrior laughed out." The Destruction of this wretched Empire will do my good, The Vragon Clan is gone because of them, Father is dead, Mother is dead...They will all burn " The Red Masked being stated as he revealed the
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Chapter 2: The Message
Vragon Clan  Drio James and his son Craig entered into the Throne room to see the Elders standing on their feets as they waited for The Drio before they could seat down, The Elders bowed their heads and greeted the three hundred years old Drio." Greetings to you Elders, May I know why I am being summoned? " James asked as he relaxed his back on his Throne, Craig could be seen standing by his side the entire time, After all he is going to be the next Drio." We have received words from the Emperor of the Shirlian Empire, He demands your presence first thing tomorrow morning " One of the Elders whose name is Patricio said, He wasn't smiling at all." And if I may ask, Why? " James asked." We are one of the Seven Protectors of the Empire remember? The Emperor demands the presence of all the Drios of the Seven Clans and he specifically mentioned your name " Another Elder whose name is Alonso said." Very well then, I shall g
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Chapter 3: The Trip
Next Day The maids and the servants were taking all the Drio's traveling luggages to one direction, The warriors selected to follow and protect the Drio are all set, Three hundred warriors were selected for the job.The happy chuckling sounds of The twins spread out as they both emerged out of the Castle, They were greeted by the maids and servants, Drio James and His wife Rhea followed from behind and so as Craig." Honey, you know it's to sudden...I don't want you to go " Rhea said and that made James to laugh out loud, Jade and Jace rushed into the carriage while Craig watched and smiled, He loves seeing his brothers Happy." Darling, the Emperor summoned the Drios of the Seven Ultimate Clans and our Clan is the first one remember, At least let me respect the Emperor even though I am much more older than he is " James said and Rhea laughed out this time." And besides my love, Craig is here as my regent to govern the affairs of my
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Chapter 4: That Time
" We have arrived sons "Drio James announced after four hours ride on the Carriage, He watched his sons slowly open their slippery eyes, Their eyes beamed with excitement immediately James opened up the carriage for them to see." Papa, Are we in the Empire? " Jade asked." Mmmmhmm, yes we are sons...This is the Shirlian Empire, You two were once here but that was two years ago " Drio James answered, He lifted his sons and drop them down immediately their legs touched the ground." My Lord, the luggages? " One of the servants asked, With just a snap of his fingers...James made the luggages to appear right before him, He didn't want to stress the guards and servants with the bags he brought." Take them to my room, The Emperor gave the Drios every room in this Castle " James ordered, He advanced into the building with his sons ahead of him, They were running and jumping happily." Drio James! " James heard a masculine voice calling him, He l
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Chapter 5: My Terrible Deeds
🕘🕘🕘Two Hundred years Ago 🕘🕘🕘♒♒♒The Malikian Clan♒♒♒The soldiers of the Clan gathered themselves on the walls of their Clan with their weapons, The battle cries of the Vragon Army became more intense as they drew closer to the wall of their Clan." The Vragons are coming, Don't let them in...Kill them all " The General ordered as he unsheathed his sword, The ground shook due to the incoming team of horses with their horsemen coming from all angles." Get ready soldiers, Show no mercy!! " Drio James voiced while he rode his horse towards the great wall, His eyes glowed and a powerful shockwave blasted the wall down , The Wall fell down with it's warriors." Shit! " The General exclaimed by the sight of what just happened, Some of the MaliKian warriors slowly rose up to their feets due to their injuries while some were scattered into pieces due to the Wall's Destruction.James unleashed another massive amount of shockwave which demantle
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Chapter 6: it's Playtime
" with the fire power of the Eternal, I command you to bow " Jace shouted in excitement as the Drios children gathered themselves with the Ministers offsprings to play, He is the funny and the playful one but Jade is playful but still want to train with his father." Jace, Jace...Tell us the story of the Kozawa? " Son of the Drio of the Senju Clan asked and Jace nodded, They were all at the back of the Castle playing, Jace climbed on a rock and pointed into the sky." Twenty years ago, My father fought a sorcerer named Kozawa, He was pretty strong but my father activated one of his deadliest and rarest technique and he stabbed Kozawa in the heart and brought him to his knees " Jace stated and everyone clapped." What about you princess Layla? Tell us a story " O'connor the son of the Opra Clan Drio asked in excitement, All eyes were fixed on Layla who suddenly became nervous." Jace, If I may ask..Where is Jade? " Layla asked, many highly ranked warriors sons liked her and she prefer
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Chapter 7: It's strange
" Forgive me my Lord, but I can't find their powers "Zaibon voiced out, He once again travelled into the dark jungle and entered into the Cave which leads to the realm to see his master, An Anonymous being who refuses to show his face to Zaibon or anybody." What? "" That's not possible Zaibon, I can sense those little children's powers even from here, They have powers, What are you saying? " The Dark Voice said in shock, He might not show his face but his voice shows that he is shocked." I can sense their powers too my Lord but the Orb or anything I use can't absorb their powers, It shows me that the Twins are powerless " Zaibon answered, Two pair of huge eyes appeared on the sky immediately." Hmmmmm, I know the only person that is capable of doing this things is Alumod and James, And I forgot to warn you that James has sensed your auras, He knows my Powers but he can't recognize it because I made him not to " The Dark voice said." What do you want me to do my Lord? " Zaibon ask
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Chapter 8: It's a tournament
The news of the tournament spreads like wild fire, Warriors who were insanely craving for the title in the Emperor's force rushed to the registration post, They were so eager to engage themselves in a battle before the Drios.The Emperor's and the Drios loves watching tournament to know who the strongest fighter in the Empire is, Though they might not be strong enough to beat a Drio of the Ultimate Clan but they must be too strong.And besides this world is filled with Warriors,Hidden potential that really needs a push to progress, Only James didn't seem excited about it and that's because he is busy tracking the familiar dark energy to it's source but it definitely a dead zone.While sitting and dining on the Emperor's dinner table, Emperor Karsas stared at the Drios before staring at James who is concentrating, He knew James is tracking something and he must prevent that so that James can eat." James! James! " Emperor Karsas called out.Immediately the attention of Everyone were f
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Chapter 9: Let it began
🕘🕘🕘One Hour Later🕘🕘🕘All the Drios and their children returned back to the Hall after an hour, The Children of the Drios were given a space to sit down comfortably, Emperor Karsas created a barrier which blocked any force from escaping the ring.The Ring is a large squared kind of box which is capable of standing the Drios attack, Emperor Karsas smiled as he relaxed his back on the Golden Throne, The Drios stared at the Ring before returning to their position." Greetings Drios of the Seven Ultimate Clans, It's time to start the tournament of the Drios, This is a decision made by his royal Highness the Emperor in other to have fun, Every Drio will participate in this tournament and there shall be only one winner " The judge announced and everyone nodded." What are the rules? " Jade excitedly asked from the spectators arena." Yes what are the rules, Is it a death match? " Slade Senju asked, The Judge stared at James before staring at his son Jade, It is his first time to see Th
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Chapter 10: Tournament Continues
Drio Konin and Drio Votex entered into the rings with smiles on their faces, This time more of the highly respected families joined the spectators, The Families of the Council Members and so on were present.Who would dare want to miss the tournament of the Drios, Only the most highly ranked families are permitted to watch the tournament as it progress, Princess Layla could be seen holding Jade's hands as they watched." Are you two ready? If so...Let the battle Begin " The Judge said,The Drios positioned themselves well for the battle, Votex brought out his sword from his shealth and he positioned it for battle, Konin brought out his kunai knifes ready for the battle with smiles on his face." This will be a tough battle you know, For an outstanding Ninja Warrior, It will be a great shame to defeat you Konin " Drio Votex voice out and that made Konin to chuckle deeply, Votex is right...It will be a great shame." And I ain't ready to give up to you just yet " Konin stated and he das
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