Revenge of the Secret Heir

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Revenge of the Secret Heir

By: Belladonna Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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The Underworld was shaken upon hearing the news that the heir of the Morelli Mafia Clan was back from the grave. They thought he was burned alive, and left to die in the woods. Salvatorre Morelli was back for revenge, and he was armed with anger, wealth, and power. He will hunt every soul who took part in his mother’s assassination, and he will find the traitor inside his family. And don’t forget his cheating wife who cheated on him just because she thought he was poor. He will reclaim everything that’s been taken away from him; the life of his parents, the wealth that was snatched by his godfather, and the ego that has been bruised by his ex-wife. Salvatorre swore above his parent’s grave, he will give justice to their deaths, even if it will cost him his life, and the life of someone dear to him.


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22 chapters
1 - Discriminated Son-in-Law
Simon smiled as his gaze stared at the velvet box in his hands. He can’t wait to give this to his beloved wife. He wanted to please her, and as much as possible he wanted her to be proud of him. It was their wedding anniversary today and he wanted to surprise her with his present. It may not be expensive like those she had in her jewelry box, but this one came from his heart. He looked at the clock mounted on the wall of their spacious apartment; this apartment was given by his wife’s grandmother as a gift for their wedding. He frowned when he saw that it was past five o’clock in the afternoon, and Ash should have been home by now. They agreed to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a simple candlelight dinner in a restaurant. She's late. Simon called Ash but she was not answering his calls. He dialed her number a few times again but still, no one answered. Simon bit his lower lip as his heart hammered inside his chest. He's worried! He waited for another minute, then
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2 - Wedding Anniversary
Simon drove back to their apartment as fast as he could. He was relieved that Ash was fine, and he was excited to give her his gift. It’s the least that he can do to make his wife happy. He wanted to give her everything, and he's making it happen step by step since he’s not yet that capable. Soon, Ash would be proud of him. He’s been a subject of insult from the Steele family, and he knew that Ash was embarrassed every time his financial standing would be brought up. But everything is about to change. He parked the car outside the premises of their luxurious apartment and volted to their unit. His steps were frantic and his heart rammed inside his chest. Upon opening the door, his eyes scanned their apartment, in search of his wife. His heart skipped a beat when their eyes locked. “Ash, I was so worried about you. You were not picking up my calls, I thought something had happened to you.” Simon wanted to hug Ash, but he chose not to. Simon found Ash seated on one of the expensive
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3 - Cheating Wife
Simon just stared at the retreating back of Ash. The moment that she was out of his sight, he went to the nearest chair and sat exhaustedly. He rubbed his face a few times, in the hopes to get his mind to think straight, but he was totally confused and distracted by their arguments. Did she really went on a date with Gregory Holt? He knew the man. He was one of the richest bachelors in the country. His reputation as a playboy exceeds him. He couldn’t understand why Ash would want someone like Gregory. He's trash. There are tons of scenarios floating in his mind. And he refused to be bothered by those. Does his wife love that man? Gregory Holt was a very capable man, in terms of money and power. Something that he doesn't have. Yet. “No, I won’t allow this.” He needs to talk to Ash to clear things out. He knew she didn't love her anymore. Or did she ever love him in the first place? What they had was just an arranged marriage, she was just forced to marry him because her gran
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4 - Divorced
Simon groaned as he shifted from the bed. His head hurts and he was nauseated. With eyes half-closed, he looked at the window only to find that the sun was already high in the sky. He overslept and he has a hangover. He remembered himself last night getting more alcohol than his body could tolerate. As he struggled to sit on the bed, images from last night came into his memory like an avalanche. Their arguments, the insults, the divorce papers he refused to sign, and the reality that his beloved wife had sex with another man. Simon was once again devoured by the pain of what Ashley did. He realized that he was such a loser for being cheated on like this, not to mention the discrimination he endured from her family. He got drunk last night because he can’t handle the pain and humiliation. He needed to erase that from his memory, he needed an outlet and alcohol was the easiest way. He struggled to get out of bed, he felt like his surroundings were spinning. “Damn, hangovers
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5 - Limitless VIP Card
Simon packed his things with a heavy heart. This apartment has been his home for almost five years. Yes, they were married for five years, and he realized now that within those five years as a son-in-law of the Steele family, they never really cared for him. On top of all, he was insulted for being penniless and discriminated against for looking shabby all the time. Looking at the empty apartment one last time, Simon left. He still can't go back to his father's house, not until he commands him to go back. Until then, his real identity should be hidden, and he has no right to reveal himself for who he truly was. He will need to look for another apartment to stay in. But first, he needs money. He only had a few coins in his pocket, not enough to sustain himself.Simon took a cab going to one of the biggest banks in New York City, The Bank of New York. “Take me to the Bank of New York.” The cab driver’s eyebrows raised mockingly at Simon. But Simon didn’t mind the insulting smirk
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6 - Accused
Simon was out for almost five hours looking for a new apartment, but he hasn’t found one yet. All the owners of the apartment he inquired about showed hostile attitudes toward him, and he knew why. Simon looked down at his clothes. They were presentable at some point, but they looked worn out and old-fashioned. Maybe those owners thought that he can’t afford to pay for the monthly rent. Simon decided that he’ll look for an inn to stay for the night if he can’t find an apartment. Luckily for him, he found one just in time. The owner was an old lady who treated him a little bit more civil than the others. “You need to pay the monthly rent in advance.” She opened her wrinkly palm in front of Simon. “It’s one thousand dollars, if you can’t afford it, don’t waste my time.” She told him frankly. Due to exhaustion and hunger, Simon immediately pulled a handful of dollar bills from his backpack and handed it silently to the owner. ''Here it is, a thousand bucks.'' Mrs. Smith look
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7 - Jailed for Unfair Reasons
“Are you the manager of this store?” Gregory asked Willis. Willis recognized Gregory Holt when his mouth gaped open as he stared at him. Simon knew Willis never side with him. With Gregory and Ashley, he’s almost sure Willis will not listen to any of his explanations. “He’s a criminal, he tried to steal my wallet. Do you have any idea how valuable my wallet is?” Ashley hysterically cried. She even held onto Gregory’s arm like she was really traumatized. “I’m so sorry for the trouble, Mr. Gregory, Miss Steele. Simon here is a new employee, On his behalf, I want to apologize. And I will make sure this will never happen again.” Willis turned to the crowd, “Again, I’m sorry for the trouble. “I want that man behind cold bars! I can’t believe someone as lowly as him would try to harm me!” Ashley hysterically said. She feigned shock and fear in her eyes. “God, why did they hire that man? He looks like a criminal!” “I will never shop here again. I can’t believe they hired a psychoti
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8 - Back Home
The Morelli family mansion is a magnificent modern Italian-style mansion. It was situated above a manmade cliff making it look more majestic. In front was a Greek-style fountain, and there was a garden full of different kinds of colorful flowers. The land stretches up to fifty acres of land, and the mansion premises itself occupies one-quarter of its total vast. It’s private property with a high-security setup that would only allow access to authorized personnel.The property has its own helipad, a golf course, and a training ground for their private armies, and inside the mansion houses an armory full of guns and high-powered weapons. Surveillance cameras were installed in every corner of the land to ensure tight security. The control room was situated on the underground level of the mansion. The sky was getting dark as they arrived at the mansion. The remote-controlled gates opened as they enter the mansion’s premises. Butlers, housekeepers, and guards lined up in front of the ma
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9 - Reason
Simon could feel the warmth in his father’s embrace. He couldn’t remember when he last hugged his father like this. Having Emiliano Morelli for a father was hard enough, being the most feared mafia boss in the city, his father had to maintain a stiff personality and not show even an ounce of tenderness because it will be seen as a weakness. And having a weakness in the underworld means downfall. “I’m so glad you’re here now, son.” His father, Emiliano tapped his cheek and went back to his table. “It’s good to see you back home, Salvatorre.” Federico, the underboss of the clan, stood behind his father’s desk, and both hands were on his back. The man looked dangerously handsome, he was the same age as his father but the difference between the two was so obvious. He looked serious but there was a hidden smile behind his stiff appearance. Simon took a careful step as he went inside the office. It’s been ages since he last entered this room, and the feeling was almost foreign for Sim
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10 - Enemies Inside
Despite Simon’s refusal to have a welcome party for him, his father never listened. A private party was held inside the mansion, exclusive only for those who are part of the Morelli clan. Those who reside within the walls of the mansion enjoyed as they celebrate the return of their master. Unlike some other days, the clan members were smiling and laughing. For the first time in so many years, the Morelli’s mansion looked alive, laughter and music can be heard all throughout the vicinity.Delicious food was served and there was a lot of booze for all. The whole mansion was happy that Simon was back. The clan felt secure now that Simon will take over the business. Simon and Emiliano already had a deal. He wanted his identity to remain hidden as he took over both their legal and illegal business, and his father agreed. But Emiliano is not the big boss of a mafia clan without a reason, he made a deal with Simon. “Father,” Simon called out for Emiliano.Emiliano was on the mansion’s ter
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