Realities of Madness

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Realities of Madness

By: Eros Zoe CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Druidmaster - The rise . Pat Lee was a famous rich reporter in New York city but everything changed for him when he was teleported to another pocket universe known as the milladeck realm. From there, he was taken to the legerdemain tribunal which is the nexus of magic to be trained in magic by the high-warlock of magic Merlyn. Unknowingly, a stranger was trying to being the legerdemain tribunal to its doom by releasing a trapped mystical entity into the Tribune. After days of tracking for Pat Lee, he got the hold of his powers and his moniker as the Druidmaster and the guardian of totality. During one of his training, he discovered the stranger was one of the highest orders of the legerdemain tribunal known as the minister of magic Valdimir. Pat reported him to the councils but it was too late as the mystical entity Cryptor was released which caused a great war on the dimension but with the aid of Pat Lee's supporter known as the devourers [race of witches that feeds on mystical beings and gods] pat Lee was able to defeat the magical entity and sealed him back in his own dimension as a bargain to the entity. With his authority obtained, Pat Lee became honoured by the ethereal gods [ entites that are said to be the creators of galaxies, stars, worlds and life in the universe] to be the imperial guard of the nexus of realities which is the source of multiverses and universes.


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Middlevile City
The sun smiled on the small town, bungalow buildings beautified the town in a complex state it almost simulated an indigenous local estate.  The small town was surrounded by an evergreen forest that seemed predominant across the city, it's also known to be an illegal border to migrants from middleville to Arizona north.  The asphalt road only led backward and forward to New York and Scotts town respectively.  From a semi-detached building painted with two different colours vertically green and orange with yellow stripes, at the end of doorstep were two decorative flowers and a brown leather doormat. A man in his early twenties walked out as the door smirked open, he had a black curl short hair and blue eyes, his chocolate skin glowed due to the sun's ray on him.   He smartened his black suit finalising his white tie round his neck before walking towards a black Merced
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Forgotten Myth
BAM! He slammed the car's door as he entered followed by James, the scenario back in the back really amazed James.  It was like watching an action figure of Van Damme back in there.  Bills has been paid for damages including the broken men, Pat felt guilty for bashing those men but he hated his father, there was no limit to his father's hatred in him.  The car groaned to life, he ambled the gear lever to reverse and the car zoomed backward.  After a u-turn, the car paced down the muddy road and into the open asphalt street.  "Where did you learn combat?" James couldn't help but asked after a short while of nurturing his patience.  Pat steadied his eyes on the road "been the son of a bastard criminal, doesn't that ring a bell to you?"  "Indeed.".James finalised.  "So concerning y
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The Revelation
"What are you talking about grandmaster?  The Druidmaster race has been eradicated eons ago! I don't think there's any other means on how it another Druidmaster should exist?" Lord thanis explained.  "There's nothing above the will of the ethereal gods?"  The man known as the Grandmaster explained. History had it that he came from the race of immortal beings bounded by their own will to continue living, at once they were considered as the fathers of the universe and knowledge, also known to be older than the universe itself.  Pat who has been listening to their chat finally asked "What are you both talking about?"  "I said you came from the race of guardians born long ago based on the decisions of the ethereal gods."  Grandmaster explained "I acknowledged you lacked divine essence which means you're different." 
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Way's Of The Druid
Also known as the source of magic in all of existence, the Legerdemain tribunal is the cross bridge between normality and anormality. Its existence was unexplainable because it's foundation was paradoxical in all of totality.  The dimension with the appearance of a country, an endless country with no boundaries to block ends.  The sky was casual and calm with clear clouds, whyverns and Phoenix birds roamed the sky screeching and roaring acrobatically shadowing the beautiful land in a pleasant view one would seat for. Houses were built with concrete metallic particles that brought out the beauty in each structures while some were golden with mystical auras that pleased the atmosphere.  Creature and humanoids of different races in existence roamed each areas of the land performing different arts unbelievable to the eyes.  This domaun isattracted to every species in existnece ranging
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Training With Emotions
The cloud was serene as its use to be with no clouds nor stellar objects to beautify the already void heavens but the breeze was chilling as it ran down Pat spine giving him a shivering nerve as he stood before the green pasture.   The Tribune has offered him a new outfit similar to that of the Hebrew Jews; white long rode, red waist belt and red bracelets, his hair was neatly combed leaving it relaxed glaring at the bright heavens.   The High-warlock acknowledged him on his staying in the domain would take months and even years if care isn't taken but thanks to the void time in the dimension, his absent in the world won't be noticed by anyone.  His vicinity was vast, the length of a football pitch with green legumes and weeds bit no trees could be seen in sight. Virote stood beside Pat staring at the horizon, her gaze was so calm even Pat couldn't take his eyes off her. I
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Three Beautiful Witches
Training for days now, he finally got the hang of the atmosphere around him. His training was splited into two set and this he loved the most, having a free time with the woman he cared about the most.  He was given a free day to refresh his brain and also relax himself but instead he decided to go outting with Virote then they got into the mystic sanctuary not far from the Tribune.   The sanctuary was a little quite with no humanoids within except them, the room was spherical with tall shelves that reached to the concrete ceiling occupied by medium and bigger books.  The shelves were arranged specifically around the room leaving a wooden entrance door in the middle wall.  In the middle of the room were scattered chairs and tables occupying different books while some books were suspended in the air immovably.   Virote sat on a ch
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The Beginning Of Chaos
BOOM!  An upheaval surfaced as an eldritch energy flung the door of the museum open rigidly the wave from the destruction shuffled glasses into smithereens.  He stood in a fighting stance as two prestidigitators fell to the ground lifeless with glass spikes slaughtered them limb by limb, eight more prestidigitators bordered him with their wands not resting as mana energies burst out in rage.   The figure conjured green eldritch energy in his palm to form a force field that instantly deflected the assaulting energies into gust of feeble winds, he then transmogrified the same force field into a ball size energy before forcing it out into a wave of omnidirectional wave of energy but the prestidigitators guarded themselves with reflective force fields that bounced back the attack at the sender but instead the figure only absorbed it like it was nothing but it only served as a diversion as he had a
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Months has passed away rapidly like counting numbers, the Tribune was yet to unveiling the strange attacker within the Tribune.  It was like during his attacks, he was sensible but after his attacks, he would suddenly vanish along with the Tribune's scent like he never existed.  Not even the High-warlock was able to sense his aura.  Pat on the other hand has gotten adapted to the magical environment, his senses has heightened to the extent he could not only feel within the Tribune but beyond the Tribune, he could feel every magical essences roaming the multiverse like worms.  He could tell which was tainted and which wasn't. He was so great at it he at once could detect the difference between divine and demonic auras without breaking a sweat but this stranger was new to him.  It was like he has absolute control over what other feels about his presence, it
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Disclosure Of Truth I.
It was empty with just Pat standing before the three high councils, he wanted to disclose to them what he learnt of the intruder but his hopes on getting who it was were pretty low.  The day he was attacked with Virote, he felt something breathtaking.  He felt a distinct energy sensation he has never felt in his life.  The energy wave was so weak he could hardly distinct it from every magical sources in the legerdemain tribunal, it was almost like the thief inhabiting this aura was trying to keep stealth from been sensed within the Tribune.  It was a leak so infinitesimal even the high-warlock of magic in the source of magic couldn't detect his presence.  Above that, he knew the thief knew him accurately and knew of his weakness as of Virote's affection on him.  So the intruder must be within the councils. &n
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Disclosure Of Truth II.
"We talked about this Druidmaster, we are not to disclose this to anyone anymore."  High-warlock lashed out calmly but Pat swiftly ignored him and walked into the tribune regardless of it empty rows.  All mages and prime mages were already sent on search party against the unknown thief.    "I need to know the truth." Pat said coldly with a taste of ire in his voice.   "Truth?" Merlyn asked lost in words.  Pat stopped few steps before the high floor, his arms folded systematically and stealthily.   "What is it you seek Druidmaster?"  Pat cut in angrily "don't call me that, I'm Pat Lee by name! Not by title."  Merlyn sighed.   "You need to be sincere with me...for once high-warlock." Pat added defensively.  Valdimir
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