Secretive Son-in-law

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Secretive Son-in-law

By: Finn OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Andrew is the son of the famous Fullen family, one of the richest families in the United Country. He was falsely accused and got expelled from the Fullen family. For the sake of his future, his father and uncle engaged him with one of their distant relatives. After meeting his wife, Andrew is now trying his best to help her. He secretly helps her company behind the scenes while maintaining the image of a live-in son-in-law. With all the wealth he gained slowly while he lived with Cecilia, there were also problems that came with the money. Even with all that, he still try to pursue his shut-in dream even if he must do anything in his power to achieve it. He didn't know that his actual dream is to become someone everyone can look up to.


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8 chapters
“ANDREW!!!”A shrieking yell of an old man echoed throughout the mansion. His loud steps echoed and broke the silence in the mansion.“Father!?”“Father, what’s the matter!?”Two men in their thirties chased the old man from behind as they tried to stop him.The three of them were walking down the hallway at great speed despite the old man that was already reaching his sixties.The door that leads to the dining room bursts right open after the old man kicks the door.He sits on his chair, a very comfortable single chair with a soft cushion dyed in red.He sits there while menacingly as he takes his breath.“F-father?”The first man tried to approach the old man but the other guy stopped him.Not so long after, all the family in the mansion appears in the dining room one after another. It’s mostly because they heard the yell of the old man and were curious about what it was.Once everyone has entered the dining room, the old man takes a very deep breath before screaming at the very top
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Lone life in the city
“Can’t believe grandpa did that to me…”It’s been a week since Andrew was kicked out from the Fullen family. Right now, he is living in an apartment rented by his uncle.The order of the family head is absolute so Alfred and Vincent can’t do anything about Andrew’s disownment unless the family head himself retract his word and Andrew comply to return.That’s already impossible since Andrew already made up his mind to not return to that mansion ever again. He will only get ridiculed by his family, especially his second and first uncle's family. “Haaah, what should I do now I wonder?”Andrew sighs as he opens the fridge and takes out a carton of milk.There were various thoughts that’s been filling his head lately causing him to have a hard time sleeping at night.Should I go back and beg for mercy? Or should I find a new path for myself?All this thought gave him a huge headache. Rich people that suddenly become poor would have a hard time deciding what to do from that point onward.
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Marriage Interview
“I’m going to marry the daughter of grandpa’s distant relatives?”Andrew said after hearing his father’s voice through the phone call.[Exactly. By doing so, you will still have the connection with me and Vincent. It also includes both Henry and Luke but at least you will still have connections with us!!] His father said cheerfully.His grandfather told all of the family members to not converse with Andrew in the future and that includes his own father. As a father, Alfred knew that it was wrong to look away from the son he loved the most after his wife. So he tried everything he could so that he and his son could be family again. It appears that Vincent also helped him search for the way.Though, everything is moving a bit too fast for Andrew.“So…I’m going to marry a complete stranger…is that what you were saying” He said to the point that he understands.[Technically, yes but that’s not the point–!] His father replied but before he could speak further, Andrew quickly cut him off.
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The Fated Meeting
The fated meeting“…”“…mister Andrew…you are way too nervous..” The guy said when he realized that Andrew was fidgeting too much.“W-who won’t! Right?! I mean look! I suddenly got a call from my father that I got engaged to someone!” Andrew retorted while still visibly shaking.The man shakes his head and holds Andrew’s shoulder.“Just take a deep breath and relax…”He said.“Got it…huuuhh…haaaaaah”As instructed, Andrew takes a deep breath and exhales.“Good. Right on time. They were here" The man said as he pointed at the entrance.Two people can be seen entering the restaurant while wearing a neat suit. Seeing the two of them, Andrew becomes more anxious and starts fixing his necktie and his hair.“ do I look?” He cleared his throat and asked the agent.“Perfect, mister Andrew” He bowed his head as he replied.Andrew nodded multiple times while waiting for the two of them to reach his table.They reached him in a short time and Andrew was left speechless.In front of him
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The man quickly stood from the seat causing the chair to fall behind him.“Come on Cecilia!! Your grandpa is dying!”The man said, leaving his daughter behind.“No...Grandpa!!”The girl didn’t take any delay and quickly followed her father with eyes filled with tears.“ Ehh!? Uhm?” Andrew was left speechless on the table with the agent. The agent looks at them before saying something to Andrew.“Well, it seems like the interview ends here. Judging from that reaction, it seems like they rejected you.”The agent stands from his seat and bow down to Andrew before leaving.Andrew was left speechless once again.It doesn’t take long for Andrew to realize the situation.“Wait for me!!”He quickly chased after them but the moment he stepped out from the restaurant, the man was already inside a blue car as the car moved slowly, disappearing from sight.Andrew clicked his tongue and lifted his hand in order to stop a passing taxi.Lucky for him, a taxi stopped a minute after they moved.
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The Gain And The Loss
Cecilia and her father enter the room. They were surprised when they saw Edward sitting on the bedsides.“Grandpa”Cecilia walked towards him but then stopped.“After talking with him… I somehow know how your future will play out”Edward said with somewhat cheerful yet sad expressions on his face.“Grand…pa…?”Edward takes a deep breath and exhales. He looks at both Andrew and Cecilia before nodding his head.“Let’s start...”He said.“Start?...Start what father?”The man, Cecilia’s father asks as he appears to be as confused as his daughter.Andrew was confused as well but not for long. “What you ask? The marriage of course…”the old man said nonchalantly.“…Marriage?”Andrew was actually as shocked as Cecilia.She did say about doing the marriage but Andrew also thought that they will do it at a later date and not right away.“I mean, isn’t that why you introduced him to me?” Edward said as he stared at the three of them.“Urgh…”Cecilia and her father groaned but still nodded their
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The Unexpected Turn
Everything happens so quickly for Andrew. He didn’t have a second to process what’s happening. First, he got disowned from his family, got engaged to a stranger and that stranger’s grandfather just died. After the fall of the Wilson great figure, the Wilson family held a big meeting to discuss their future. The Wilson's is well known and considered wealthy among the family in Calnia Region. There's a total of 21 families in their household. There was a huge debate of who should actually hold the Head of the family title. The debate went on for hours and ended up with Laura, Edward’s wife. They could give the title to Edward’s younger brother or one of their family members but they were too dominant and can’t be trusted with such responsibility. Even though Laura shares such characteristics, she’s more reliable and trustworthy than the others. Andrew was also present at the meeting which caused another 2 long hours of debate about his engagement with Cecilia. They were den
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The First Step
As instructed in Edward’s letter, Andrew visited the Dynamic Company, a place written on the map he provided.Andrew was pretty shocked.Instead of a company, the place he arrives to look more like an apartment than a company.In fact, it is an apartment.“Am I in the right place?”He looked at the letter again. It obviously points at the apartment.He entered the apartment and talked to the receptionist.“Yes?”The receptionist looked at him though Andrew wasn’t sure where to look.The height difference makes Andrew able to peek from above. The miraculous cleavage under him makes him sway. He shakes his head profusely.‘Stupid me. I’m just engaged, what am I thinking!?’He thought.Andrew cleared his throat and stated why he’s there.“I’m here to meet Harley”The woman was clearly shocked.She stares at Andrew.“How do you know that name?”She asked with a doubtful eye.“Eh? Ed–I mean Sir Edward told me to come here and find someone named Harley”The moment Andrew stated Edward’s name,
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